Painting by traffic light

Who needs a studio and daylight to paint? An artist named Votan was out on Sunset Boulevard tonight in Echo Park as he spray painted a mannequin for the Nahui Olin art, clothing and gift shop. Votan had traded a couple of t-shirts he had designed for several cans of spray paint in random colors. “I am just trying to make them all work together.”

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  1. Talk about putting the “art” in bartering. What a wonderful moment captured. To me this scene illustrates so well the industrious and creative essence of our area: making whatever you’ve got work and making it work wherever you are!

  2. Will Campbell: The answer to the question that nobody asked.

  3. Bobtuse.

  4. I think you know: I did.

  5. Bobviously.

  6. I think i know what Mr.Campbell wants: ♋

  7. Boblivious.

  8. Hmmm,Will must be a man after Bob’s heart…and crotch.

    Its funny and not ok all at once 😀

  9. Jo might have a point here.

    Now if i could only say ‘bobliviously’ really fast ….. hmm..

  10. Indeed on both comments,my good Bob

    I’m sure you’re pretty hot and all so I cant blame a man (named Will) for trying….

  11. Bobsolete.

  12. Bobstinate.

  13. Bobligatory.

  14. the new street art

  15. Bobjectify.

  16. Ummm lets lay off Bob, yeah?

    He’s already taken,Will…so sorry to break the news. But the ‘E’ person just strikes my curiosity; what’s the E stand foooooorrr?

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