Police search leaves many sleepless in Silver Lake*

LAPD police helicopter over Echo Park.A police helicopter hovered over Silver Lake for at least two hours early this morning as police on the ground searched for a man with a gun*.  The Eastsider has contacted the LAPD Northeast Division for more details but residents said the police helicopter was hovering near Silver Lake Boulevard and Berkeley Avenue and near Parkman Avenue and Sunset Boulevard beginning at about 2.a.m. Said one resident via email:

They were over my house from 2-3am I think I finally fell asleep but just woke up (5am) and they are still at it.  Sounded like the copter almost crashed into my house just now.  This is insane.

* Update: The search began shortly before 1 a.m. after police spotted a man with a gun at 1435 W. Silver Lake Blvd., said Sgt. Lisa Phillips with the Northeast Division. Initial reports said the man might have been a suspected auto thief but that did not turn out to be the case.  Officers sealed off the area and brought in police dogs after the suspect ran into the nearby hills.  No suspect was found, and the search was called off after about three hours.

While the suspect was not involved in a vehicle theft, there have been numerous vehicle break-ins in the area in recent weeks, Phillips said. She advised residents to remove any items in cars and trucks before thieves do.


  1. I live on Westerly Terrace and Hamilton and this woke up almost everyone in the neighborhood. I’ve seen and heard the LAPD copters searching in my immediate area for suspects, but never that low, loud, and for so long! I hope they caught the guy.

  2. I’d be surprised if they were actually chasing someone. The spotlight was trained in a single spot for a long, long time, as the helicopter circled, especially during the 4:00am hour. It was long enough for a shift change, as one helicopter left and another took its place around 5:00am.

  3. I cannot imagine what the justification is for such a disruption. I’m really looking forward to hearing the LAPD’s response. They were out from 2 to 5 am and messed up my whole family’s sleep. They better have been searching for an axe murdering child molester.

  4. a swat team of about 6 were walking back ‘n forth in my yard (front, side & back) with full artillery drawn & radios cutting in ‘n out for about 5 hrs this (early) morning… there was something about him being “very dangerous”… meanwhile, a party of helicopters circled overhead… lights sporadically ‘n spastically flickering ‘n flashing in an arbitrary, inconsistent manner… cutting through the trees and creating a stroboscopic effect in my bedroom, as if it was some makeshift, midwestern barn rave… at one point a swat team member knocked on the side door and inquired as to whether we (my housemate ‘n i) had seen anyone and if there were any other people in our house… the group then proceeded to crawl under our house and rummage through our bushes like a bunch of bargain-bin lunatics…

    i hope all this commotion was necessary, but i can’t help but feel like it wasn’t…

  5. @ benjamin harmon: i hope all this using ‘n for and was necessary, but i can’t help but feel like it wasn’t…

  6. The police department disturbs a whole community for hours and comes up with no suspect? Is there any accountability for this?

  7. Benjamin, did the po-po show you a warrant for all that pokin’ ‘n’ crawlin’ around your property?

  8. You all complain so much everyone hates the police until you need the police, would you rather have some guy running around with a gun with out any police making a effort to try and capture them?

  9. All that for a guy with a gun? That really shouldn’t elicit this kind of response unless he was actually SHOOTING someone with it. Police have plenty of actual crime to deal with to waste all those resources on a guy with a gun who was not observed to commit any crime. Ridiculous. Meanwhile, if I try to report my car being broken into, I get treated like a criminal.

  10. I live on the 1500 block of Silver Lake blvd. and I did not hear a thing, slep like a baby all night.

  11. I can’t understand why people get so upset with the LAPD for trying to make the neighborhood safer. We had helicopters and a swat team in my neighborhood last month and people complained then, too. I lost a little sleep, but I’m happy to have a crazy guy in jail instead of breaking into houses in my neighborhood!

  12. In my experience LAPD usually has a very good reason for performing this kind of search. And it’s completely possible that they are unable to discuss all of the details at this time due to some type of investigation. We should trust them and we should be thankful that they are there when we need them, even if our sleep is disrupted.

  13. LAPD you can have the air unit up in my area anytime. A feeling of security when the police are in my neighborhood. Great job LAPD

  14. It’s easy to chalk our neighborhood up as whiners when you haven’t been kept up all night. We often have helicopter activity, and generally I’m cool with it & genuinely appreciative of the efforts of the police. But having a helicopter right over your house, circling, with lights, for three straight hours, frays the nerves. Especially when every hour of sleep one gets is gold. I’m on the 1400 block & I’d imagine the 1500 block was much, much quieter.
    In any case, it had all the earmarks of a fruitless search, and I wish they’d thrown in the towel after, say, an hour.

  15. I feel like this happens every other night. But last night was extreme

  16. Man up Silver Lakers.

  17. So true. Man up.

    I can just see all the same lame commenters complaining and crying about the LAPD not doing their job if a man was running around Silver Lake with a gun and they were not searching for him.

    You all complain either way. Suck it up.

  18. Get some earplugs & a wash clothe to cover your eyes! Duh!

  19. Dear Silver Lake,
    {plays pretend violin}
    XO, Echo Park

  20. You live in one of the largest US cities. You complain about traffic. You complain about noise. You complain about crime. You complain when new businesses crop up if they serve alcohol/don’t serve alcohol/ are too hip/not hip enough. You want a meadow but you don’t want the displaced coyotes to gobble up your puppies. You complain about pollution yet you honk at cyclists and protest new traffic lights and crosswalks.

    Whiners of Silverlake:

    The suburbs await you.

  21. LAPD was doing their f*&^&(cking job!! You whiners think they did this for fun? To waste their time and $$? Are you guys friggin kidding me?

    When some guy with a gun or no gun breaks into your house, steals/destroys your prize valuables (sentimental or not), and someone calls it in, you wouldn’t want LAPD to show up in force??? And if they think they have him in a perimeter (which can be a few blocks), should they just give up or actually look for the F^%cker? Well, the hard way out is to capture the bastard. How long do you think it takes to thoroughly search a few blocks when someone can hide in anything?

    This is just a case of me Me ME! The crime didn’t affect me, so tell the ghetto bird to go home, I don’t give a flying crap about anyone else’s problems or some ‘guy with a gun’ walking around in my hood.

    What a bunch of idiots.

  22. And like ‘cin’ said, LAPD’s bird is welcome in my hood with NO time limits, any time.

    Maybe the whiners would think differently if bad guys knew LAPD birds weren’t’ allowed in certain neighborhoods (yours) and stopped flying there or had a ‘time limit’ on how long they could search from the air.


  23. AND!! Lets not forget what happened on that same block a few months ago? A perfectly innocent Pizza driver was shot DEAD.

  24. @ Epgirl: thanks for your two cents; I hope it was necessary, but I can’t help but feel like it wasn’t…

  25. Nah, it wasn’t ‘necessary’ since all ‘necessary’ extended searches are judged by whether they found the guy or not. If they didn’t find the guy, they shouldn’t of tried so hard in the first place.

    Yeah, I like that logic, lol.

    So under that kind of world, the bad guy only has do his crime late at night, hide for 1 hr (if the bird comes looking), then the cops, afraid of upsetting the sleep of the neighborhood gives up and allows the bad guy a get out of jail free card, ‘cos crime is just like a board game, and the bad guys know the rules.

  26. All you people wondering if this is necessary are ABSOLUTELY FULL OF SHIT!!! I watched the whole thing and could tell it was serious. HEY SILVER LAKERS STOP FUCKING WHINING AND SAY THANK YOU TO THOSE PROTECTING YOUR ASSES! Thanks for the coverage as usual Eastsider!

  27. I live within a mile from this area and am very appreciative for the LAPD’s hard work. While I did hear them for a bit before 1am, I am very used to this area being loud so I sleep with fans and sometimes ear plugs.. it may be time for others to invest in the same.

  28. Once more the LAPD do their jobs and the armchair commanduhz pipe up the next day to take their sleep-deprivation out on the the deployed personnel. The suspect responsible for the search could run right past them and they’d be too busy shaking their fists at the helicopter in the sky.

  29. I love how the police didn’t catch him, but know that he wasn’t a suspected auto thief. What? Huh?

  30. Will Campbell, as usual and once again, is awesome.

  31. the copter was over my house most of the search, it woke me up and kept me up. instead of being upset, i thought “oh shit, a criminal must be on the loose and close by. glad the cops are on that. i will listen and look to see if anything unusual happens in my yard.”

  32. LAPD should just leave a few unlocked late model Honda’s in the neighborhood, they’d catch the guy in no time and a few others to.

  33. When I talked face-to-face with people today about being tired because I was up from 1ish-4ish last night listening to the rhythmic beat of helicopter blades, people were pretty empathetic. No “whiner” taunts. No expletives. No suggestions that I move elsewhere. Just that ol’ fashioned civility that comes from people talking to flesh-and-blood people.
    But the world wide web offers anonymity, and, with it, the permission to get your rage on. I reread the comments of the tired folks a Silver Lake, and they don’t sound so outrageous. They sound like normal people who appreciate a good night’s sleep. I too like sleep very much. Doesn’t seem like a controversial point.
    Is this an either/or situation? Can we have public safety and a good night’s sleep too? Seems like a goal worth striving for…

  34. Complaining about police helicopters waking you up? Did it make you late for Mommy and Me Yoga because you slept through your graduated light and zendchime alarm and didn’t get your dirty soy chai latte? Glad you were so worried about your sleep that you never thought to consider someone might have been the victim of a crime. And yes, it woke me up, too. The helicopter was so low it set off car alarms. And yes, I had to go to work this morning. And guess what? It happens almost nightly and you should be glad you only heard it last night. It’s called LIVING IN CITY. How about moving to Thousand Oaks or La Canada-Flintridge before you complain about the LAPD trying to protect you and your neighborhood. I’ll bet if the search had been called off and then who they were looking for popped up in your back yard you’d all complain about that, too. Seriously people. Get some perspective.

  35. Exactly Pepper. The people complaining about their bad night of sleep seem to not think beyond the ‘ME’ part. They can’t think of the consequences of what their wishful thinking (time limits on chopper searches, etc.) would get them.

    It’s fine to be upset about the inconvenience. But many of the posts here seem to suggest the LAPD call off searches early for the sake of ‘ME’ getting a good nights rest. It’s the most inane thing I’ve ever heard.

    Catbo said> “Can we have public safety and a good night’s sleep too?” What’s your solution then? Seriously.

  36. The same thing happened in our neighborhood too. I live were Alvarado and Glendale Blvd. connect and merge only to Glendale Blvd. Helicopters, cops, k9’s, and more policemen are still here and it’s 1:30am and the noice is still loud. I want to sleep, but I totally understand that my kids safety is more important. I hope they find who they are looking for or what they are looking for…

  37. I think the assumption is that if someone has a gun, then that person must be dangerous. However, it’s still legal to openly carry a gun in California. As long as you don’t shoot anyone or try to conceal it. So I don’t understand this police response.


  38. Open Carry>> Hopefully that law will be repealed (I believe there’s a bill in the works). It might be fine in the wild west, but who wants to live in a wild west environment??

    Open carry ties up police resources as they respond to ‘person with gun’ calls (as they should, no??). It’s a BIG waste of time, $$$, and resources for the fraction of a fraction of a % of people who want to open carry to make a point or for vain. What good does it do? And while police are tied up responding to a legal open carry person, they can’t respond as quickly when they get another ‘person w/gun’ call, which could be a bad guy, or just another ‘open carry’.

  39. @Catbo – thank you for your civility.

  40. Always the silver lakes complaining, I never hear no one from Boyle heights complaining.. Lol


    People: (well-meaning or just-plain-mean) the subject has been done to death!
    How about giving it a rest? I will. (Do I hear the sound of clapping? So be it, I can take it as well as shovel it out!)

    Here’s to Love, Peace, and a Good Night’s Sleep in the Neighborhood!

  42. @godhammer- it’s legal to carry a unloaded gun which it’s not conceal and register to you. If its loaded and your in public view and it’s not register to you or conceal in your pocket it’s illegal.

  43. @ Mayberry Mommy – LMFAO Love it!!!

  44. Off-Westerly Resident

    I would like to second everyone who is shocked by people actually complaining about the police out doing their jobs to find some a**hole with a gun loose by my house. Necessary? Hilarious. Should there be a time limit? “Oh dear, we’ve been looking for 30 minutes now, I bet residents are tired of hearing the helicopter. Better call it off. Fingers crossed the guy doesn’t shoot someone! Nite, boys. See ya in the morning!”

    My favorite comment of all, however, is the person who “hoped” it was an axe wielding child murderer. Oh, me too! That would make it all worth it!

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