Sponsored Post: Affordable psychological services and therapy for women in Los Angeles

We believe in affordable psychological services and therapy for women in Los Angeles. Center for the Psychology of Women now has rates that start at $50 per session.

We’re offering affordable rates for the community to take advantage of for two reasons:

  • Reason #1: Health care costs are expensive! Seriously expensive. Some in our community do not have health insurance at all, and some have insurance that does not cover psychological services. And for privacy reasons, some people are understandably cautious about using their insurance at all.
  • Reason #2: We want to help mentor that next generation of fabulous therapists! Our intern therapists are the best of the best and are personally vetted and trained by the Center you know and trust.

We’ve combined both of these reasons by creating a program for therapists early in their careers to be mentored in the philosophy of the Center and in return we can now offer affordable services for our community. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Also, don’t forget that we also provide psychiatric evaluations and services for women in Los Angeles, so you can have all your needs met at one location.