Sponsored Post: New guide explores the world of L.A. ethnic spa treatments, one massage at a time

Angelenos live on the cutting edge of trends, and now The Spa Less Traveled opens a window into the hottest trend in town (and yes, we’re counting food trucks): ethnic spa treatments. Combining a quest for therapeutic luxury with a love for the multi-ethnic patchwork that is Los Angeles, readers now have a guide to the best ethnic spas across L.A. County.

Based on personal (and anonymous) visits to several hundred spas and massage-therapy centers, this guide describes the treatments and how they connect to the cultures. It also lets readers know what to expect in terms of clothing, tipping and even parking; gives pointers on where to eat and shop while you’re in the neighborhood; and recommends particular massages and therapists.  The book includes visits to some Eastside spas, including  Thai Hands Emporium in Eagle Rock and The Barai Day Spa in Silver Lake

A great gift this holiday season, The Spa Less Traveled is available in shops and bookstores throughout Los Angeles. Click here for more info or to order online.

John Rabe, host of KPCC’s Off-Ramp, says:

A unique concept, well-executed. It makes exploring L.A. just through its ethnic food seem almost shallow. Why not throw your whole body into it?

The authors, Gail Herndon and Brenda Goldstein, will discuss The Spa Less Traveled on Friday, Nov. 18 at Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena. Click here for details.

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