Storefront Report: Nightclub owner expands Silver Lake presence

The Sunset Boulevard building that housed the former La Parrilla Mexican restaurant in Silver Lake has been purchased by nightclub owner Steve Edelson.  The purchase leaves Edelson, who also operates El Cid and Los Globos, with potentially three Sunset Boulevard clubs and restaurants within a mile of each other. An associate of Edelson confirmed that his group has purchased the building at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Westerly Terrace.

The  two-story, triangular shaped building, which had been listed for sale earlier this year for $1.4 million, is located within a block of Los Globos, which Edelson purchased earlier this year.  La Parrilla closed  late last month after about 20 years in operation.

The Eastsider is seeking more details about what plans Edelson has for the building, which includes 10 apartments on the second floor in addition to the restaurant.


  1. Why did La Parrilla close?

    • The owners, who own restaurants in Boyle Heights and on Wilshire Boulevard, never replied to my calls. Apparently the owners of La Parrilla also owned the building.

  2. Ugh. I’ve heard he’s slimy to deal with though I have not yet met him. But all he did with Los Globos on the outside is slap on some black paint. I would have loved to see a more intention approach at updating the outside.

  3. another night club? the parking is getting ridiculous around here!

  4. So how about they return Los Globos to its former self dominated by spanish language music and use this space for whatever he’s trying to do at Los Globos now?

  5. Editors of The Eastsider please take note: The article regarding the change of ownership of La Parilla mentions rather ominously that Steve Edelson will own or control 3 clubs within a mile on Sunset Bl. in Silver Lake – Echo park. Mr Edelson’s name was mentioned 5 times in an short 18 line note. I do not know the man but I have, shall we say, a name of similar derivation. To my knowledge, there is nothing preventing me or a member of my tribe from owning 3 clubs within a mile on Sunset. The euphemisms are unwelcome, especially in Red Hill!

  6. what in the world are you talking about mortonie? there was nothing xenophobic about this piece at all. how you read anything into this is beyond me.

    the point is not that a man of a certain ethnicity owns 3 businesses; the point is that some residents of Silverlake feel it is overrun with nightclubs.

  7. The last thing we need, honestly.

  8. what about the 7 Mares restaurant at the other end of the building?

  9. Well said “well”

  10. You’re right Mortonie. You should immediately get Abraham Foxman and the ADL in on this.

  11. For the record – as someone who is pretty stoked at the bookings Los Globos has brought in, and an Echo Park resident who likes to dance and is happy to be able to walk/cheaply cab somewhere (forget the parking! drunk driving is the real problem) instead of having to go downtown or (ughgh) hollywood to hear some beats, I’ve welcomed this development, and having been there last Friday, I can say firsthand that Los Globos ‘former self’ is alive and well. When I was there last Friday, the downstairs was full up and lively with musica latina – dudes in cowboy hats and jeans dancing to cumbia, sexy ladies in low cut dresses, you know the scene – while upstairs was full of hipsters like myself. I didn’t see any conflicts between the two rooms, and I liked that it was a place where both sides of the local community could come out and dance.

  12. Well I would just like to that that I’m super bummed that La Parrilla closed down. I’ve gone there many years and appreciated having a quality mexican restaurant in the middle of “Trendy Town” :() (

  13. Look – I support local music and welcome venues that promote it – HOWEVER, how, I ask you, can we support a project that will just bring more more parking problems and no solutions? We residents (I live around the block) can’t even find parking on a good day! The city has put new permit requests on hold for another year or two so we will potentially be even more screwed. And in this economic climate, we can’t just sell our houses and move. Homeowners are not generally young people who go to nightclubs. Also, the owner of the club should be respectful of the area and the neighborhood by creating a facade that enhances the area rather than badly slapping on black paint to ruin the street presence like he did on Club Los Globos. Right now all I see is blatant disrespect. A shame.

    • Well, Amen and hear hear. This is a very real issue in that particular area at night and for residents.

    • Well, if people were going to the restaurant, you’d have had the same issue. I’d rather have a business doing well, no matter what it is, than a virtually out of business spot. I also reside around the corner and parking can be a pain in the ass. But the city is dragging its feet; let the businesses come in.
      And do you honestly mean to say Los Globos looked better before the paint? Sure, the black building doesn’t look great, but it looked like a big crack den before that.

  14. Ughhhh. And not to mention the crime. I live on westerly terrace. Super bummed. I also quite enjoyed that Mexican place!

    • I love the idea that bar or club means a neighborhood’s crime is going to increase. Every time someone tries to open something in Silver Lake or Echo Park I hear this same thing. Would you rather it be like it was in the 90s?? I’ll take an occasional mugging or car break in over shootings, gang initiations and so on.

  15. Parking is a real concern here for residents (owners, don’t forget us renters too)! I hope they figure out a way to valet cars for both clubs, without affecting the surrounding streets. Especially as my car keeps getting hit while its parked along different sections of hamilton, or micheltorena! last thing we need are drunk drivers on those tiny narrow streets.

    I certainly hope they “fix” the exterior of both Los Globos and La Parilla to improve the run down aspect of that strip of sunset…. however, with the loss of le barcito, detour, and other gay establishments in silver lake. I hope this place is gay on the weekends!

  16. I’m excited to see what the new owner will do with this new building. Adding another nightclub, would drown the area with more unwanted guests. I say restaurant.


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