The cocaine, cars and Cartiers behind the Atwater FBI raid

In a neighborhood of mostly modest one-story homes,  the red-tiled Atwater Village residence of Luis Carrillo Torres had stood out not only for its large size and imposing front gate but for the numerous cars and trucks that spilled out of the driveway, often blocking the parkway and amassed in front of the Revere Avenue house. Early Tuesday morning, FBI agents counted more than 20 vehicles – including a Range Rover, Porsche Carrera and 1965 Ford Thunderbird convertible – after they raided the Revere Avenue house and another Torres house around the corner on Seneca Avenue. Inside the two-story Revere house, agents found $60,000 in cash, 60 luxury watches, including Rolex and Cartier brands, and an unloaded Smith & Wesson handgun.

Torres and two other men in different locations were arrested for allegedly being involved in the sale and shipment of cocaine from Mexico to Canada via Southern California using semi trucks, according to an affidavit released by the FBI and filed with a criminal complaint today. No cocaine was found at Torres houses, but federal agents and other law enforcement officers have found duffel bags full of cocaine and hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash at other locations across the nation as part of the same investigation.

Torres denied any knowledge of drug trafficking, saying he bought and sold cars for a living. But the affidavit notes that his estimated income from buying and  selling cars could have never paid for the Revere Avenue house -which had recently been expanded with a second floor and surrounded by a six-foot high concrete block wall that also enclosed a new backyard swimming pool – or the 60 luxury watches.

Click on the link below to view the list of Torres’ vehicles found at his two Atwater houses.

2010 Camaro SS
2007 Toyota Scion TC
2006 Range Rover
2004 Volvo
Lotus Exige
1965 Ford Thunderbird convertible
2002 Dodge Viper
1950 Chevrolet pick up truck
Toyota Land Cruiser
1996 Mercedes
2003 Porsche Carrera
2002 Infiniti I35
2009 Dodge Hemi truck
1998 BMW Z3 convertible
2006 Range Rover
Ford Mustang
Honda Civic
Mercedes S500
1962 Ford Falcon
2004 Audi A8;
BMW 325 CI
Harley Davidson motorcycle


  1. Yeah Mexicans…..again!

  2. I don’t think they mention him being Mexican in the article. Maybe you should read it more carefully!

  3. Luis Carrillo Torres.

    • Where does it say he is Mexican? The only time anything Mexican is mentioned is where it says the coke was transported from Mexico. I would be more careful about choosing your handle on blogs like this, every one might think all of Silverlake is filled with racists pricks like you.

    • Wow, Mr. Silverlake no hiding the racism with your poor attempt at sarcasm there, pal.

  4. Clearly this dude was more hipster than Mexican with that 2004 Volvo.

  5. That name doesn’t mean he’s Mexican. He could be from Spain, Portugal, the Philippines, or dozens of other countries (including here in the U.S., born and raised). Open up the ol’ mind, there, sir.

  6. Yeah, because white people are never involved in the drug trade…..

  7. If we’re judging him based on his cars, he was also a guido (2010 Camaro SS), a douchebag (2003 Porsche Carrera), a yuppie (BMW 325 CI), gay (1998 BMW Z3 convertible), a raver (2007 Toyota Scion TC), a Hell’s Angel (Harley Davidson motorcycle), going through a mid-life crisis (1965 Ford Thunderbird convertible), a normal human being (Honda Civic), and a normal human being from 49 years ago (1962 Ford Falcon).

    Stereotypes – they’re neat!

  8. Well I guess we can’t blame them for living the life we all wish we had… They’re business was obviously out of atwater so thats good enough for me!!!!

  9. “That name doesn’t mean he’s Mexican. He could be from Spain, Portugal, the Philippines, or dozens of other countries (including here in the U.S., born and raised).”

    Doesn’t matter if he was Mexican, Spanish, Chinese, Caucasian, etc. The message is, if you deal in cocaine trafficking, be prepared to have the FBI kick your doors open and take you to jail. Good bust.

  10. Master of the obvious

    Atw You couldn’t pay me enough to live that life…what a joke

  11. get a life people mind your own business !!!!!!!

    • Are you serious? Let me tell you what people on this planet think… “When flash bangs wake me and my family up at 5am because some jerk is being raided by the FBI I have every right to comment on the situation.” Hey Torres, get a real job and earn a proper living. You’re a clown.

  12. hahaha… mr. silverlake…your ignorance is entertaining =] … lames like you motivate me!!

  13. @KR, motivate you to commit more crime or get a job, social security number and contribute?

  14. @Mr. Silverlake – It’s Silver Lake. Two words. Anyone who’s hasn’t moved here from the westside in the past five years knows that. Your ignorance, racism and 310 area code is showing.

  15. Agreed Regular Jospehine. We have watched “Mr Silverlake” post stupid comments regularly for the past year or so. HE SHOULD BE BANNED FROM EASTSIDER COMMENTS.

  16. Found an interesting article with more details about what led up to this bust… Crazy stuff.


  17. @B.E. That was the best post I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks for the laugh.

  18. Mr. Silverlake ….

    i have lived most of my 35 years in Atwater, and unlike most of you on this site i know most of the people that you guys post comments about and i have a job, social security number and i contribute to society. and unlike you Mr. Silverlake i dont hide behind a false name you want to insult people and make racist commennts at least have the balls to use your real name!

  19. Don Luis was one of the nicest ppl I knew…idk if all of what they are saying is true but this man was humbled wouldn’t think twice when it came to helping others….I hate seeing all this ppl say that what he was doing wasn’t a job to him keeping food on his families table was his job no matter how he did it….mis respetos ala familia Carrillo espero todo salads bien con Don Luis

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