This Eagle Rock wet burrito hits the spot

Photo by Valentina Silva

By Valentina Silva

There comes a time in every life when only a wet burrito will do. Sometimes you just have to give in to the cheesy-saucy meltiness. It’s useless to resist.

My most recent wet burrito surrender happened at the hands of The Taco Spot in Eagle Rock. Their Vegetarian Burrito, mojado style, satisfied because it met my most crucial requirement: the cheese and sauce were plentiful but didn’t overwhelm, and the sauce was thick enough that it didn’t create a watery, soggy mess. Other pluses included a whole wheat tortilla, black beans and plenty of guacamole. Of course, I ordered it without rice, which I cannot tolerate in any burrito of mine.

Valentina Silva is a regular contributor writing about food and restaurants. You can also find Valentina’s reviews and stories on her new blog, Eastside Food Bites.


  1. MUST have burrito! Thanks Valentina.

  2. Thanks to this post (mostly the photo), I had to order a burrito for lunch.

  3. Thanks Valentina, will have to try this place out.

    And for the record, I have NEVER understood why rice belongs in a burrito.

  4. @Sproketz: It’s a Norteño thing… it seems like the further up the coast you travel in California, the more extravagant the burritos get. Personally, I’d cut off my pinky for a super burrito from El Farolito right about now.

  5. @corner soul: maybe growing up in LA has turned me against the rice. It just seems like filler to me. But, it’s probably like pizza, you usually like what you grow up with.

  6. It’s True. Sometimes only a wet burrito will satisfy that craving. I however tend to think that Ca Cao in Eagle Rock is the bomb wet burrito. The thing comes out and you just have to laugh at it, looks like it’s begging to be put out of its misery, (in a good way for us wet burro ingestors). Even has a flag in it.

  7. @BillyB–I agree with you. CaCao has a delicious wet burrito, so does El Arco Iris! The eastside is blessed with great wet burritos.

  8. I want that inside of me.

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