Watch your step on this Silver Lake street

Photos by Diane Edwardson

It only takes a brief walk or drive to discover that the city’s roads and sidewalks are in bad shape.  On example can be found in the 2400 block of Lake View Avenue in Silver Lake, where a section of concrete has sunk more than three inches.  Normally a call to 311 – the city’s service line – will eventually bring a city crew to fill in a pothole or fix a crack. But so far a resident of Lake View Avenue can’t get anyone’s attention, according to blogger Diane Edwardson. A portion of the street had been repaired a few years back but more needs to be done. But, given the city’s tight budget, repaving the cracked street is not going to happen soon.  At this point, Lake View Avenue residents will settle for a much more modest fix, said Edwardson:

If nothing else, my size 10 boots say this is a trip & fall lawsuit against the City waiting to happen.  At least the City should put up some safety cones with flashing lights at night.

The last major paving job on the street, judging from stamps in the concrete, took place in 1926.

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  1. Hey, put down the goddamn blackberry/iphone and pay attention while you walk! Most people wouldn’t fall if they were watching their step. Common sense: an idea who’s time has come.

  2. Only hipsters and gentrifiers would trip on uneven pavement. GO BACK TO THE WESTSIDE AND ITS PRISTINE FLAT SIDEWALKS.

  3. Lawsuits are cheaper than repairs.
    You should check out the bulge on Lucile bet. Sunset and Griffith Park Bl.

  4. I replaced my driveway this summer but I left the cracked sidewalk alone because it requires a permit, and I wasn’t sure what the rules were or how to have it inspected. Also, what if the inspector comes by to check on the work after the concrete has begun to set and harden? The city should publicize how the sidewalk-permitting process works, as well as the parameters/code governing sidewalks, and they should encourage owners to do the work themselves – as long as they are able to follow the proper procedure.

  5. Oh, and ekirby, it sounds like you spotted me walking on Lucile between Sunset and Griffith Park Blvd. Thank you for the compliment. 🙂

  6. Do you bulge?

  7. Yeah, silly hip yuppy gentrified white people. I’m with you Eastsidearts. “Oh, look at me, I should be able to wildly dance in infinite white space to indie-rock on my ipod-touch.” Oops, you just tripped over a chasm in the sidewalk and split your golf-hat covered head.

    Go back to somewhere else.

    • You are a mental giant! Hey, can you please be our next councilman? There is just way too much cleaning up and fixing of roads and public space around here. I’ve had enough. They really need to just stop cleaning up the streets and graffiti. It’s so clean around here i’m just getting ill. And these roads, what’s up with that. Never fix potholes. Those idiots that run them over should have been looking. I want to live in your world. All these people dancing in infinite white spaces. I can’t take it anymore!

  8. Why is everything an excuse to hate hipsters on this site? The people who have the most trouble with crumbling sidewalks won’t be kids on iPhones, they will be elderly and disabled people. I swear some people on this site are so obsessed with hipsters, they can’t seem to focus on anything else or understand a problem when they see one. Get your priorities straight.

  9. @ James, the city no longer provides for sidewalk repairs, so they’ve supposedly streamlined the permitting process to make it easier. The permits are free and as the article mentioned, a call to 311 would probably put you in touch with someone who could provide answers. Buen suerte.

  10. these boots aren't made for walking

    Just last week I hit a huge pothole in the right lane driving east on SM @ St. Andrews.
    I was contemplating getting on the 101 south and so glad I didn’t as the tire was flat just as I was about to enter the on ramp. As I waited for AAA to arrive, I walked to the scene and met a patrol car. I told him about the hazard and he said he’d put cones up.
    Fortunately, my tire guy is at Beverly and Virgil, a safe trip on a spare. The damn hole dented my rim. They brutally banged it into some semblance of a circle and the tire was fine. So I drove right back to the scene – no cones – but lots of photos on my part. Didn’t know about 311, but they and others will be getting a call tomorrow.

    • According to “Quitter Jesus” fixing that would be too way too westside. We don’t need public services over here. Cleanliness is only for white people.

  11. First, I love the photo–that the dog is lifting its paw as if it’s concerned about the sidewalk also…
    Second, I remember when I lived in SF (another life ago) property owners were responsible for maintaining the sidewalks. There was an inspector who went from one end of the city to the other and you’d get (or the apartment house owner would) a notice, 90 days to fix or fines…the city didn’t get involved in the work (as in, do the work and bill the owner) but if it wasn’t done on time, the fine would be added to the property tax…increasing after every missed deadline. Of course I don’t remember the city providing the street trees either…
    I know there’s a stretch on North Beachwood (H.Hills) were the ficus trees have so warped the sidewalks (which have been repaired with asphalt, but only to even out the broken slabs) are a real obstacle course.

    It’s not always the trees/tree roots either. I’ve seen damaged sidewalks as a result of water pipe work (esp sewer) where the soil isn’t properly compacted so it sinks and the concrete breaks…

  12. usually they pop up from the tree roots which become the neighborhood jumps for kids on dirt bikes. a sinking one is hazard for sure. city should definitely fix that. they fixed our twenty feet of sinking gutter on Occidental. took a couple months but they did show up and handle it.

  13. I agree with fat view. The sidewalk infront of my grandparents house was badly damaged by tree roots and I was worried for their saftey. Rather than spending thousands of dollars to pull a permit and hire a crew to demolish and rebuild the sidewalk I rented a concrete grinder from home depot. It costed about $50 and took me an hour to gring down all the cracks, the result was a smooth sidewalk with no trip hazard for a fraction of the cost. Problem solved.

  14. El batmanuel gets my vote for DIY Hero.

  15. The power of neighborhood blogging: as of THIS MORNING (Wednesday) there is a city crew jackhammering and smoothing out this hazard. Making noise brings results!

  16. please this is nothing check out the side walk on Hyperion//sunset around 940 address, its like climbing a small mountain (ok maybe not) makes this image look flat!!! can’t see it at all at night as no light over it, amount of people I hear making screeching noises… ah well what can you do!

  17. From the corner of Franklin and Bronson in Hollywood (near Gelson’s Market), drive north on Bronson, and when the road curves to the right, just before it hits Canyon Drive, look at what the tree roots have done to the sidewalk on the right-hand side. (Or just Google Map 2186 Bronson, Los Angeles, CA and look for the large tree.)

    I often enjoy seeing tree roots protrude through concrete; it’s a small triumph of nature.

  18. This discussion reminds me of how much I miss seeing the Silver Lake Walker! I was always amazed at how he walked for miles every day, at a very fast clip, and never looking down. Amazingly, I bet he never tripped.

  19. I also miss seeing the Silver Lake Walker (RIP) – but after he passed away, I learned a bit more about his life, and I think it’s safe to say he was trippy.

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