Eastside gets wind whipped *

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It’s a mess out there. Downed trees, power lines, holiday ornaments, fences and even a billboard are strewn across the Eastside after a powerful windstorm raked the area overnight, with more high winds expected later today and tonight.  The DWP reported  that more than 120,00 customers including more than 50,000 on the Eastside – were without power earlier this afternoon and warned that some residents could be without service for up to two days before repairs can be completed (be careful around those power lines).  Wind gusts of 101 miles per hour were recorded by the weather station atop Mount Washington. Residents report numerous trees down in Elysian Park and traffic signals have gone dark in many locations. Meanwhile, in Northeast L.A. many residents have not only lost power but they have also lost some water pressure and are being asked to conserve water until repairs are made.

Updated @ 7:44 p.m
In other wind-related news:

  • Time Warner cable out in Echo Park for 16 hours and counting. Echo Elysian Forum
  • Tree crushes Boyle Heights home and damages two others. Boyle Heights Beat
  • More than 200 trees fell in Council District 1, reports Councilman Ed Reyes.
  • DWP lifts Northeast L.A. water conservation alert after power partially restored.  LADW
  • Silver Lake home damaged after downed wires spark fire. Corralitas Red Car Property
  • Atwater Village has scaled back tonight’s Christmas tree lighting ceremony. AV Chamber
  • City has imposed Red Flag parking restrictions until 8 am on Friday. LAFD
  • Griffith Park has been closed.
  • Heritage Square in Montecito Heights without power.
  • High winds give scare to resident of 100-year-old Echo Park home. L.A. Now
  • Downed power lines spark grass fire near Occidental College. Patch
  • Occidental College cancels classes today after power outage. Oxy News
  • No surprise here: Elysian Park tumbleweed snowman decorating session postponed until Tuesday, Dec. 6 at 10 a.m
  • Here’s the rundown of Eastside DWP customers without power as of 3 p.m.: Highland Park, 12,800 ; El Sereno, 11,300; Glassell Park, 9,800 Eagle Rock, 2,800; Lincoln Heights, 3,000; Cypress Park, 9,300; Boyle Heights, 3,800.

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  1. Yes – the wind was so bad that after 7 years, it blew our sign right off of the building. Luckily no one was injured by flying sheet metal. Please know that Masa of Echo Park is open for business! Sign or no sign!
    Thanks! Rhonda & Rob

  2. Riverside Dr. Closed in both directions W of Stadium Way

  3. We lost power around 1:30am this morning. The 110 on ramp on Solano is closed due to a fallen tree. Amazingly enough, my homemade tiki bar was still standing this morning… 🙂

    Any eta on when the power will be back up?

  4. The wind last night was un-fucking-believable. I have avocado tree pieces, my neighbors’ tree pieces, and a BBQ in the middle of my yard to prove it. How many days are we predicting with this degree of wind? I’ll just be here, curled up in fetal position with a flashlight.

  5. It was like a battlefield last night. I could hear parts of homes (?) tearing off and flying by. My windows kept flying open. I cannot believe we didn’t lose power in my neighborhood. Branches everywhere, we’re luck no big trees came down here. Only thing is that the cable is out. Time Warner, what say you?!

  6. Yep. Somehow a big branch from the tree in front of my house flew around the side of the house and shattered the window right over my bed … and I didn’t even wake up! didn’t realize until I reached to adjust my pillow while half asleep and got a handful of glass instead of pillow. This was a really major windstorm!

  7. Can you fix the link to the Mt. Wash weather station please.

  8. The power went out last night and is still out in our part of Highland Park. Our tree fell on our neighbor’s driveway and a large kiddie pool flew into our yard from who knows where! Woohoooo, we now have a yard with a pool!

  9. Elysian Valley is still without power as of 2:00 pm. In Atwater, the East side of Glendale appears to be without power, while part of the West side appears ok.

    Any idea when power will come back up for any of these folks?

  10. Still out s lake! 5:30 pm!

  11. If anybody knows what type of trees those are that are in the Highland Park photo that crushed the van and the one in the Boyle Heights photo on Enchandia could you please post. Seems an odd question I know, but I would love to know if they are ficus. Thanks!!
    And yes, what an insane storm, you could hear the wind rushing don the streets. Thanks for the great photos and shots around the neighborhood.

  12. Still out in Highland Park

  13. Still out in Cypress Park, but there is power across the street from my apartment! Stupid grid I’m on!

  14. As of 7:20, the power was out in Silver Lake along Glendale Blvd, at the shopping center with the Ralph’s, and up Rowena towards Hyperion.

    There were police directing traffic at the intersections of Glendale Blvd with (1) Silver Lake and (2) Fletcher. Some other intersections (like the one with Rowena and Glendale Blvd near Michaelangelo’s) had no signals and no traffic cops.

  15. Two more days without power? Anyone wanna go occupy ritz Carlton In down town? I’ll settle for bonaventur

  16. Lost power in NE Silver Lake/Allesandro/Red car property at about 8 tonight. Thought we’d been spared!

  17. Earlier, at ~6:10pm, power was out in eastern Hollywood and southern Los Feliz, in an area centered on the intersection of Virgil and Sunset. Don’t now whether it’s still out.

  18. Greek Theatre took some major damage due to toppled trees. The North terrace had a large tree take out many seats and do some structural damage to the steel. THe redwood deck was tore up due to another tree falling.

  19. El sereno ( above huntington & monterey rd) power out for over 24hrs

  20. Electricity is finally back on around the neighborhoods of silver lake blvd and Glendale! After 23 hours! DWP really pulled through on this one. Thought it might be two days, so we’re relieved.

  21. 7am Friday highland park still out!

  22. 8am and my neck of silver lake is still without power. The people across the street from me never lost powere though!

  23. I realize not having power is difficult for some people, especially with kids or the elderly. But can we talk about how beautiful it was last night? In Highland Park, the hillsides were like velvet and I saw more stars than I’ve seen in a long time. And the streets were so quiet. The only light came from the cheshire cat moon. Makes me think about how LA must have felt when my house was built at the turn of the century.

  24. Rowena / Ivanhoe School section of Silver Lake still without power as of Fri Dec 2 at 9am

  25. Power in El Sereno came back @ 1:17 Friday a.m. On Warwick, south of Huntington.

  26. I’m on Griffith park near hyperion/tracy. Lost power around 1am wed night, no pwr when leaving for work around 830am thurs morn, and no pwr around 7pm thur (calling my home answering machine from work didn’t wake it). When I arrived home @ 830p there was light! And it hasn’t gone out since.

    Though I have friends in Atwater near costco who still haven’t pwr restored as of about 11am.

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