How windy was it on Mount Washington?

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If the automated weather station on Mount Washington is to be believed, a wind gust of 101 miles per hour was recorded around midnight on Dec. 1. It’s not clear when and if the information is verified but let’s just say it was plenty windy on Mount Washington.

Photo courtesy Erin Crist

While the winds have died down and electrical power is being restored, many Mount Washington residents like Erin Crist are only just beginning to deal with the windstorm’s aftermath. A giant eucalyptus tree fell on her home near Frontac Avenue and Mavis Drive and destroyed the roof. The tree is still there but Crist  has moved in with family in Highland Park. Said Crist by email:

We weren’t there when it fell, but our corgi puppy was. No damage inside the house and he was OK.

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  1. Considering that the wind readings earlier seem reasonable, and that the ‘average’ velocities (1hr before and for 3hrs after) seem about right for a ‘gust’ that is about 30% more than the average wind speed at that time, I think it’s possible.

    Not that it’s anywhere close to us, but Mammoth clocked a 140mph gust 😼

  2. I grew up here and I have NEVER seen or heard anything like Wednesday night. The day after it almost looked like a hurricane had passed through.

  3. i believe this 100%! those winds were beyond intense, and totally felt like a hurricane!

  4. I’ve seen the Mt Washington station clock 80mph and the winds the other night were much stronger than that. So I’m sure it’s accurate.

  5. Agree with Lisa – Also have lived here all my life and these winds were I would estimate at least 25% stronger than the strongest I have ever felt, No hyperbole…they were noticeably different than any before experienced.

  6. Agreed with the posters above! I’ve lived here for 20+ years and have never experienced anything like it. I couldn’t sleep because of the wind and exploding transformers (that I thought was lightning). Cleanup was also bad – it felt like we were in post-natural disaster mode.

  7. I live in Hermon and I felt like the house was going to fly away. I lost power about midnight so that velocity was very believeable to me. I lived here for 30 years and have never experienced anything like this before. Crazy night.

  8. My house is two blocks from Mt. Wash. I grew up on the east coast and the storm reminded me of Hurricanes minus the rain & the eye. I sat up all night on the hill my house is on while watching transformers explode in the distance. I counted at least 7-8 go up.

  9. I’ve been in hurricanes. They’re fierce, but they pass pretty quickly. This went on for hours off and on.

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