Police activity in Echo Park*

LAPD police helicopter over Echo Park.Police have begun to close off streets in Echo Park near Echo Park Avenue and Baxter Street as police pursue a gang member. Sgt. Wayne Guillary with the Northeast Division said he had no further information at this time.

* Update @ 12:38 a.m. Saturday : The suspect is a parolee at large, said Guillary. The division’s gang unit is handling the search with the assistance of a canine unit and a police helicopter.

* Update @ 8:17 a.m. Saturday:  The suspect was not found after an approximately three-hour long search. “One of our gang units observed a wanted suspect in the area of Fargo and Echo Park.,” said Sgt.  Victor Arrellano with the Northeast Division. “A short foot pursuit ensued and a perimeter was established.  A K-9 search was conducted, but unfortunately the suspect had eluded the officers.”

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  1. a lot of black and whites and 2 helicopters right now.

  2. Yep. One helicopter sounds mighty low ….

  3. I’m guessing that’s who they were pursuing on the southbound 2 around 11:15. 4 or 5 cop cars pursuing a vehicle down the 2 as it crosses the 5, with another two right behind pursuing a different vehicle from the southbound 2 onto the northbound 5. Nuts.

  4. Right as my head was about to hit the pillow…Hope they find whoever(s) they’re looking for.

  5. could be worse though: might be a bunch of yuppies sipping wine quietly at Fixx.

  6. got that right.
    I’m wishing I’d shaved my legs…

  7. that was in reference to the mighty low remark…

  8. Oh you aint catching no crackhead!! Haha

  9. Echo Park Avenue is taped off between Ewing and Baxter.

  10. not the night to head home to Elysian Heights with a full bladder…Echo Park Ave closed, Park blocked with a fallen tree, the inner Baxter decline – waved off…very intense out there.

  11. same thing happened last week the night after thanksgiving (same location).

  12. I just got stopped at vestal and baxter and they searched my trunk looking for the suspect…

    • seriously? why did they stop your car do you think? do you look like someone that could be misconstrued as a gang member? not clowning you, just wondering if you got racially profiled, or if they’re stopping cars at random. never heard of them doing that before.

      • If leaving a perimeter they will search your car/van for the suspect obviously. Has nothing to do with racial profiling. Suspect could have ‘paid’ you, suspect could have threatened you (say he’s got your baby in the trunk with him), etc., etc.

        Plus, dunno if you’re connecting ‘gang member’ with ‘racially profiled’? ‘cos there are white gang bangers in our area here too. So that comment seems racial itself.

        I was driving out of a perimeter once and of course they searched my trunk. Woulda been dumb not to.

        • you are correct; but I am not speaking in general terms. I am referring to EP where we have a Latino gang problem, and the ensuing racial profiling i always against Latino’s.

          • When I was a kid I remember a gringo gang banger in a latino gang in EP.
            Also, while at Marshall, there were a couple of white gang-bangers, one was in a Filipino gang, the other was a gang that was mixed.
            So the point being, it’s possible that the gang banger was not latino.

          • ….and it would be a tactical mistake to assume a non-latino driver doesn’t have a gang-banger in his trunk when leaving a perimeter.

    • hey j. it’s julie. don’t feel bad. they searched my washer and dryer.

  13. Should we be nervous about this? Its been going on for quite a while…. does anyone have an idea of who they’re looking for?

  14. they’re in my yard with a K9 unit and guns drawn. if anyone knows, please let me in on it.

  15. just talked to an officer. someone who broke parole escaped. they’re still convinced he’s hiding in my washing machine…

  16. Another day, another helicopter.

  17. I’m in my car in the middle of the street on Preston and Ewing. The cops say there’s a guy with a gun and I can continue home a few houses down the street when they catch him. They seem to be zeroing in on him within 500 ft of here. It’s been about fifteen minutes.

  18. I’ve been In my car, parked at the top of ewing, for almost an hour now

  19. This is absolutely ridiculous. How is it possible that they have been circling the exact same block for 2 and a half hours!?! Like, wow, they must be doing a stellar job of tracking this person down. I hate it here.

  20. The’ve been in my basement most of the time – it’s only about 100 sq.ft. – except when they were outside my bedroom window shouting at me to turn off my lights. I’m glad they’re being thorough and all, but a little public relations would have gone a long way. Guess they just gave up…

  21. How is it that every other city I’ve lived in during my entire life manages to deal with crime without keeping hundreds of its residents up at night? Even when those other cities may have the same challenges with crime that Los Angeles does?

    (And can we discuss things civilly without telling each other to move somewhere else?)

    Peace and love.

    • How would you suggest LAPD deal with crime/suspects in your neighborhood then? Seriously.

      • fleaman, I’m not a law enforcement expert, which is why I phrased my comment in the form of a question. All I know is that other cities I’ve lived in and visited, some of which have challenges with crime similar to that in Los Angeles, have managed to deal with the problem without the frequent use of helicopters. Los Angeles is the only place I’ve ever been in where the police force is so intrusive in this manner.

        In a larger context, while other cities may not be using helicopters to the extent that Los Angeles does, their police forces — along with the LAPD — have become more and more militarized. We are now seeing how that domestic militarization is not just being used to fight crime, but to suppress dissent and the exercise of our Constitutional rights.

        • Heli’s are obviously a huge effective tool to police forces. ‘Other’ cities probably didn’t use them as effectively due to terrain (i.e. areas of NYC that are heavily populated with tall buildings), or costs (Heli’s are very expensive and I believe LAPD was the first police force to use them and I think they have the largest Heli force in the nation).

          Point being LAPD probably just happens to have the Heli resources avail to them that other cities don’t. Those ‘other’ cities probably have to prioritize their smaller Heli force to larger incidents while here in LA they can have a Heli on scene faster, for longer, and for more incidents. Other city police depts would probably love to have the capability (and use it), but don’t/can’t because their Heli force is much smaller.

          And BTW, there’s no arguing that Heli’s haven’t contributed positively to suspect searches and captures. It’s of course IMPOSSIBLE to know the outcome of EVERY search, and to imply that ‘IF’ there is no capture it is a ‘complete waste of time’ is of course inane and short sighted.

          The City of LA has recorded historic crime level reductions. The homicide rate is down to 1960’s levels. Is this due to Heli’s alone? Of course not, it’s due to the combination of many things, but Heli’s are obviously part of that contribution. Especially at night, Heli’s with infrared tech can see from the air what you can’t from the ground. Opting to ‘NOT’ use that advantage would be a tactical mistake.

          Again, if you have an alternative to the ‘seeing eye in the sky’ with infrared capability at night, I’m all ears.

  22. Why do some cops have to be so insulting and rude? I truly appreciate their efforts to curb crime. I believe the city would be much worse without their help. But they should treat civilians like customers because that’s what we are. Spoke to an officer last night and his tone alone…. yeeesh. Such a lack of civility and grace is abhorrent. Went home and listened to Easy E after like a disgruntled teenager.

    • Seriously Tom, these guys are putting their lives on the line and could potentially be shot and you expect them to treat you like a customer? If you want customer service go to the station and speak with community relations. Don’t bother the police during something like this and certainly don’t get down on them for not wanting to make small talk and have a cup of tea with you? They do dangerous work. Work that I wouldn’t do and you sure aren’t doing so leave them alone.

      • I had a friend who was a reserve cop and he told me how often they were called to house/commercial burglary calls. They’d show up, see that the place was broken into, but have NO idea if suspects are still in there or not. But they still have to go in and ‘clear’ the place, so, walk in, guns drawn, walk around every dark corner, enter every room, open EVERY door, closets, etc. It’s like a horror movie but REAL, as in, you can open a door and there’s a real monster with a real gun that can really kill you.

        THIS is practically a daily or at least weekly occurrence for cops. Think you can handle that kinda stress that often? Now, imagine your searching for a dangerous suspect that is highly likely to be trapped within a perimeter. A cops guard is UP 100%, his MAIN focus is ONLY on using ALL his senses to 1. not get killed by the suspect he can’t see and 2. trying to capture the suspect he can’t yet see. Any distraction–any person other than the suspect, can get him/her KILLED.

        Now, ‘Tom’ was probably not talking to a cop that was actively searching (I hope), and perhaps the cop he talked to was ‘rude’, be none of us here know what ‘Tom’s’ attitude towards the cops was like anymore than we know what the cop’s ‘tude was towards Tom. We can only take Tom’s word for it and it is noted. I mean, w/o Tom posting a transcript? We don’t even know what Tom asked of the cop and/or what the situation was like when he asked. Even so, it’s totally possible the cop was rude. So what I say. It’s not necessarily their job to deal with all civilians with all questions, and if Tom’s question or complaint has merit, then he should always ask for a supervisor if the cop he’s dealing with is dismissing his complaint.

        Of course it could have just been a overworked stressed out cop not being diplomatic enough to a civilian’s petty question/complaint (‘petty’ to him at the time).

        And if Tom didn’t feel the need to bump it up to a supervisor level, well, then that might give an indication of the importance of his complaint or question.

  23. why are you guys complaining about the cops, when you should be complaining about that house on Fargo?

    • Well is that what you’re calling your self?

      Before you start talking about house’s on Fargo find out who it is that lives there before making judgment! For your information it’s a 25year old High school Grad and his siblings a 15year old and an 11year old that just lost there mother to Cancer. No Gang Member lives there get your facts straight it’s a dead end street and that’s where they chose to hang out Obviously the people that live on that street don’t seem to be bothered by it but every one out side of Fargo seems to carry a bug up there A$$. Get over it there not hurting you there doing no different from all you people when your hanging out in the corners during your little get together drinking beer and wine on Morton, Duane….

  24. A couple of people have been shot and killed with in a block radius in the last year or so. I think some law enforcement is in order.

  25. does anyone not care about all the tax dollars that were spent last night over nothing??? 3 hour search,dogs,and a helicopter and couldn’t find anyone!! LAPD is a joke….seriously!!!!

  26. Why doesn’t “well” identify themselves??? I love the people that like to talk nonsense and use different names!!!!

  27. That house ruins this neighborhood. I wish they could just get rid of them.

    • Get over your self Echo Park doesn’t revolve around you; instead of running your mouth you should find ways of helping some of these Guy’s from the Neighborhood. Most of them and there family’s lived here longer then many of you! And you guys have nerve to running your traps.. May God Forgive all you negative people passing judgment on individual you don’t event know. You think there bad you have know idea what living in a Gang infested area is like you guys have it easy, there’s no Robbing, Rapping, going on and the little stealing that has might been accruing they where White People not even from this area? But let’s blame Fargo and that house for every thing. Leave those kids alone they have been threw hell and back with losing there Mother to Cancer no dam Gang members live there it’s a public street and that’s where they hang on the STREET!

  28. Agree w/ Well.
    We can gripe about the police who are likely just responding to neighborhood complaints in the first place or we can talk about the real issue here – the people who keep dragging the community into their time/resource/community-wasting nonsense.

  29. “Waste of tax dollars”, coming from a guy who’s on the computer at 2am and probably doesn’t work, lives with momma and doesn’t pay taxes himself.

  30. Looks like a M echo F ark got away this time.

  31. @Armando Garcia comE Play lame

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