Signs of Rose Hills to bloom

Photo from LA-32 Neighborhood Council

Many Los Angeles area residents associate the name  “Rose Hills” with a large cemetery near Whittier. But it is also the name of a hillside neighborhood on the western edge of El Sereno. Rose Hills, the neighborhood, stands to get a little more attention under a proposal by Councilman Jose Huizar to install “Rose Hill” community signs on Monterey Road near Hermon, Soto Street near Mission Road and Huntington Drive near Collis Avenue.  A major advocate of Rose Hills history and identity has been resident  and LA 32 Neighborhood Council President  activist Anthony Manzano, who has claimed that Rose Hills is Los Angeles’ oldest neighborhood.

Other neighborhood historians would probably disagree but Manzano argues that his neighborhood’s name is derived  from Rancho Rosa de Castilla – the name of a Spanish-era ranch – and Ostungna, which he said means “Place of Roses”  in the Tongva langauge.  Here is Manzano’s reasoning in a recent email:

As time progresses … it is recorded that Ostungna became Rancho Rosa de Castilla and a map of 1852 indicates that the area north and east of the Pueblo was one Ranch. The name Rancho Rosa de Castilla is still carried slightly by the name of the street that is used at Cal State L.A. …  and the community of Rose Hills still carries the name true to the Native Tongva Indians for over 7,000 years.


  1. Yawn. So tired of hearing about this.

  2. no way. this is important.

  3. At Least This Area Is Safe. How Is Your neighborhood. Doing In Crime ?

  4. That is a great use of taxpayer money. Way to go nc32

  5. It’s about time!!…….. These signs and the recognition of this very deserving community are long overdue.

  6. Personally, I love all the neighborhood signs, and learning about neighborhoods I didn’t know existed. LA is enigmatic like that.

    I still don’t get Little Bangladesh though.

  7. it’s about time! cd-14 has ben lagging since 2007? way to go rose hills community.

  8. In order to clear up any misinformation, allow me share with you some brief and recorded historical facts concerning the history of Rancho Rosa de Castilla.
    Prior to the arrival of the Spanish missionaries, the area around Rosemead was populated by Native Americans of the Tongva Nation. The Spanish renamed them the Gabrielinos. The founding of the San Gabriel Mission by Spanish Franciscans took place in 1771, in the area that is now known as Whittier Narrows on the border between Montebello and Rosemead. The small river flowing nearby was dubbed El Rio Rosa de Castillo. In 1775, the mission was moved to avoid the spring floods that ruined the first crops, to its present location in San Gabriel. Historically, the name is first used in 1771 in what is now Whittier Narrows, between Rosemead and Montebello.
    In 1831, land was granted to the prominent Californio Juan Ballestros by Governor Manuel Victoria. The 3,283-acre (13.29 square km) land grant owned by Juan Ballestros was christened Rancho Rosa de Castilla in 1831. Rancho Rosa de Castilla included what is today’s Lincoln Heights, City Terrace and parts of South Pasadena, Alhambra, and Monterey Park. Thus, it becomes the second time the name Rancho Rosa de Castilla is used.
    Following the Mexican-American War, California became part of the United States. A land claim for Rancho Rosa de Castilla was filed with the Public Land Commission in 1852, but was rejected by the Board of Land Commissioners. Since Rancho Rosa de Castilla had failed to receive confirmation, parts of it were sold off, creating a few smaller historical Ranchos.
    In 1852, Basque émigré Jean-Baptiste Batz bought a quarter of a section of land of what was once Rancho Rosa de Castilla. The Batz’s family settled in an adobe home in what is now a parking lot on the Cal State L.A. campus. Mr. Batz renamed the land Rancho Rosa Castilla, for the wild roses that grew in the area. A creek that once flowed south across the middle of the Rancho area, and never named, is today enclosed in a flood control channel that parallels the eastern boundary of the campus, alongside the 710 freeway. In 1882, after both Jean-Baptiste and wife Catalina had died, the Rancho was sub-divided among 6 of their children. This concludes the third and final time that the name Rancho Rosa de Castilla/Rosa Castilla is used, as is recorded in the annals of California’s history.
    As historical documents can prove, the name and use of Rancho Rosa de Castilla began far from what is presently proposed as the “historic community of Rose Hills“. The name was originally derived and used to describe a river that flowed nearby the initial settlement of the San Gabriel Mission, within the present day borders of Rosemead and Montebello. The name Rosa De Castilla then continues to be used to describe a huge land grant given to a Californio in 1831. When it is again used in 1852, the name Rancho Rosa Castilla was derived from the geographical characteristics of an area in what is now Cal State L.A., not from the area proposed in motion 11-2057. If any part of El Sereno is warranted to be renamed after Rancho Rosa Castilla, “Rose Hills”, it would best be suited for the area currently labeled “University Hills”, which lies adjacent to Cal State L.A.’s campus.
    The Historic Community of El Sereno was created and renamed soon after the land was annexed by the City of Los Angeles on June 10, 1915. Before the annexation, the community of El Sereno was known as Bairdstown. Bairdstown was founded in 1905.

  9. Yeah, I know. He’s wrong, but yet, you can’t tell us what he’s wrong about. Way to go dumbassmaster, you sure taught us something!
    Compared to Manzano’s wacky, disjointed blabber, Papi in El Sereno at least references names and dates you can look up. El Sereno has lots of history that needs to be told.
    By the way, props to The Eastsider for only listing the official and true communities of NELA. Sorry for saying the TRUTH Manzany!!

  10. Thank You for some of the history you have provided. It sure is gratifying that there are others that hold a sense of retaining history. Over the years, such an amazing amount of details relative to the community of Rose Hills, has continued to capture my interest. Mr. Papi, has some of the information correct regarding a time period nearly 200 years ago. What I noticed is that details are lacking, that would refine the current location of the community. It is well understood that parts of Lincoln Heights, South Pasadena, Monterey Park, City Terrace and many many other internal communities were all once encompassed within ‘Rancho Rosa de Castilla’.
    It is not intended to reclaim all the land from a period nearly two centuries ago, and demand that it be reinstated under Spanish/Mexican Rule since that entire process has been proclaimed and established. Questions left out….. “Who was Juan Ballesteros? Where did he live? What was this area called before the Spaniards arrived? Who filed for the Land Claim in 1852? Why was the Land Claim denied? What was this Claimants position? Where was the Adobe that was built Christened….. Rancho Rosa de Castilla? Is there a Map or Diseno of the Rancho? “………… With the amount of dedication and research for nearly a seven year period, I am able to answer these question, including others.
    Where was Roses Road? What happend to Rose Hill Elementary School? What is the location of Rose Hill Regional Park? What high profile crime took place at the Rose Hills Pharmacy?……
    It is great to know that other share an interest in the history of Rose Hills, what I have read is that perhaps the area proclaimed Rose Hills, should include all land and communities between Lincoln Heights and the Alhambra border. Being considerate and humble of others, and taking into account without compromise, Rose Hills is happy to retain the name that has been at the heart of the entire Los Angeles basin for thousands of years. The City of Rosemead gets its name from the Rose. The ‘Rose Bowl’ in Pasadena gets its name from the Rose. Rancho Rosa de Castilla gets the name from the Rose. The Historic community of Rose Hills holds the distinctive privilege of being named after the Rose.
    Mr. Papi needs many more years of research to find archived facts with amazing details that indicate where Rancho Rosa de Castilla was located and how it relates to Rose Hills in 2012. It sort of reminds me of being younger when I thought I know every ELVIS song ever recorded…… Mr. Papi, Elvis still has nearly 100 songs you may have never heard. I will share some of the facts, images and archives that I have found. Just click here>>>>>>> https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.200514659980383.47996.100000655504354&type=3
    If anyone would like a full detailed presentation about the Spanish exploration thru our community, it should not be that hard to find me. Thank You for supporting the truth and facts about the City’s first and oldest communty.

  11. Double YAWN…………….

  12. way to go manzano. ………hay NELA TIME. now do you no what papi is wrong about! maybe you should pick up a history book from the L.A. TIMES? NOT NELA TIMES?

    • Your a real Dumbassmaster. What new historical evidence did Manzany present that proves Papi is wrong? None, of course. All he does is dance around the issue, like a boxer with no skills. Asking more questions about history does not prove Papi is wrong; it only proves Manzany is incapable of presenting actual historical facts to bolster his delusional claims.

      As for me picking up the L.A.Times, maybe you need to because the L.A. Times also does not recognize Rose Hills as a ‘community’. That must really hurt Manzany’s humble ego. FYI Dumbassmaster, it’s NELA.time, as in you and Manzany are out of sync with the true and official North-East Los Angeles history. Pobrecitos.

      I also hear that the community of El Sereno is standing up against Manzany’s motion for ‘Rose Hills’ signs and that people are complaining to Councilman J. Huizar in order to stop and remove the motion. Great News, and Great Job to the community of El Sereno. No one has the right to do what Manzany wants to do to El Sereno. Poor Manzany, I think he has really lost it!! IS THERE ANYBODY…OUT THERE…

  13. WOW!! hay NELA.TIME someone from rose hills must of kicked your ass pretty bad that you have so much anger for the coommunity! or you and manzany must of had a past relationship! that we dont no about?? and as fare as commnity sings! the community are asking for the sings not the manzano and hisKLAIN! MR MANZANO DOES NOT REPRASENT THE COMMUNITY OF ROSE HILLS. HE IS ONE OF MANY DICK!TATOR’S HERE IN 90032! dont get so worked up NELA.TIME trust me HES NOT THAT IMPORTANT!

  14. Papi in El Sereno

    It’s always sad and amazing that narrow-minded and untrained historians like Anthony Manzano say they know so much about the ‘history’, but yet, he doesn’t provide ANY new information about the ‘history’ for us. What Manzano does provide are more questions concerning the history of several communities over time, and a trivial, unrelated fact about Elvis. It seems that Mr. Manzano needs others to answer the questions he has about El Sereno’s Rose Hill history, rather than doing the proper research.
    Why a person with the so-called historical knowledge, as Manzano says he has, needs people to call HIM in order to review the information is just plain silly. If Manzano really has any historical evidence, especially about a community which is not even officially recognized, why doesn’t he present the history to the public WITHOUT anyone needing to ask? What is Mr. Manzano afraid of?
    If Mr. Manzano wants to be taken seriously, he needs to present the historical records he claims will prove that the community of Rose Hills has existed for hundreds of years IN THE SAME AREA he wants officially recognized. This is the exact claim that Motion 11-2057 states in the first sentence of the motion, “The community of Rose Hills has been in existence for hundreds of years since the colonial Spanish era…”. Where is the archeological evidence that supports this claim? Have any Native American organizations been notified of this historical finding? What do the Native American organizations think about this claim of a historical community existing at this location? Where exactly is the historical community of ‘Rose Hills’ supposed to be located at?
    Mr. Manzano wants the public and community to just take his word for it, and that’s just BS. What kind of serious researcher or historian is allowed such powers? None. Information and facts need to be presented so the public (and real historians) may decide for themselves whether or not his claims are accurate. Mr. Manzano has never done this, and it’s not hard to imagine why.
    Why doesn’t Mr. Manzano post all his finding online, or do a presentation open to the public at a local University? Mr. Manzano can present what evidence he has that proves his claims, and a panel of invited historians with knowledge of Los Angeles/California history can be the judge. The panel and public will then be able to compare the facts and comment on what they have been presented. Nothing too hard to do if Mr. Manzano really wants to be taken seriously. The burden of proof falls on Mr. Manzano.
    On another note, just to help Mr. Manzano out in his quest for real information. It’s a known fact that Pasadena is a very old and historic city, and South Pasadena broke off from Pasadena in 1888. Mr. Manzano is correct when he states that Pasadena’s ‘Rose Bowl’ gets its name from the rose, and is also known for the Rose Parade. What Mr. Manzano leaves out is that part of what is now El Sereno’s northwest boundary with Lincoln/Montecito Heights used to part of the City of South Pasadena. Since that area was part of South Pasadena’s last expansion, Rose Rd was created in order to connect the ‘suburbs’ of S. Pasadena to the City’s main infrastructure. Roses Road was a road on what is now Huntington Drive that began at Monterey Road and Huntington Dr. and traveled east to the center of South Pasadena. South Pasadena also considers the Rose as part of its history; South Pasadena holds the distinction of having the oldest self-built float in the Rose Parade. Rose HILL Regional Park, Rose HILL Rec. Center and the church ‘Our Lady of Guadalupe’ in Rose HILL still carry the true name the HILL was known as.
    Roses Rd and Rose HILL Elementary were changed when the City of Los Angeles annexed the land. Roses Rd became Huntington Dr. and Rose HILL Elementary became Huntington Dr. Elementary. Many local residents and authentic Historical Records will tell Mr. Manzano that there is a Rose HILL, but never, never a community of Rose HILLS, which he claims has existed for Hundreds of years.
    Hope this little bit of information help Anthony Manzano in his quest to learn something of the true history of El Sereno, the community he lives in. A. Manzano needs to come to terms with reality; we see through his façade of humbleness. The fact that Mr. Manzano can’t be proud of his real community of El Sereno is probably only a symptom of a deeper issue. The communities of El Sereno and Lincoln Heights hope Anthony Manzano returns from his quest for knowledge, true history, and to reality, a better man.


  16. WOW! Hay dumbassmaster someone from El Sereno must of kicked your ass pretty bad that you have so much anger for the community! Or you and Papi in El Sereno must have had a past relationship! That we don’t know about?? And as far as community sings! The community is requesting zero for rose hills.

    You know, I thought we were disagreeing about history, but now it feels like you and Papi have your own history, you even know his first name! And the fact that he got to you, to the point where you went all CAPITAL CRAZY, says maybe you aren’t over him.

    What happened? Your Pimp Papi broke your heart, played you for the DUMBASSMASTER you are? I mean, it’s really none of my business, and I don’t judge people for their sexual preferences, but man, you come out looking like you still can’t get over him.


    So your great evil plan to get back at him is to destroy his beloved community of El Sereno. You really are a Dumbassmaster.

    Either way, Papi is right on the money when he calls out Manzany to have his so-called historical documents presented to the public and scholars. Either Manzany puts up, or shuts up. Anyway, I wish you and Papi never get back together, he, like El Sereno, deserve better.

    Sana, sana…

  17. once again NELA. you are a lost soul who has no clue what you talking about.if you would do your HOMEWORK! you would no that the community of ROSE HILL’S collected over 500 signatures in support of the community sing’s it wasent just the DICK!-TATOR MANZANO.you would no that if you would stop hiding behind the computer and attend a la-32nc metting! or visit the other DICK!-TAOR MR. HAIZAR! to see what prosess was taken to request the community sing’s. as i mentioned in my last email all the info of the community of rose hill’s is in the EL SEWERNO! library. stop makeing up bull shit and find out the truth! I THINK YOU ARE JUST IN DENIEL! i think you should put-up or SHOW-UP! befor you make yourself look more stupid then you allready look! you should go back to school and take a history class! OOH THAT’S RIGHT THAY DONT TEACH HISTORY IN EL SEWERNO THAY TEACH GANG BANGING!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Sure, tough guy, 500 signatures compared to the 45,000-50,000 residents of El Sereno who are opposed to this so called community of Rose HillS. People I know who live in El Sereno, what you call the Rose HillS area, never even heard of Rose HillS, much less about a petition for signs being put up. So who did you ask to sign the phony petition?
    As for me going to the EL SERENO Branch Library (not Rose HillS library FYI), I have, and it clearly states that the area known as ROSE HILL (no Rose HillS, sorry for telling you the truth) lies IN the north-west area of EL SERENO. Who what the hell is this ‘Rose HillS’? BS, of course.
    Your true ignorance and hate comes out loud and clear in your writings. The true lost soul here is you, because your the one branding and stereotyping everyone living in El Sereno as being gang-bangers.
    By the way dumbassmaster, you live in El Sereno, so by your definition, your a gang-banger too. Pretty ironic, being that you look down upon those who live in that great community.
    Papi was right about people like you and MAnzany; hating who you are and the community you live in is something you need to seek professional help about. Your rantings and ravings aren’t doing you any good.
    Good luck in this world you hate and deny living in.

  19. here we go again. im not a tough i just no the truth. not like you who dream of EL SEWERNO ! BEING A GRAET! NEIGHBORHOOD! not a community! [sorry for trlling you the truth?] have you seen the news in the last 20 years! you DUMM ASS! im not the one calling it a gang banger neighborhood! IT’S CHANNEL 4,5,11,13,CNN.MTV3’S! your the one in denial!.and as fare as the 45,000/50,00 neighborhood gang bangers that are opposing this request for ROSE HILL’S COMMINUTY SING’S WARE ARE THAY AT?????? THAY DONT SHOW UP TO SHOW THERE OPPOSENG? you DARE! to show your face like a cowerd! and hide behind a computer! oh i no ware thay are at IN JAIL! NELA.TIME you have no clue ware you live! you must have graduated without a history class! YOU LIVE IN EL SEWERNO AND YOU DONT EVEN NO YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD HISTORY THAT’S JUST PATHETIC!i think i will call you FORESST GUMP! GO BACK TO SCHOOL BEFOR YOU MEKE YOUR SELF LOOK ANYMORE DUMM! I THINK I WILL CALL YOU FORREST GUMMP! BECOUSE YOU HAVE NO CLUE WARE YOU LIVE.

  20. emery park is not even a community why are thay on this website?

  21. This idea of Rose Hills as a community, let alone the oldest community in Los Angeles is pure rubbish. No historical evidence of these claims have been presented to anyone and Mr. Manzano’s research method’s are questionable. The community of El Sereno, which Rose HILL is part of, also opposes this unethical division.

    The El Sereno Historical Society challenges Mr. Manzano’s unverifiable claims. Case in point is that fact that Rosa de Castilla does not mean Rose Hills. Also, the fact that Pasadena extended all the way to Monterey Road and Huntington Drive back in the late 1800s, is also conveniently overlooked. It makes much more sense for Rose Hill to have been named because of Pasadena’s influence than making the unsubstantiated claims and outright theft of El Sereno’s history to create this unwanted and unethical division of our community.

  22. I got rose hill tatted on my chest………….

  23. With the amount of information and archivess provided over the years, the challenge posed by this hysterical group was defeated, with credible evidence. The news paper clippings that come from over a century ago cleary state ‘Rose Hill’, well before El Sereno, so for a few to express it’s all El Sereno, they are now aware of the truth.
    On another note Rose Hills is described for this region years before Lincoln Heights, Monterey Hills, El Sereno, Hillside Village or any other local community. So even the ‘Eastsiderla’, is now aware that my claim stand with the strongest foundation, unless proven otherwise. Records can be shared that the word ‘Rose’ is used for this are as far back as 1876…… https://www.facebook.com/anthony.manzano.7/media_set?set=a.200514659980383.47996.100000655504354&type=3
    I say let the proof speak for itself. The truth has been shared.

  24. victory is ours papi! you lose. so much for the el sewerno! historical society.

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