Storefront Report: Los Feliz bar owner branching out to Silver Lake

It’s been only about three months since Domenico’s Italian restaurant on Silver Lake Boulevard closed its doors but a renovation of the space (pictured) by new occupants is already underway. What will replace Domenico’s in the small storefront across from La Mill? That’s not clear but Dustin Lancaster, owner of Bar Covell in Los Feliz, has applied to take over the Domenico beer and wine license, according to California Alcohol Beverage Control agency. Lancaster knows Silver Lake well. Before opening Bar Covell last year, Lancaster spent more than three years working the bar at Cafe Stella, according to the L.A. Weekly.  An associate of Lancaster said details of the Silver Lake venture will available next year.


  1. The last thing we need around here is yet another bar, so I hope its not that. A simple restaurant would be more reasonable, but even that is hardly needed in an area that has become overrun with restaurants every few doors.

  2. Compared to comparable neighborhoods on the east coast and in Europe Silver Lake, Echo Park and Los Feliz are incredibly underserved when it comes to quality eating establishments and bars.

  3. Well, then, it sounds like you haven’t taken a walk down the street any time recently.

  4. Please read the article. He’s taking over the beer and wine license of another restaurant that closed. So there isn’t really an increase.

  5. Tom,

    What do you suggest instead of a bar or restaurant? You seem to be pretty sure about neither of those options.


  6. @ Tom. Take a walk through Greenwich Village, Williamsburg, Venice, East London and The Marais and look at the offerings for dining and drinking. Have you ever travelled or are you another American without a passport?

    For a trio of communities on the radar of citizens in other cities and countries and being located in a city as large as Los Angeles the restaurant and bar offerings are weak and in short supply.

    • I agree with Mr. Silverlake. I’ve been wanting for small casual eat spots and small casual bars. Ones that involve getting a drink, not a scene or 27 TVs. They’re simply in short supply, and where they do exist are too spread out.

  7. So four restaurants on the block is overrun? Compared to where, Simi Valley? I say the more local businesses, the merrier… to me it’s just less of a reason to drive to another neighborhood for dinner or drinks when there’s a few spots you can walk to.

  8. Should Mssrs. Lancaster et Partners overcome the numerous obstacles between now and opening day of an eating establishment, then the count of restaurants in the district shall be returned to four.

    If we count the existing 7/11 market the count becomes five. We might as well count the 7/11 – certainly it dispenses the greatest volume of prepared food and beverage to the most customers of any single establishment here, by whatever metric one can imagine.

    Whatever the number, the restaurant will be locating in the small commercial district on Silver Lake Blvd. at Effie which is isolated by at least 1/2 mile to the south and almost 1 mile to the north from the next nearest commercial zoning.

    Which means this is exactly where a restaurant should locate. It is in the best interest of the potential customer and the owners to have at least 5 or 6 varied quality dining establishments operating in this commercial district surrounding Effie St.

    Once that is achieved, we will have enough variety and vibrancy to make the district a destination. Friends can arrange to meet and dine in the district, needing only to decide on a time – reserving the luxury of deciding which establishment to patronize upon the rendez-vous.

    I wish the best of luck and good fortune to this new venture.

    And I offer a warning of urgency. Be wary of believing any reassurance you may be told by any department of the City of L.A.
    They are vipers. And you are dealing with extremely delicate grandfathered permits and certificate of occupancy in that location.

    You must begin operating as soon as possible to guarantee continuity of use.
    Open now and serve popcorn and lemonade if necessary – the On Sale License transfer will eventually be consumated.

    Tary not in waiting. For if the city is able to parse their legalities and find cause for imposing contemporary requirements on the new restaurant seeking to open in the grandfathered permit, then there will be trouble.

    Trouble for Lancaster or Elvis or the good lord himself find a way for that property to host a restaurant ever again.

    That would truly be a shame.

  9. Tom, stop whining! The dudes at Covell do it right! Get excited for really good food/wine/beer.

    Enough with the complaining and have some fun.

  10. Whoa Tom just got dominated! Perhaps its time to move man…

  11. Tom was really hoping for a Color Me Mine.

  12. Tom,
    Have YOU taken a walk down Silverlake Blvd lately? I live on that stretch of Silverlake and we are far from “over-run” by restaurant choices. Especially considering the density of our neighborhood.
    There’s only Reservoir (no thanks), Leila Thai, and LA Mill (more of a coffee shop). Thats it. I miss the days of Nettie’s and Backdoor Bakery. There is nowhere to get a decent casual meal anywhere near there. Any restaurant that opens there will probably do really well.

    • Doug speaks the truth! That area needs a “Forage” or an “Alcove”/”Home” — or just a decent restaurant where it’s not $40 for breakfast (hello, LA MILL). That area needs less pretentious restaurants and just good eats! (I miss The Backdoor too! I go to The Village Bakery in Atwater which is sorta the yuppy version).

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