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A look back at a deadly decade

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Capt. William Murphy of the Northeast Division – which stretches from Echo Park and Silver Lake to Highland Park and Eagle Rock – released  crime statistics for 2o11 that showed another annual decline in overall crime. The number of homicides, however, rose to 12 from 8 in 2010, which ranks as the low point for Northeast Division homicides since 1971.  Despite last year’s uptick in murder, Murphy notes that homicides remain well below the division’s five most deadliest years, which took place in the early 1990s (see chart above).   For a breakdown on homicides and crime by neighborhood, click on the link below for Murphy’s review and commentary of 2011 crime statistics.

Highland Park

Had a great year in Highland Park with total crime down 14% – 141 fewer crimes!

Good News: Robbery down 28%, Assaults down 15%, Burglary down 16%, Larceny down 6%, BFMV down 29%, and total crime down 14%.

Needs Work: Homicide up 50% (3 vs. 2), Rape up 14% (8 vs. 7), and GTA up 3% (had 6 more for the year).

Glassell Park

Had a great year in Glassell Park with crime down 22% – 76 fewer crimes!

Good News: Homicide ended the year even (1 vs. 1), but every other category of crime was down for the year with assaults down 53% and burglaries down 45% leading the way. Total crime was down 22% for the year.

Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock had a 2% crime reduction – 11 fewer crimes.

Good News: Homicide (0 crimes), Rape down 67% (2 less crimes), Larceny down 16% (36 less crimes).

Needs Work: Burglary up 16% (12 more crimes), and GTA up 5% (7 more crimes). Most crimes were pretty even with a slight movement from last year.

Atwater Village

Atwater Village had a 1% crime reduction – 4 fewer crimes.

Good News: Homicide (0 crimes), Assaults were down 21% (6 less crimes), and GTA was down 16% (9 less crimes).

Needs Work: Burglary was up 25% (10 more crimes), and Rape was up 300% (4 vs. 1, 3 more crimes).

Echo Park

Had a great year in Echo Park with crime down 12% – 50 fewer crimes.

Good News: Homicide (0 Crimes *), Rape even (1 vs. 1), Robbery down 45% (13 less crimes), Assaults down 25%, and BFMV down 17%.

Needs Work: GTA was up 5% (4 more crimes), and Larceny up 3 % (2 more crimes).

Silver Lake

Silver Lake had a 2% increase in crime – 10 more crimes for the year.

Good News: Robbery was down 60% (27 less crimes).

Needs Work: Homicide up 100% (1 vs. 0), Rape up 100% (2 vs. 1), GTA was up 43% (36 more crimes) this was the big difference for the year. Rests of the crime categories were basically even.

Elysian Valley

Elysian Valley had a 1% decrease in crime – 1 less crime.

Good News: Rape down 100% (0 vs. 1), Assaults were down 65% (11 less crimes).

Needs Work: Homicide up 200% (2 vs. 0), and Larceny up 171% (12 more crimes). The rest of the crime categories were basically even.

Note: Dodger Stadium and the surrounding community streets had a great year with crime down 55% – 36 fewer crimes.

Franklin Hills

Had a great year in Franklin Hills with crime down 13% – 25 fewer crimes.

Good News: Homicide (0 Crimes), Rape down 200% (0 vs. 2), BTFV down 13% (10 less crimes), and Larceny down 27% (13 less crimes).

Needs Work: Burglary up 16% (5 more crimes). This was the only category of crime to see an increase.

Los Feliz

Had a great year in Los Feliz with crime down 17% – 128 fewer crimes!

Good News: Homicide (0 crimes), Rape down 300% (0 vs. 3), Robbery down 39% (20 less crimes), BFMV down 18% (55 less crimes), Larceny down 26% (39 less crimes).

Needs Work: GTA was up 11% (11 more crimes).

East Hollywood

East Hollywood had an 8% increase in crimes – 39 more crimes.

Good News: Homicide even (2 vs. 2), Rape down 300% (0 vs. 3), Robbery down 11% (7 less crimes), BFMV down 8% (9 less crimes).

Needs Work: Larceny up 20% (33 more crimes), Burglary up 48% (19 more crimes).

Cypress Park

Cypress Park had a 9% decrease in crime – 18 less crimes.

Good News: Homicide even (2 vs. 2), Rape even (0 crimes), BFMV down 29% (11 less crimes), GTA down 21% (9 less crimes), Burglary down 31% (4 less crimes).

Needs Work: Larceny up 11% (6 more crimes).

Mount Washington

Had a great year in Mount Washington with a 32% crime reduction – 149 less crimes.

Good News: Everything. Homicide even (2 vs. 2), Rape down 80% (1 vs. 5), BFMV down 50% (81 less crimes), Burglary down 37% (less 30 crimes), Larceny down 21% (14 less crimes), basically all crime were down double digits.

* The Echo Park murder of Trader Joe’s employee Michael David was handled by the Rampart Division

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  1. Let’s see the Rampart Division stats.

  2. There were more murders in Echo Park than the Trader Joe’s employee. Totally misleading. I guess Rampart handled those as well.

  3. That’s just not true. ZERO homicide crimes in Echo Park?!?! Did they redraw the boundaries?! I mean, come on. I’m wouldn’t say the LAPD isn’t doing a great job or things aren’t better, but they’re def juking the stats! Holy WIRE.

    Eastsider — I’m sure if you can look back through your fab posts the past year you can count a lot more murders than their claiming too! I can think of 3 murders (by GSW) off the top of my head in Echo Park (several down the street from my house!). Plus I vaguely remember a few other homicides from reading your blog… the random killing of the hipster kid on sunset outside the echo, and the poor pizza guy who got shot in his car while driving someone home(this one is silver lake though), and the trader joes father, and the guy on the bike with his kid!

    • Hi Autumn. As the story notes, these figures are for the Northeast Division, which covers only a portion of Echo Park (north of Sunset Boulevard). The murder of Michael David is being handled by the Rampart Division (south of Sunset), which explains why that homcide and any others south of Sunset are not reflected in the Northeast Division figures. I will be asking for crime/murder stats for Rampart and the Hollenbeck divisions as well.

  4. Great job to all our brave police officers ,who risk their lives everyday trying to keep the communities safe. Ones again thank you for being there for us.

  5. I’ll take the occasional circling heli’s in the wee hrs over 50+ murders a year any day.
    (and no, I’m not saying heli’s are the main reason crime is down).

    And while there are of course MANY factors for reduced crimes, the LAPD is certainly part of that factor. I’m not gonna argue what % ‘cos frankly I don’t think anyone could know, but this is one of the reasons I not in the group that whines about the LAPD doing their job in the late night/early morning while we’re sleeping on our arse.

    LAPD have successfully moved on from the horrid Gates era.

  6. Autumn,

    Three people were shot outside the Echo at a Warlocks show, but none of them died. The guy on the bike with his kid was in Elysian Valley (aka Frogtown). I remember there being three murders all on Coronado (old man, teenager, guy who killed his brother and then himself), but Coronado is Silver Lake. Two of those homicides happened south of Sunset, which I guess would be Rampart Division. That probably explains why Northeast only lists one murder for Silver Lake. There was also a kid who was killed on his bike on Hoover St., which is the border between Silver Lake and Virgil Village. I don’t know where that fits into the police stats.

    So while there were multiple shootings in Echo Park last year, I’m only counting one homicide.

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