Body found next to Silver Lake onramp believed to be missing Lincoln Heights mother *

Photo by Mary-Austin Klein

The body of a woman discovered by a Silver Lake freeway entrance  this morning has been identified as that of 22-year-old Breeanna Guzman, a Lincoln Heights mother of two who took a walk to a drug store on Dec. 26 and never returned to her Humboldt Street home, according to officials briefed by the LAPD.  A police spokesman, however, could not confirm the information, but an LAPD official told NBC that there was a “strong possibility” that the body is that of Guzman.

The body was found near the Riverside Drive on-ramp to the Glendale Freeway across the street from Allesandro Elementary. The woman’s family, including her mother, were at the scene of the investigation today, said NBC.

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* This story has been updated from earlier versions.


  1. HORRIFIC !!!! absolutely, the saddest news yet ! So sorry for her family and two small children !

  2. RIP Breeanna. How terrible sad for her family.

  3. I live right where she was last seen and have seen the posters everyday as a reminder. Everytime I see one, I’d say a little prayer to myself. I am so upset to hear this. May God watch over her two children and may whoever did this be brought to justice.

    • I also saw the flyers and prayed for her. I pray that God will watch over her children, bless them and surround them with loving and caring people. This is a very sad day for the Lincoln Heights community.

  4. Left her body on a freeway onramp? I am the last person to want to stir up hysteria but this sounds like the work of a serial killer or someone else seriously, seriously sick. Leaving her body in such plain view is a very bold statement by the killer. I hope he is tracked down and justice is served.

  5. I really hope the L.A.P.D investigates this to the fullest and that they can let the community know what is going on this is the second young lady in our community to be taken and murdered months ago 17yr old Michelle Lozano was also found naked on the side of the fwy these girls both lived in lincoln heights if we have some kind of serial killer in our neighborhood preying on our children …please let the community know so that we can come together and protect our children we have many schools close by and they should make the girls know so that they can watch there surroundings ..My prayers are with Bree-anna’s family and most especially her 2 children and mother may god give you strength to get threw this

    • I drive on Riverside every week to visit my mom in East L.A. This is very heartbreaking. I too was thinking about the 17 year old girl that was found dead months ago. Both cases seem to have way too many similarities. Hopefully whoever is responsible is caught before there is another casualty.

    • You are so right Concerned Parent, I also hope the L.A.P.D does something about this. Our kids are in Danger out there. My Daughter knew both girls Michelle and Breeanna, she can not believe that two of her friends have died and found the same way. I also believe that there is a Phsycho somewhere out there. Please parents dont let your daughters out by them selfs, specially when is getting dark. PARENTS IN LICOLN HEIGHTS, PLEASE BE AWARE AND IF ANYBODY SEES ANYTHING WEIRD LIKE ANYBODY BEING PULLED IN INTO A VEHICLE OR EVEN IF IT LOOKS LIKE A GIRL AND GUY FIGHTING OR ANY GUY OR GUYS DRIVING AROUND TOO MANY TIMES ON THE SAME STREET AND LOOKS SUSPICIOUS, ALERT THE POLICE OR BETTER YET, WRITE DOWN THE LINCE PLATE.. My Prayers go out to these two Mothers may God Bless them and give them Peace. I have my own daugher and I would just die if anything happen to her. GOD, I BEG YOU TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN..

  6. heartbreaking

  7. So sad. Why?!? Ugh. 🙁

  8. Well, this is tragic. However, people, don’t get ahead of things, don’t start jumping to wild conclusions. A serial killer — well, that requires another killing first! At the moment, this could be anything, sure even a serial killer, but wait for some kind of info suggesting that. So far, there is no info suggesting that.

    And what is this posting about worry about our “children” being preyed upon, let us protect our children? There are no children involved here! Geez, she not only was not a child, she was a parent.

    • There has actually been 2 murders of young women in this neighborhood the last few months, but you didnt know that because there was barely any press on both of these murders. It’s sad that due to the neighborhood being of lower income that there was barely any press.. if this happened in a more “affluent” neighborhood, there would be National coverage … so sad.

    • hey Tom, she is her mother’s child, why be picking at words?you are missing the point… and there has been another murder in the same area…So wait for another killing? is that your suggestion?

    • Another murder a few months back, 17-yr old girl on the freeway on ramp. How inconsiderate of a person are you? I hope nothing like this happens to someone in your family.

    • hey, Tom tell that to her mother.

    • your a real big jerk. she was a mother, a daughter and a sister. she was loved. you don’t know anything about her. her brother was a best friend of mine so yes i know what i’m saying. people jump to conclusions because who knows what could have happened to her!

    • @Tom

      She was only 22! A kid in my book.

      My thoughts are with her family. The whole thing is a shame.

      And to the LAPD, please get whoever did this off the streets. We all want to live in peace.

      Crimes like this make me want to vote pro death penalty.

    • You people are being ridiculous. Hey, there were hundreds of murders in Los Angeles last year — that doesn’t mean there is a serial killer running loose! You’re just jumping to wild conclusions based on too many movies. All you are doing is creating UNFOUNDED hysteria.

      There was barely any news on that one you mention because there are hundreds of murders, and they can’t chase down every last one — not because of the income level of the area, which actually isn’t very low at all.

      What should I tell her mother — that it was tragic, LIKE I SAID. No, I am not the one missing the point, you people are, you are creating irresponsible hysteria without a single fact to back it up. You can’t decide out of no where that just because you heard of a second murder — in a city that gets hundred of them all the time — that the two are linked. When such a fact should come out, fine, but all you are basing it on now is hysteria.

      And HLP, she was only 22 — so this clearly this person is after elementary school children. OK, good logic. Now that’s a fact we can all get hysterical about.

      Victoria, where did I say anything at all negative about that woman? I said it was tragic that it happened. My negative comments were about you, and the others just irresponsibly making up crap and driving hysteria. Get a grip!

      • Amazing how you can sit there and defend yourself. You are a retty sad human being.

      • Hey Tom,

        Pull your head out of your rear end and look at the previous comments.

        Several months ago, on an offramp of the SAME FREEWAY, the body of a naked young woman was found. This makes it the second in this area. You think that’s not a coincidence? It’s not like we’re comparing this horrific case to a domestic homicide in Santa Monica, or vehicular manslaughter in South Central.

        Same method of dumping, same area. This is something we should be concerned about. But you’re too busy trolling to recognize this!

        As a young female who lives in this area, I beg LAPD to track down the individual responsible for these two killings before another one of my peers is plucked off the street.

      • @Tom


        And 22 is still a kid. Still wet behind the ears. It’s an expression of speech. You want to argue semantics? Go somewhere else. And you sound pretty young yourself.

        I grew up with Homicide Detectives in my family. Yes, this kind of thing unfortunately does happen but people are still upset and shocked.
        It’s called having a heart.

      • Soooo TOM who’s the idiot now?
        Everyone in Lincoln Heights

    • HeartBroken Friend

      As a friend of Bree’Anna’s.. I am saddened about what you wrote…
      Look, if you knew all the facts, you would have a different opinion about whether or not it MIGHT be a serial killer… I know that you feel bad about what has happened, any decent human would, but she was someone’s child.. That is why I do not agree with your “there are no children involved here” comment. I do not want start an argument, I just wanted to tell you how your comment made personal friends and family of her’s feel.

  9. We were hoping they would find her alive…..prayers go out to her family, especially her children.

  10. GOD bless Bree anna and her family, RIP.

  11. this is so sad 🙁 how can people have the heart to do things like this.?i ddnt lnow breana,but I feel realy sad because im a mother and I know ot hurts so much wen sumthing like this happens to ur baby…a messege for her mother
    im sorry for your lost,i hope GOD gives u strength n most of all power to get through this,in a hard time like this..n most of all justice..i hope justice gets done and I hope lapd do a good job..its hard going through something like this but remember u gta stay strong you have to little grand daughters tht need you..my prayers are with you 🙁 stay strong..

  12. hey…dont just dismiss this…yes parents protect your children always…and yourselves…someone out there is killin’ folks…more than likely a man who hasnt the balls to go after other males,and probably hates women too…unsolved murders affect us all! doesnt sound like we’ll ever know who or why and that means a diseased community menaced by an unknown perpetrator

  13. @tom …she had a mother so she was someones child regardless of her age

  14. This is the second female of Lincoln Heights that has been murdered and dumped off a freeway. Let us remember the similar case of Michelle Lozano. I really hope the LAPD steps up there game. Whether it maybe a serial killer, or a gang retaliation, I pray for both girls and their families.

  15. My prayers go out to her family and friends. I’m so upset that I have not seen much news coverage on either of these two girls missing from Lincoln Heights. Have they even found the killer of Michelle Lozano? I have many young girls in my family and I feel so scared that there may possibly be a killer walking among us in our community.

  16. concerned Eastsider

    actually Michelle Lozano was murdered and her body was left on the side of the freeway about 9 months ago.


    She also was from the Lincoln Heights area. The police better make this a top priority.

  17. So sad. Sending her family comfort, love and lightness to face the coming days. I am so sorry for your loss.

  18. My heart is broken. My keyboard soaked with tears. Sending love and prayers to her family.

  19. I wish bree Anna is found sooner than later ! And this sad situation is over for this family . Keep the kaith alive . God bless .

    • i knew michelle thats sad that this happen again fuk all this talk about comment the l.a.pd needs to get there shit together…they didnt do shit fr michelle n look it happened again so sad…..my reguards to the vitoms family…

  20. When I found out her terrible fate I broke down and cried. I have become so desensitized to news yet this broke my heart. Seeing her picture everyday perhaps made me feel like I lost a close one. And I am pissed off this got such poor coverage. Couldn’t find Any story on the Los angeles times except a headlining story about a NY Boston rivalry. Serously? Ugh

  21. Sad to hear about this news and about the previous murder,but coverage will always be about other things that sell headlines and not about what may be the beginning of something big to come (hope I am really wrong),but if it’s not a known person in a safer community then you will not see much coverage.

    As for the bodies being dumped,it was a Cals Tran Crew member that found her,so maybe the are not in plain sight,deep in the brush I’m sure.

    Not sure how exactly where Michelle’s body was found but this certain on ramp is one that is lessed used as for other onramps.

    Sad & Rest In Peace Michelle & Breeanna.

  22. Our community is devistated.

    But for the sakes of Bree Anna and Michelle, we cannot let these criminals win. These are our streets! If mothers have to take a walk to Rite Aid to buy cough syrup, they should be able to do so. I’m angry that this murderer has come to our community. I’m angry that if Michelle’s case had not been dismissed because they assumed it was “gang related,” the death of this young girl may have been prevented.

    Let’s come together in memory of these girls and show them Lincoln Heights is stronger than any negative forces out there. Deep down I really home Bree Anna put up a girl fight, for the sake of her girls, and dug her nails deep in his flesh or ripped some hair off this man’s head so they can gather good evidence and catch him soon.

    Eyes open, ladies. And don’t hide in your homes, take to the streets.

    • Well said Erika!

      Our women should never be afraid to walk the streets. Know that you live among evil and be prepared as such. Cary pepper spray and remember where you can hit a man where it is most painful…

  23. Rest in Peace. God bless the family and her daughters.

  24. Very sad indeed but so are all of the other senseless murders in our city every day. Check out the LA Times Homicide Report (http://projects.latimes.com/homicide/blog) and you’ll see that every day all over our city people are killed for no reason, devastating families and friends.

    I’m not a detective but the this incident seems eerily similar to Michelle Lozano’s disappearance – 1) both lived in the same area of Lincoln Heights, both left on foot to walk to the store, both around the same age (17/22), both disappeared suddenly and both were dumped near a freeway entrance/exit a short distance away along the 5 freeway.

    I hope LAPD has their finest on this and that they quickly figure out what went wrong/who did this to them and bring them to justice.

  25. Does anyone know if she was exhibiting the symptoms of a cough?

  26. @ foghorn leghorn you need to go else were with your self,
    @ the community we need to look out for one another and if any one suspicious pops up we need to apprehend them stop this now!

    • rest assured that my question – to which you took offense – was not intended to trivialize or minimalize the grave nature of this mornings discovery.

      My question is a sincere attempt to begin a rational process of inquiry into possible avenues of investigation towards determining the truth of what happened to this young woman.

      We have not yet been told that authorities have determined a cause of death – therefore, homicide is only one potential of several in this case.

      The young woman may have died of natural causes, accidental self-administered causes, intentional self-administered, accidental as proximate cause of the actions of another person or some combination of the previous.

      Although she may have been processed after death in a manner associated with homicide, we do not yet have determination of homicide.

      Was the Rite-Ade her true and sole destination? Was her possible need for cough syrup related to satisfying a personal need beyond calming a cough?

      because when we can start to get some answers to these questions, then we may be able to identify an individual or group of individuals that should be sought out for questioning,

      because they may have been her actual destination,
      or an accidental rendezvous with such person may have had a high probability to turn into an unplanned yet voluntary detour.

  27. Absolutely horrifying and completely senseless. This is a member of my cousin’s extended family. They have been working tirelessly to get the word out to find her. I just hope they find the monster(s) who did this. Sending positive thoughts from Portland, OR.

  28. I would like to put out there that the week Michelle’s body was found, there were 4 other body’s found on freeways in LA County. Each pretty much back to back, all women. One found in a car that was thought to have broken down. One out in plain view. One buried but only halfway. And another set on fire. All murdered, and all dead prior to being dumped. It could be nothing, then again it could be something.

    • jessica – you have contributed a very important comment.

      your comment should remind the public and the law enforcement authorities of the constant need to overcome setbacks to solving a crime spree. There is always some amount of advantage gained by the criminal when separate agencies have jurisdiction of investigation over each separate criminl event.

      We don’t yet know if this mornings discovery will be lead investigated by CHP or LAPD or LASD or FBI. But all of these agencies should be coordinating as closely as possible to determine if we have a killer of women who is also opening a gambit with law enforcement to test their skills.

  29. In fact, allow me to add that:

    if the authorities were timely notified of this woman’s failure to return home on december 26 from a stated intent of making a purchase from Rite- Aid,

    then I would have to assume the cops are fairly certain whether or not she ever entered the Rite Aid that evening.

    They would have pulled 24 hours of video from every camera at the Rite Aid, plus video from any security cameras at other locations which have an angle on the path leading to the Rite Aid.

    So what do the cops have to say – did she ever show at the Rite-Aid?

    did anybody show on the video who looked as if they were at the RiteAid as a possible rendez-vous point?

    i’m sure i would already know the answers to these basic questions if i had been following this case from the beginning, but I need someone to help bring me up to date.

    And Im certain that nobody will tell me the store video has not been thoroughly scrutinized by detectives in this case, because that would require a thoroughly verified and acceptable explanation to prevent a demand for supervisors to remove them permanently from their positions.

  30. @ local resident- the other female body was off the 10 fwy at Cesar Chavez exit in hollenbeck division.

  31. And the 17 year old was found in a box naked unlike this one.

  32. concerned father and husband


  33. Me and my husband first starting seeing the missing person posters earlier this month. I’m so sad to hear the body they found is that of the young mother Breeanna. I just can’t wrap my brain around the concept of a person or persons committing murder. These actions leave so many questions…why? why her? I can’t imagine what her family is going through. I passed by the fwy ramp in which her body was found today. I said a prayer for her because it just felt like the right thing to do. Also it is scary to think that her murder could be linked to the other young girl that was murdered and dumped off the fwy a few months back. The MO seems to be very similiar. I hope they find these monsters. I can’t believe they’re still walking these streets. Such a scary thought.

  34. So awful… my heart goes out to her children and loved ones.

  35. most everybody these days carries a cell phone.

    Did Breaana Guzman have a cell phone with her at the apt. where she lived?

    Did she carry a cell phone with her when she left? Because I’m sure that detectives from Missing Persons Bureau would have obtained the records of all text and voice transmissions going to and originating from that number.

    They would have attempted to contact any numbers which communicated with Breanna Guzman in the hours before she left the apt. and most certainly would have investigated any cell transmissions made after she left.

    So can someone please teel me if Breanna Guzman had a cell phone?

    If she did, then what did detectives find in the transmission record? maybe its time to let another investigator check the same transmissions a second time.

    And what did detectives find in their review of the security video from the Rite Aid?

    Does anyone know? I mean its been weeks now since the detectives will have completed these basic tasks of their investigation – so what did they find?

  36. we have to stick together to CATCH HIM


  37. this guy is happening in the communiy ATTENTION
    Ave 20: Lincoln Heights’
    Another female was picked up, but luckily let go because people seen. Suspects were in a white van with no license plates, three males. They told the victim they’d be back for her. Please ladys be safe out there ! Don’t walk alone & carry some type of protection ! RIP bri your in a better place now.

    • OMG!! Are you serious? that makes me want to drive around when its getting dark and watch out for any weird activity or any sick Mother &^%$#$ driving around our streets. POPLE REPORT ANYTHING YOU SEE PLEASE.

  38. I drove past the place where Bree’ana was found. I didn’t know what it was for originally but decided to stop by anyway… Once I realized it was for the young mother who has been talked about on the news… I couldn’t believe it.

    It’s so heartbreaking to know some psycho felt the need to take the life of another… For what reason? Is there not enough evil in this world? My goodness… I hope this person never sleeps comfortably.

    Bree’ana… Your babies will live on for you because they are you. You were a mother who loved her children. They will forever miss you but you all will be together one day.

  39. Horrible, sad, shocking. I hope the cops find her killer or killers. I get on the same ramp where her body was found mostly every evening after dropping off & picking up my granddaughter from nearby place & just to think we unknowingly passed her all those times that she had been lying there dead behind those bushes. It’s too close to home, that’s the scary part.

  40. Looks like the investigators are looking into the possibility that there COULD be a connection between the cases of Bree-Ana and Michelle. I hope they find the link if there is one to be found. What a tragedy—especially that neither case has gotten much lasting coverage by major media. Here’s the story from CBS-

  41. I’m extremely sad to hear this has happened to a young woman. I am in so much shock that I haven’t heard about all the other incidents that the comments these readers have posted about. Where can I go for regular updates and honest news about mu cmmunity and nearby areas?

    @karen reyes:: how did you find out about that incident? Any other info on that?

  42. My heart goes out to Breeanna Guzman’s mother, children & family. I can’t even begin to imagine their loss. I’ve followed this story in the news the few times it was covered. I can’t believe the media has not shown much interest in this case. I hope the person responsible for her murder will be caught soon before any other young women are killed. What I want to know is, does the LAPD have 17 detectives working on this murder case like they did trying to find the people responsible for beating Bryan Stow?


  44. This is very upsetting news that this tragedy had to happen twice already for LAPD to try and take this case serious. Justic for Michelle Lozano and her family where not served and i hope Bree’annas family gets justics for there daughter. Thses two young beautiful latinas where somes ones daughters somes mother and there lives where tooken buy this disgusting killer that cannot be found. when are they going to start taking this seriously when it happends to their loved ones if this case turns out to be one in the many cold case files this community is going to be outrage with LAPD. This is the kind of crap that gets me pissed off , if this happend in Beverly Hills it would have been solved already but since this happend near East los Angeles its not?! !!!!! I think about those two girls all the time and how their lives where taken so soon and i pray for their families and them so justics can be served to the fullest!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. My heart goes out to the families of both these beautifull girls, I have spent a couple hours visiting the u tube videos and my heart breaks. I have 3 daughters and two live on ave 20 scares me so much. I pray justice is served. Lets all pray these evil animals are caught I believe in the power of prayer.

  46. To the family and children my prayer’s go out to you may God bless you and always
    keep you safe from all harm and danger and may the person/s find it in there heart’s to turn them self in and may justics be serve…love and prayer’s

    The PAlencia Family

  47. god bless her family and her babys<3,,things shouldnt be this way:( its scary to know that this is going on in our neighborhood.

  48. I will pray EVERYDAY that the jackass killer or killers are found.
    God Bless this wonderful young woman’s family! Our hearts weep for all of you!

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