Crime and cops converge on an Echo Park block

A block of Sunset Boulevard in Echo Park tonight attracted a swarm of police activity after officers responded to a pair of unrelated incidents across the street from each other. With LAPD and media helicopters hovering overhead,  police blocked off Sunset Boulevard west of Alvarado Street at about 8: 3o p.m. as Rampart Division officers investigated and detained several persons suspected of selling drugs inside and in front of Lucy’s Laundrymart. Meanwhile, across the street, officers with the Northeast Division pulled over a stolen vehicle they had been following for several blocks.  The two events found restaurant patrons and laundrymat customers wondering what was going on as police cars and officers flooded the area. “It got really busy, really fast,” said Sgt. Joel Miller with the Rampart Divison.

Miller said no arrests were made on his case after officers found no narcotics on several suspects, who were released. One individual, however, did flee the scene, he said. Meanwhile, on the north side of Sunset,  Northeast Division officers took two males – a father and his 14-year-old son – into custody – after they were pulled over driving a Honda sedan that had been reported stolen from the LAPD’s Pacific Division, said Officer Robert Ruiz. Ruiz said the vehicle  had been followed for several blocks after a license plate check revealed it had been stolen.  The driver and passenger were taken into custody without incident, he said.


  1. hhahahah run back to silver lake or the nearest starbucks

  2. For the record,

    Lucy’s is the nearest Starbucks. Billy (who must be from Silver Lake!)


  3. Atwater Village Newbie

    Meanwhile, the woman who sleeps next to her shopping cart continues to burn stuffed animals unabated.

  4. AVNewbie is right! Why is the MSM silent about the stuffed animal burnings? What do they have to hide? I hope that the police sets up a task force to deal with this problem.

  5. Something certainly sounds missing and inadequate in this report. Or otherwise, this sure sounds like stupid police work. Because, let’s see, some people in the laundromat looking to sell drugs, and police catch them in there. IN the laundromat. OK, so then why does that call for closing off Sunset Boulevard, a main thoroughfare that had nothing to do with the incident — if this story is so?

    Also, with that kind of police turnout, and even the fact this was something inside in Lucy’s, I have to think this was not something patrol officers just saw and busted, nor that it even was a simple report phoned in by an individual. This smacks of a long running police probe (to a longrunning problem) and planned raid/bust. And mind you, it was not just one person selling, but a group — a gang occupying Lucy’s. And thus, police planning taking into consideration the possibility of a serious shootout –and thus the street closure. IF so, that would be a pretty significant story — but it has not been told. Lots of questions should be getting asked by the reporter here — but clearly they haven’t been.

    • The Police always Look better when they are Busy. Sort of keeps them in their Place. To Protect and To Serve. I. don’t Believe Abusing Narcotics or ” Illegal ” Substances should be a Crime. I. don’t like the Idea of some Greedy YouTube Junkie being able to decide what I. May, or May Not; See, or Keep on My Hard Drive. I Believe selling Smack to Elementary School Kids should be cause for Societal Intervention; But if some Image, or Record of Our Conversation should wind up on Calgary between Frank McCourt and Jesus Christ. Then I. Believe I. would join The Dope Dealers and The Freedom Fighters under The Lights at Alvarado and Sunset Blvd..
      Alois Saint-Martin ” For the People “

  6. The expensive loft apartment dwellers are experiencing further insight into their stupidity for paying so much to live in this cesspit of an intersection.

  7. If you are really broke and end up bringing your dirty laundry to Lucy’s Mohawk some night, then save yourself money by avoiding the vending machines.
    Just ask around inside or look out front for the guy who will sell you a Ziploc baggy of laundry detergent – for a few quarters less.

  8. I spoke to the officers involved in the laundromat incident, on the Rampart side of Sunset Blvd. Six officers walked through the business in response to community complaints of narcotics use. The officers are part of a specialized unit, and normally work together. With any narcotics investigation, the possibility exists of danger or gunfire, but in this case, there was no specific information lending itself toward violence.

    The stoppage of traffic was the result of the stop of the stolen car and not the laundromat investigation, which coincidentally occurred at the same time. There was no pursuit, as the car’s driver did not try to flee. He pulled over as directed, and the occupants were detained. The reason we block traffic is to prevent citizens from becoming involved in our arrest procedure. Both operations were carried out without incident.

    (213) 484-3400

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