First Taste: Red Hill opens in Echo Park

After more than a year of remodeling and changes in chefs and menus, the former Phoenix Bakery in Echo Park has been transformed into Red Hill, a restaurant by Jason Michaud, who also owns Silver Lake’s Local restaurant.  Red Hill opened for dinner late last week and diners have begun to leave their first impressions of the Echo Park Avenue restaurant on Yelp! While  some complain about the view and brights lights of  the Little Caesars Pizza across the parking lot, Red Hill’s food and drink menu have so far been well received.  Said Erika N:

Pulled Pork Ragu Pappardelle was amazingly tasty. It was rich in flavor and the pasta was made in house. The mushroom risotto was creamy and the mushrooms were extremely fresh. But, I’m no mushroom expert so I’m not sure what kind they were. (I didn’t trip out though so that eliminates one type). All I remember from the flatbread was that it had some spicy mole. The half chicken was crispy on the outside and cooked to perfection. Very juicy. The potatoes that were a side to chicken were like crack…

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  1. God I miss Phoenix Bakery … Pizza Pete`s, and Pioneer Chicken… O my God, Village Pizza . I dont like having to go all the way to Alvarado to get my Vermont Curry Sauce mix…

    ” All. all are on the Hill “

    • you have obviously not lived in Echo Park long ,
      It was a Liquor Store , Before any of that . Quit trying to form a pseudo connection to Echo Park .
      Echo Parker since 1962.

    • Haters.. Pseudo Connection? fancy. Didn’t know Uncle Scrooge lived in EP. Maybe Uncle Scrooge liked EP better full of Gangs and Drugs. Yeah. I think todays EP is doing well. Rock on.

  2. Another crap restaurant in EP/SL from the folks that brought you probably the worst place of them all (and there are a lot ’em); Local. Yuck. I wonder who in their management wrote that review? hmmm. funny because I know they hate Yelp.

  3. Welcome, Red Hill! Looking forward to dining at your new establishment soon. Is a daily breakfast menu still coming? Hope so!

  4. Looking forward to trying Red Hill! Glad to hear that they are vegetarian-friendly.

    I’ve never eaten at Local (want to eventually) but I’ve eaten several times at Local Express, at Grand Central Market in downtown, and it was delicious!

    Ollie– did you have a bad experience at Local?

  5. Not sure why Local would hate Yelp–they have a 4 out of 5 stars rating. Can’t wait to try Red Hill.

  6. I love Local (can’t understand how anyone could claim this as the “worst” – perhaps they don’t get out much?) and can’t wait to try Red Hill. Just glad to have another dining option close-by!

  7. I ate at Red Hill last night and the food was delicious. I was a little disappointed that they had only one vegetarian entree though. After reading in multiple articles/interviews that the owner intended to make it vegetarian friendly, one vegetarian entree out of 8 or so doesn’t seem like a lot. My boyfriend and I ended up getting 2 vegetarian appetizers too, to round out the meal.

  8. I love all the new places. Only don’t dig the prices. It’s the property prices fault though. Need to bring things back down to affordable.

    • When I went, the price of the appetizers was $6-8 and the entrees started at $9 and I don’t think there was anything above $20 (if it was something like farm-raised beef, you’re going to pay a premium anyway). Desserts were $6. It was very affordable. Honestly, it was about the same price point as a place like Applebee’s, but way better food that is prepared fresh. How much cheaper were you expecting it to be?

  9. the menu looks great. a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

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