Hello, Goodbye: Highland Park restaurant closes after two months

The Eastsider in November reported that chef Jasmine Wolf and Northeast restaurant and bar owner Rudy Martinez teamed up to transform Martinez’ former Highland Park bar – Marty’s – into a full fledged restaurant called Cafe Lobos. But, after undergoing a renovation inside and out, the York Boulevard restaurant has apparently shut down after only about two months in operation. The Cafe Lobos Yelp listing said the restaurant is closed and visitors to the cafe’s website are greeted with this message:

Cafe Lobos Highland Park is relocating. Please look for us at the Little Lobos Cafe in Beverly Hills and coming this March, the Lobos Truck!

What happened?  Wolf, a Highland Park resident, said she will soon be issuing a statement about the fate of the cafe and a new location. The Eastsider has contacted Martinez, who also owns Mia Sushi in Eagle Rock, for comment.



  1. It didn’t even LOOK open. Perhaps that was the first place they went wrong.

  2. The problem is that from the outside it isn’t very inviting. You can paint a horse red, it’s still a horse. Maybe some windows/landscaping.

    • Ms. Wolf wanted to install a beautiful mature tree in front, but Mr. Martinez disapproved. Partners must agree or ideas disappear…even good ones.

  3. I was happy to hear of a new place opening in the neighborhood, but I couldn’t get excited about their menu. Too much junk food (hot wings, nachos, mac & cheese), not enough staples. For me, a good go-to place just has to have a steak, pork chop, roast chicken, fish, and one or two vegetarian options; a good soup; one nice green salad with fresh veg (or don’t bother); and a small assortment of veggie sides. Sounds like a stripped-down diner menu but if you do them all well, you’d have my business.

  4. My husband and I were excited to have a new restaurant around the corner but I agree with “m000000”, so much junk food. We went for brunch and it was pretty good but such a limited menu made it an easy place to pass over when deciding where to eat.

  5. I tried to go, but the sign always said “Private Party”.

  6. I agree, the building and the outside appearance is just uninviting…So is the menu…

  7. I suspect that the sudden shuttering of this new business nothing to do with either the quality of the food or the paint color of the exterior, both of which were a cut above most of what York Blvd. currently offers.

  8. So they loaded up the truck and they moved to Beverly…

  9. He needs to tear down the front wall and open it to the street like the York or his own Mia Sushi and/or take some of the huge parking lot and turn it into outdoor dining.

  10. Didnt this guy say he wanted to give back to the community? Wow. Moved to Beverly hills

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