Lights, camera, tagging!

The retaining walls that line both sides of Academy Road near Morton Avenue in Echo Park were once covered by a mural to detract taggers and graffiti.  That didn’t work.  The mural was eventually covered up with gray paint and vines, and the walls were subject to more frequent clean ups.  But those same retaining walls were apparently too clean for a Hollywood production company, which hired an artist to cover a section of the blank walls today with temporary tagging and street art in preparation for a shooting of “Up All Night.”

The “Up All Night Shoot”  production is one of several recent film shoots that have triggered complaints from Echo Park residents.  Late last week, neighbors who live near Academy Road complained that the “Up All Night” filming was going to block the street and restrict street parking  in violation of an agreement that prohibits film shoots on the street. Meanwhile, on Sunset Boulevard in Echo Park, a separate crew working on an episode of the TV show “90210” also attracted complaints from neighborhood business owners for blocking streets and prohibiting parking on Friday night, a typically busy evening for bars and restaurants.


  1. FilmLA allowed the debacle on Sunset (Lemoyne and Logan) and along Academy. FilmLA is very well versed in the Echo Park Film District document, there have been no changes to the prohibitions, to the parking issues and no turn over in impacted residents. It seems pretty clear they were trying to do an end-run around the prohibitions and trying to blame everyone but themselves.

    Without two days and many hours of calls, emails and intervention of area neighbors, local leader Christine Peters (who should be Mayor of Echo Park!) and Eric Garcetti’s office, FilmLA would have continued to turn their head the other way and allowed, even blessed, the production to run roughshod over the landlocked people who live along Academy and the Mortons.

    Many thanks to those involved for enforcing the Echo Park Film District!

  2. I used to own a small business in Echo park for many years, and whenever filming would occur ,and if production was blocking parking or access on the street / or interfering the customer from seeing store is open we were always given money compensation. I was always grateful to have the extra cash (considering small shops often don’t make that much money) and generally the cast and crew would wander in and it would introduce my shop to a new crowd who perhaps never comes this far east. I’m not saying it can’t be annoying as well…but also feel that people just love to complain. Besides when the episodes airs, i always liked telling people to look out for the shop in the scene.

  3. Public Critiques on Freedom of Expression should not be limited to The Latino Community. A Good look at Sunset Blvd from Portia to Grand will reveal The Horrors of West Side Invasive Trash Art Pollution ~

  4. Here’s what happened:

    The production company abused the neighborhood, the neighbors, and the film/parking policies that are in place. We are happy to see a thriving film industry. But we are NOT happy to see that same film industry illegally push around the good people who live here. The production abuses and the policy violations have seriously impeded our abilities to go about our daily lives in peace — in our own homes and on our own streets. It is precisely this sort of arrogance on the part of film/TV production that makes the neighbors of Echo Park say: No More!

  5. i’m not a fan of FilmLA at all. they tried to shut down all of the parking by our house once and told me they had a permit for it while the permit clearly stated otherwise). they ignored my complaints completely. the day filming started I went out to the curb with copies of their permit and told them I was calling the cops; at that point they moved.

  6. PENDING COMMUNITY SURVEY…what a bunch of crap!

  7. Am I the only one who finds it funny that film crews now have to come in and make Echo Park look worse to get their gritty urban shot?

  8. Is it funny that film crews have to make Echo Park look worse these days? Hilarious. Fortunately, the Up All Night crew tagged the unpermitted wall across from the film site. (For practice? For fun? Because they think they can??!) The idiots used the same fake tag names that they used to decorate the background scene for shoot. (Photo above.) Maybe the film folks can bring some of the tag wars back. That scene’s been a little sleepy lately.

  9. Isn’t an occasional disruption for filming part of living in LA? I mean that IS the main industry here! Maybe we should export that part of our economy to India or China too…

  10. Film crews are constantly taking advantage of echo park, they have towed my car without posting signs, blocked access to my building and caused immense frustration on many occasions. One smartass location manager told me It was to my benefit because otherwise I wouldn’t have movies to watch.
    When they shoot in Pasadena every house on the block gets financial compensation even if they are unaffected. When they shoot in Beverly hills that compensation is doubled, echo park residents get nothing ever….just saying

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