Lincoln Heights woman organizes a neighborhood walk against fear

Erika Gallo of Lincoln Heights was filling up her car Sunday night at the Arco at the corner of North Broadway and Griffin Avenue when she noticed the sidewalks were practically abandoned. No was walking their dog, running an errand to the store or out for some evening exercise.  Gallo, a neighborhood activist who grew up in Lincoln Heights, said she  thinks the empty street reflected the fear and uncertainty surrounding the fate of two neighborhood women: Bree’Anna Guzman and Michelle Lozano.  Officials are still trying to confirm that it was Guzman’s body that was discovered last week next to the 2 freeway in Silver Lake.  Lozano, a 17-year-0ld, turned up dead next to the 5 Freeway in Boyle Heights.

It’s not clear if the two incidents are connected but Gallo decided something needed to be done to restore the confidence of her Lincoln Heights neighbors. So, she is asking Lincoln Heights residents to take a walk on Wednesday night along North Broadway.

Gallo explains the purpose behind Neighborhood Walk – Take Back Lincoln Heights:

This walk to remove fear from the community will do a lot for people’s spirits.  It will calm a lot of nerves and show the community they can safely navigate the community if accompanied.  This walk is to show the people terrorizing our community that crime will not send us hiding. I want us to take back the community generation after generation is so proud of. I want to get people out onto the streets and have them let go of the blanket of fear that has covered our community. At the same time, I want to educate our community on places to go that are safe. I have organized for a few stops along N. Broadway where individuals can stop and collect information.

The walk, which is scheduled to begin at 5 p.m. at North Broadway and Griffin, will also include a few locations where participants can pick up information, Gallo said. Gallo, who is a state environmental planner, said her goal is for police and Council District 1 to hold a community meeting to provide more information. “There are a lot of rumors circulating that need to be put to rest.”


  1. sandra a mother

    My heart goes out to the Guzman family…… May God bless this family and her two lil girls……

    I think this is a good idea… i grew up in Lincoln heights, all though I don’t live here any more it’s still affects me allot… my sister that i love like if she was my child live in Lincoln heights, my sister in-law and most of my family…… This is the way to do things….. I hope that the community get together and ask question…. Make it a big deal because it is, two life were taken……..

  2. …………..and meanwhile , morons on this blog are complaining about the”look” of a cinder block wall … how shameful.
    This is what is terrible , a young woman lost her life in a horrific manner , and all people can write about is how terrible a wall looks at cafe Stella.
    It proves this neighborhood is becoming as superficial as the people who have moved here within the past 10 years are.
    Peace to this family that lost Bree’anna .
    I hope they find whomever did this to her , and justice is served .

    • Kio – if you want to have a close look at a moron, then all you need to do is stand in front of a mirror.
      You claim that BreAnna guzman died in a horrific manner,
      yet it appears that authorities have not positively identified the body found next to the 5 freeway on ramp last week. The authorities certainly have not announced determination of the cause of death.
      You speak about superficial people having moved into your neighborhood. Are these new people as superficial as you, Kio?
      You wrote that you hope they find whoever did this to her and justice is served. Well, guess what, Kio — Hope along with 4 quarters gets you a cup of coffee. So what have you done and what are you planning to do that can increase the probability of finding the person who did this?

      • What is wrong with you foghorn ?
        There is compassion in my post for this family .
        Since when is having compassion superficial ?
        “Arguing ” a point i am trying to make that the importance of a dumb wall pales in comparison to some ones life cannot disguise your ignorance.

        “Police officials said the poor condition of the body would make an immediate identification impossible, but family members said clothing, a tattoo and braces on the victim’s teeth leave little doubt that the Guzman was the woman found dead in the bushes.” Ktla

        “The L.A. County Coroner’s Office told the Weekly last night that the body could not yet be identified, and was still being called a “Jane Doe.” However, Guzman’s mom, who visited the crime scene, tells NBC4 that the body belonged to her daughter.”

        LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The body found Thursday near the Riverside Drive on-ramp to the southbound Glendale (2) Freeway in the Silver Lake area Thursday morning has been identified as missing 22-year-old mother Bree’ Anna Guzman.

        Only your blatant ignorance would allow you to post such a lame comment when people are trying to point out what a tragedy Bree’anna’s disappearance , and subsequent demise are .

        You need help.

        • both of you are an expression of hate.

          • Now compassion is an expression of “hate”
            You need help as well Sue. I think You are missing kio’s point .
            Go by the memorial Bree’annas family and friends have left by the freeway on ramp where she was found .
            Than stop yourself from posting negative comments towards people who actually express compassion .

        • Kio – i read the news reports you posted in your comment. There is no claim of positive identification by authorities – so my statement on that point was correct at the time it was written.

          However, one of the reports says that her mother viewed the body and she believes it is BreAnna. If her mother says its BreAnna, thats good enough for me. But BreAnna’s mother does not know how she died and authorities have not made a determination based on what I read in the reports you provided.

          Which means that anyone who says that she was murdered is making a speculation. She may have died from natural or accidental causes. She may have been a suicide. Even if somebody left her remains in the place and manner which they were found, the cause of death is still open.

          The comments from Kio and others which I have read are not from people “having compassion” or “expressing compassion”.

          These commenters are “feeling compassion”. They are experiencing a feeling within themselves and telling us about it.

          There is not necessarily anything wrong with that, but it does as much to help find a criminal or improve a situation as somebody who never heard of BreAnna, her disappearance and her possible murder.

          I have requested information about the status of the investigation.
          I have posted a comment with this request more than once. Not a single reply has come in. Nobody has even acknowledged this request.

          I just learned of BreAnna’s disappearance and possible murder. I am asking to be brought to date on the investigation. People have commented about how much they care and what needs to be done.
          Yet it seems nobody has any idea about what has or hasn’t been done so far.

          Kio used the word “superficial” to describe people who have recently moved to the neighborhood.

          “Superficial” is an accurate label for anyone wasting their time commenting about their compassion who hasn’t bothered to find out the status of the investigation. I am talking about the Missing Person investigation which began over one month ago.

          In fact, these “compassion” type of comments reflect an attitude which has a negative impact on finding out what really happened to BreAnna and catching any real perpetrators.

          The behavior of the police is effected by the expectations of the community and the local politicians. They want people to be satisfied with the product of their efforts.

          If the police hear mostly from the kind of people commenting here about the “compassion they are feeling”, then they are influenced to provide results which satisfy these people.

          The police can “solve this” and “catch the guy” very quickly if that is all it takes to make people happy.

          If BreAnna Guzman’s body was right down the road from Dodger Stadium than who do people think is assigned to this case?

          The same people who made you happy when they “solved” the Dodger Stadium assault case and “caught the guy” Giovanni Ramirez.

          If it were up to the compassionate commenters Giovanni Ramirez would be “burning in hell” right now and the detectives would riding on floats in the Lincoln Heights Christmas Parade.

          These compassionate commenters didn’t help the truth come out and get the case reassigned to find the real criminals. Giovanni Ramirez had one of the top attorneys in town and his team of top lawyers and private investigators working overtime to finally get the truth out and turn the investigation into a proper search for the real criminals.

          It takes that much effort when someone is going up against police who have provided satisfaction to a compassionate community which is begging for another bowlful of B.S. so they can tell each other about their “feelings”.

    • Why are you conflating the two issues? What’s your deal?

      • Foghorn you are a sick person , you really are .Your comments are weird and condescending , there is something wrong with you that you are so angry and antagonistic . What a weirdo.

        • You say that my comments are weird and condescending.
          Are my comments incorrect? Have you found anything in my comment which is factually in error?

          You claim that I am a sick person. Then I must be on the right comment board, because almost everything I see on here are sick comments from sick people.

          I see only one comment other than mine which discusses the issue in a rational manner and contributes practical suggestions for getting to the truth of what happened to BreAnna – that is the comment from LatinaG-Ma.

          The rest appear to be very sick people who lead boring, unfullfilled lives rushing to bring more candles to the freeway and falling over each other to open another hankie box because the death of BreAnna Guzman is what they have been waiting and praying for ever since their favorite soap opera was cancelled.

          How many candles did they bring to the cahdlelight vigil two weeks ago for BreAnna when she was still a Missing Person? None.

          How much do they know about the progress of the Missing Person investigation? Nothing.

          Do they know if detectives pulled and examined video from security cameras at the Rite-Aid? No.

          Do they know if detectives obtained and reviewed land-line and cell phone transmission records for BreAnna and her apartment? No.

          Do they know if and when any of the routine investigative work was done on BreAnna’s case? No, they don’t know.

          Do they plan on finding out from police how much of the routine work was ever completed or even begun? No, they don’t. They have absolutely no interest in approaching this case as a practical matter.

          They become angry and accusatory with anybody who tries steering the discussion in a realistic direction.

          It appears that these compassionate commenters who talk about how much they care have been secretly waiting and hoping for something like this for a long time.

          They have been waiting for a long time for an excuse to call everyone they know and tell everybody they meet – “Serial killer in the neighborhood! Didn’t you know? Didn’t you hear? Sicko, Psycho – on the loose!! On this block!!!”

          Does it matter that authorities have not yet determined a cause of death? Does it matter that authorities have stated no evidence yet of link between BreAnna and any other homicide?

          No. The compassionate, caring group of sickos here don’t want to hear the truth. Get away from them with any real information or realistic questions.

          They wan’t to scream “Watch out – psycho killer on the loose. right here Right now!!!”

          They want an excuse to force their husbands to hug them and hold them in bed for one night like it was twenty years ago.

          They want to gossip and chatter while they eat another carton of ice cream and get fatter and fatter.

          They want to fantasize about driving around the neighborhood at night to find the psycho killer – then run him over with their SUV and jump out and rip his nuts off and smash his face in.

          They want an excuse to force their daughters to have nightmares. Then they can feel proud and important because they are protecting their kid from the serial killer prowling their block for his next victim.

          Was BreAnna Guzman the victim of a prowler psycho serial killer? That is one of the possibilities, of course.

          The chances are much greater that there is an established connection between BreAnna and the killer. That includes family members, friends, friends of family members, friends of friends, somebody who knew her through work, school or church. That includes people who got close enough to observe her even if they were never introduced – such as a visitor to the apt who was the guest of another occupant, or somebody in a nearby house or apartment who saw her come and go.

          At this point, the best use of police resources would be to develop and explore any potential leads with some prior connection to BreAnna.

          But don’t tell that to the compassionate, caring commenters loading another case of Virgen de Guadelupe candles in the SUV to haul down to the freeway. What they are itching to hear is the announcement of another body or two discovered in the area.

          Then they can say “Foghorn you weirdo, you sicko – now you can see that I am right, there is indeed a serial sicko psycho killer right here on Avenue 20, on Avenue 26, on S. Figueroa, on Drew.”

          I don’t think my comments are weird or sick.

          But you are entitled to your own opinion. If you conclude that i am indeed sick, then at least one thing is not in doubt – I’ve come to the right place.

  3. Lincoln Heights Resident

    Streets are always lonely on Sunday nights, shop close at 7pm on Broadway.

    People complain about should have, would of, could of but don’t do much for the community.
    I’ve called for community repairs, call police for concerns not just complain about what should be done.
    People complain about crime but don’t call police because they don’t want to bother.

  4. Many of our kids are street smart and they think they can walk up and down the streets at night because they know the neighborhood. However, what they forget is that most of these crimes happen by predators and criminals just passing by. They target, the young, the vulnerable and the lonely. Whether it is dayligh or night, our young generation needs to be cautioned and reminded that they are not Samson and they can’t fight a man who has set their eye on his pray. A young 21 friend of my daughter who lives in Linconln Heights was crossing the caracol one Saturday during the day no less, when someone rode by on a bike and tried to molest her. Lucky for her, she is a runner and was able to out run him. Please join the meeting and become aware. Thank you.

    • I totally agree with you. This goes for pretty much all young women in the neighborhoods on the east side, whether they grew up here or are transplants. So many of us, myself included, go out alone at night, often walking, and we feel safe because we live here and we think we are tougher than we are. A tough attitude can sometimes scare someone off but not always. Travel in groups, or carry pepper spray. Ive had sketchy experiences with guys trying to get me into their car – usually yelling an expletive gets rid of them – but one time a car pulled up next to me on a deserted street and I got a bad feeling, dropped my groceries, and ran. Ill never know if my feeling was right but I didnt stick around to find out. I shouldnt have been walking alone.

  5. When is the community meeting, set with the council and law enforcement? I would like to attend.

    This walk is a positive first step.

    My heart goes out to the victims and their families. It is important not to shrink back but to rise up and become the definition of community and neighbors.

  6. It is by strange coincident that the two communities of Silverlake/Echo Park is concerned about Lincoln Heights. I hope someone gives us links to things happening in Lincoln Heights and maybe someone will start a blog on things happening in Lincoln Heights.

    My condolences to the families harmed in these two incidents. Hopefully we can stop more from happening.

  7. SO SO sad I remember I had seen a missing poster just before this poor girl was found I hope that the person or persons who did this are caught soon as possible and burn in hell!

  8. I understand the importance of gathering our community and walking in our own neighborhood but also lets use this time to organize. With over 40 year under my (mandil) living in Lincoln Heights now nurturing my grandchildren We all need to realize that our local police need help. This type of Feminicide is what has been going on in Cuidad Juarez. Predators stalk vulnerable girls, (petite, 100lb) LAPD try their best to patrol but when it comes to investigating and forensics we need State or Federal experts. So I will attend the walk tonight an I will take several letters addressed to our Congressman Becerra, Sen. Kevin De Leon, City Councilman Reyes, and the U.S. Attorney asking them to bring in outside supportive services to profile these cases, and catch the people responsible.We cannot live in fear Will you all help with distributing letters tonight? Are you all willing to go that extra step to protect the young women of Lincoln Heights with this? Or will we be complacent?

  9. Councilmember Ed Reyes’s office held a meeting Tuesday evening at 6 p.m. I only received information about a potential meeting the night before and actualy confirmation the afternoon of.

    The only people that showed up where the Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council (who embarrassingly so, had on their previous Thursday’s agenda a request for the Councilmember to acquire a $10k reward – $10k…a joke!) and the Chamber of Commerce (who haven’t done a thing for the community/businesses except have social lunches with guest speakers). I believe the turnout was 25-30 individuals. It was a pretty pathetic meeting.

    As many of you saw, thousands participated in this amazing community event. I have no doubt, considering the backlash I received from the office of Ed Reyes, that it was the community response that pressured the Councilmember to aquire from City Council the rewards of $50k/$50k = $100k for the girls and made he, the LAPD and detectives make a public statement. And my response to them when I was asked if they could hold the press conference during the event was, “ofcourse! The community just wants answers and calm. This should’ve been done weeks ago.”

    I’m currently in talks with community leaders for a meeting that will take place in the community before the end of the month. I will keep everyone, including The Eastsider LA posted on details.

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