Planning board supports Elysian Heights coffee house plan to serve wine and beer

A city planning commission on Wednesday let stand a decision that would allow Fix Coffee in Elysian Heights to serve beer and wine and host live entertainment, according to residents. The East Los Angeles Area Planning Commission voted 4-0 against an appeal filed by Susan Borden, one of the residents who has opposed an effort by Fix Coffee to obtain the necessary city and state permits.

Borden filed the appeal after Associate Zoning Administrator Maya Zaitzevsky decided last November to grant Fix a conditional use permit  that would allow beer and wine sales as part of an expansion of the Echo Park Avenue cafe. Opponents of the beer and wine permit – which have included Councilman Eric Garcetti and school board member Monica Garcia – said they were concerned about the proximity of beer and wine being served across the street from Elysian Heights Elementary school in addition to a shortage of street parking, noise and other issues.

However, beer and wine sales have been allowed near other schools in the Echo Park and Silver Lake area, Zaitzevsky said in her decision.

Despite Wednesday’s victory before the planning commission, Fix Coffee still needs to obtain a state beer and wine license.


  1. Looking forward to the entertainment & dining as much as I enjoy the coffee, snacks & ambiance. These guys are great!

  2. I support this message.

  3. Just because its been allowed at other locations near a school does0n’t make it right or OK either. The Law is the Law, becasue others who abused the liquor caused for it to be in place.

    Thats why we have people like our councilmember serving our community and running for mayor to protect the community members from such buisnesses that want to furthure swamp our quiet streets with all this noise with there bands and god knows what else.

    of coures if this was anywhere near those peoples houses or parents houses who support this issue, you better beleive they would be up in arms and saying the same crap!!!

  4. Neeener neeener! Some people are just perpetually unhappy, cranky misfits who want to rain on everyone’s parade. They get their kicks objecting to the success of others. And then there are those who simply are against business on political grounds, or those who think they have some sort of unelected right to run the neighborhood. Well, this time you lost.

    And Mr. Garcetti showed his true colors during this episode too. Lucky us. At least we have a preview of what short of miserable mayor he would make. Forewarned is forearmed.

    And Angel, I do live near Fix, and couldn’t be happier for them or for all of us in the neighborhood. We love the place.

    • I’m glad Fix prevailed, but the win is cheapened when it produces gloating comments such as this that so negatively categorize anyone who opposed the permit.

      • Fix’s opponents pulled out all the stops to oppose the original application, trumping all sorts of nonsense to attempt to bolster their fact-free and meritless case. Rather than gracefully accept the decision of the zoning administrator, some felt it necessary to continue their assault. THAT is what is negative.

  5. fxdp, yes about Garcetti. As usual, he did NOT lend any help one way or the other — until the last second with a mere statement and nothing more, just looking to say he did something when he really didn’t, just pandering for votes with empty rhetoric.

  6. Good deal. The terms seem fair:

    – No music after 9pm
    – No dancing (hey you! stop dancing!!!)
    – No more than 3 acoustic musicians
    – Amplified recorded music shall not be audible beyond the area under control of the applicant
    – alcohol served from 4-10pm on weekdays, 10am-10pm on weekends
    – gross sales of alcohol shall not exceed gross sales of food
    – no ‘happy hour’
    – no karaoke, disc jockey, topless entertainment, or fashion shows
    – etc., etc.

  7. Unanimously good news – congrats to Fix. Only a few more steps…

  8. Was glad to hear the news. Echo Park has historically been an enclave of progressive tolerant and creative attitudes, sometimes in spite of the gang violence. During the permit process, Fix’s owner endured some harsh, sometimes unfounded and personally mean spirited attacks and maintained a dignity and open mindedness that perhaps some of his detractors should have. Congrats to fix, it’s owner and employees and the fair minded members of the community that came out to lend its support. Prior to this I had been an Eric Garcetti supporter, but knowing what I do of his initial position and where he eventually landed, I will not support his run for mayor.

  9. Living in echo p for the past 8 years. I rarely travel west of Vermont. Not I’m also gonna stay north of echo p/Morton!

    Congrats fixxx!!!

  10. When do they start?! I want to go!

  11. I just want to emphasize that this is a triumph for the rule of law.

    The opponents of Fix wanted ad hoc legislation to serve their interests. If there was a law or regulation that had been breached by Fix’s application then maybe the conversation would be different. In this case, there was not. It is inexcusable that certain people have chosen to pursue this attack on Fix simply on the grounds of “I don’t like it”, while using spurious pseudo-moral arguments to back their position.

    They lost the gambit, and rightfully so.

    That Eric Garcetti would make a public statement against Fix – a local business – on such shaky grounds makes me question his judgment. Overall, I am a supporter of Eric’s and will continue to be so, but I have to agree with the commenters above that his position here is rather unprincipled.

    Finally, I remember that early on in this discussion one of the opponents of Fix said something to the effect that “the loudest voices get to set the agenda”, indicating that those of us who support Fix should have to attend meetings or otherwise take time to oppose them, or live with the consequences. Here, rule of law trumped them. If they really want to change this then they need to (wo)man up and fight the harder fight of passing an ordinance to ban beer and wine sales citywide. We will see how much support they get for that, but in a democracy it is what is necessary.

    Thank you for your time.

    • Exactly. Now lets head on down to Fix and get wasted!! Just kidding…
      Congrats to the business owner and the supportive members of the community for the fair and reasonable outcome. I’ll leave it at that.

  12. “HAHAHA” to all the haters who want Echo Park to stay the same and not evolve. The school had nothing to do with this, that was an excuse – this is about gentrification AND I LOVE IT!! I am so happy I can’t stop laughing and I can’t wait to have a nice glass of wine in tha hood!!

  13. I’m glad Fix got the permit. It’s a great place and I’m sure its great vibe will continue after it starts serving beer and wine. It will be wonderful to have a walkable neighborhoody joint to grab a drink.

    Not sure why all the rioting against Garcetti. I still support him. His comments were low-keyed and could hardly be seen as “against a local business.”

    This is what was reported on the manner. Maybe I’m missing something.
    Julie Wong, a spokeswoman for Council District 13, issued this statement:
    After listening to community members on both sides and giving the issue careful consideration, Council President Garcetti decided to oppose the permit because he feels it is not quite right for the location at this time.

    • He was pandering to what he sees as a necessary voting bloc, essentially ignoring the law and attempting to hurt a local business in the process, hoping that his other base (folks like you) would excuse this behavior. Slimy politics, in my opinion, and indicative of an anti-business attitude. But your vote is your vote. Enjoy.

    • He could have just said nothing – that would have been the appropriate thing to do. I will still vote for Garcetti – he is an asset to our city – but I do take umbrage with his choice to direct his influence against a local small-business owner. Again, if there is a real issue here, then it should be dealt with via legislation, not targeted attacks.

  14. I live just a block away from FIX and it’s a great asset to the neighborhood. I really don’t care about them serving beer and wine, that doesn’t seem like a big deal to me . However, we already have a severe parking shortage in the area and with FIX staying open to 10pm it’s only going to get worse. If FIX worked out an after school hours parking arrangement with the Elementary School next door, I’d have no objections to them staying open late. The school probably could use the extra cash and the neighbors need to be able to park when they get home from work. It would be a win/win situation.

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