Police release more details of fatal El Sereno shooting

The LAPD has provided more details about the officer involved shooting on Saturday afternoon that left a 34-year-old man dead in El Sereno. Four officers opened fire on Juan Nunez in the 4800 block of Axtell Street after he allegedly pointed a gun at the officers, according to different media reports. Nunez was pronounced dead at the scene and a semi-automatic pistol was found near the body.  Here are more details from the LAPD the incident:

On Saturday, January 7, 2012, at 12:48 p.m., LAPD Hollenbeck Area officers responded to a radio call of a male Hispanic armed with a gun in the 4800 block of Axtell Street in Los Angeles.  When the officers arrived they observed a man standing near a parked white Nissan.  The officers ordered the suspect to display his hands, but the man would not comply.  Instead, he drew a semi-automatic pistol and fired at the officers at which time an officer involved shooting occurred.

The suspect was stuck by the officers returning gunfire and was taken into custody.  The officers called for medical assistance and Los Angeles Fire Department rescue personnel responded and pronounced the suspect dead at the scene.  No officers were injured during this incident.

The fatal shooting is now being investigated by the department’s Force Investigation Division.  Anyone with information about this incident is urged to call the FID at 213-486-5230.

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  2. One less pos off the streets

  3. Nice work Lapd.

  4. Thanks Eastsider for the 411

  5. He did not speak english and the LAPD gave him instructions in english. Maybe he didn’t comply because he did not understand. For the record, he did not shoot at the LAPD. They shot him down and even after he was dead on the floor the four officers continued shooting at him several times. Excessive??? I think so.

  6. Sure wait for him to point and shoot first before they shoot. Cmon

    How many more assasinations by police officers do under privileged neighborhoods do we have to endure. Are the officers who fatally wounded this man, just going to get a slap on their hands by their department’s Force Investigation Division. Excessive police force, of course, no doubt about it! This officers even pointed their guns at this man’s wife and children.

    FACT: Juan Nunez never pulled a gun on no one, oh… they are plenty of witnesses who will are willing to testify. His wife and children, other family members, and over a dozen neighbors watched in horror how police officers killed him. Officers shot him down and continued shooting after he was down. It would have made more sense, if they shot him on the legs instead of going for the head. His body remained on the street till 2:00 am the following day, while the news reporters where misinformed of the actual events that took place. News Media Reporters honor your profession and get your facts right!! Have some sympathy and compassion.

    All the police officer(s) involved should get sued, even their supervisor, if possible. Eventhough, supervisors are not usually vicariously liable, and can only be sued if they were personally involved in the incident, or were a direct cause of the incident. This mans family should get a competent attorney and sue all those involved for the following:

    This family should lawyer up immediately!! This mans family should get a competent attorney and sue all those involved for the following:

    1. Civil Rights Damages – These damages are directly tied to the violation of your Civil Rights by a police officer.
    2. Actual Damages – These damages cover physical and emotional injuries, expenses, and costs associated with the incident.

    His wife and his teenaged children are devasted. His young teenaged son now is currently trying to raise funds for the funeral expenses by having a car wash. PLEASE JOIN THE EFFORTS TO HELP THIS FAMILY BY PARTICIPATING IN CAR WASH. CAR WASH LOCATION YET TO BE DISCLOSED.

    • Maria I totally agree with you on this one. I hope this family gets justice.

    • That day all LAPD officers were watching football and eating pizza outiside their vehicle command unit,…i should of have recoreded that on post it on youtube.

  8. Thank You so much Maria, you know how it all went. And for all of those who don’t know what really happend, should’nt leave any comments. Bet you if was your family, you would’nt be saying any thing bad. Familia Nunez have to get justice!!! I’ll make sure of that.

  9. I hope everybody who witnessed Juan Nuñez murder by these 4 officers really do come forward and testify because something needs to be done. He was a wonderful man who always helped his neighbors with anything he could. I know because he was my neighbor. To Maria thanks alot for putting the real facts out there. Please encourage the people who witnessed to call the FID.

  10. Thanks Maria for posting the real facts!!!! Something need to be done about this. For all those bad-mouthing Juan’s name, you should be ashamed. He was a good man who didn’t deserve this!!! If you know nothing about what happened keep your negative, ignorant comments to yourself!

  11. The LAPD are mice not men, my co worker witnessed multiple police officers shoot a homeless man on 3rd and Mission (never made the news).
    There are no tactics or reservations with these gangsters, every time it’s shoot to kill, never shoot to incapacitate, why always real ammo?

  12. El Sereno resident

    I’m sorry for the Nuñez family’s loss in what sound like a great man. My question is why was he doing in public with a gun? and why didn’t he drop it when the police showed up?

  13. That teenage boy don’t need to do noel ghetto a$$ cArWash cuz he got 2 many tios y prIm0s wIt tons of $$$

  14. It’s ok the family will get there 200k from city settlement.

  15. what does that cop thats always commenting on this website have to say?

  16. i live in el sereno very close to axtell, my sis lives there and i heard of what happened…it is sooo sad but true that everytime an officer shoots it seems like they just want to kill the suspect. i dnt understand why they cant shooot his arm if he has a weapon or his leg. do they really think if they did that the suspect will be that stupid to shoot officers??? he knows hell be dead in a sec!!!

  17. I am only left with more questions after reading all of this.
    1. What were his “wife and children and other family members and a dozen neighbors” all doing in the street? Was there a block party going on or what?
    2. Why would a “wonderful” person be needing a semi-automatic pistol? And why in the world he have it in the midst of family and neighbors?

    • there wasn’t a damm block party what the heck would u do if ur heard gunfire i was there the police shot him they gave him orders in english

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