Police searching for gunman in Highland Park

LAPD police helicopter over Echo Park.Police in Highland Park tonight are searching for a man with a gun near Avenue 50 and Monte Vista Street.  Sgt. Wayne Guillary with the Northeast Division said the search began at about 9:30 p.m. after a gang member with a gun ran away from officers. A K-9 unit in addition to a police helicopter have been deployed during the search as officers seal off the area.  Guillary said no shooting has taken place.


  1. It looks like the comment I made on January 4th (see below link) regarding Avenue 50 and Monte Vista was prescient.


  2. That whole area from is gang infested, your have to look at north of York and west of avenue 50
    For a so so neighborhood. But eagle rock north of Colorado is the safest in that whole area.

  3. That whole area from is gang infested, your have to look at north of York and west of avenue 50
    For a so so neighborhood. But eagle rock north of Colorado is the safest in that whole area. Hub st, irvintont pl are not great areas. You still have to deal with the kids from fhs

  4. Rule of thumb is to stay north of York and away from Figueroa and farther away from the 110. The closer you are to occidental the better. Monte vista is ghetto. Gentrification can’t come soon enough to get these pathetic losers out of this neighborhood.

  5. The History Channels Gangland season 3 episode 1, Netflix it.

  6. Yup, it was noisy last night. Called the NELA police dispatch to get the scoop and they were nice enough to tell me to lock my doors and stay inside. Helicopters stopped around 11:30.

  7. Gang unit chased a guy with a gun after 3 hours and him drinking a beer inside his apt in 119 n avenue 51, they decided to call it off.

  8. The area is perfectly fine. Great sense of community down there, and only just a tiny amount of ghetto, try walking Montevista some time, kids, old men playing cards.. Some of you should just get it over with and move to Pasadena.

    • Agreed. The Figueroa area of Highland Park is fine. We already have the hip bar, fusion restaurant, and art galleries. We’re about a 3rd wave coffee shop and funky boutique (that just marks up what is sold in Santee Alley) away from runaway gentrification. I for one will welcome all the former posters who once found the area “ghetto” but now find it “diverse” and “authentic”. Bring ’em on!

    • I agree. I live right on Monte Vista and Ave 55. It’s fine. Further south on Monte Vista does get a little sketchier, but it’s getting better. The gang injunction and raids seem to be helping.

  9. There is no doubt that highland park is gentrifying. Let’s hope that as more businesses and new homeowners come in these thugs are displaced from this neighborhood.

  10. There are different types of ghetto,this area in general has always been with gang activity,ask anyone that has lived her for over 10-15 years that it has been better,nothing like that area in Drew Street was as bad. That area was really out of control years ago.

    Things will happen regardless of area day or night.

  11. Apparently, they thought this guy was hiding out in my overgrown backyard. I am a few blocks from Monte Vista, near Aldama and Ave 54. It would have been nice if the LAPD would have called me to let me know. I had the chopper over my house for hours. But I have to say that in the 10 years I’ve been here, it’s the only incident I’ve experienced. Ten years ago, right after I moved in, there were 3 murders on Ash, mere blocks away. I think for the past few years there hasn’t been a single homicide in HP. Most of the gang members in this area seem to have moved on.

  12. @ck- there were murders in October, dec, april 2010 , double homicide in march 2009.

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