Cable repair leaves Silver Lake-Echo Park freeway traffic in a jam

2 Freeway exit was closed as AT&T crews repaired underground cable

The southern end of the 2 Freeway on the border of Silver Lake and Echo Park was jammed for most of the day as AT&T crews repaired a water-damaged cable that had left hundreds of nearby customers with no or limited cable, phone and Internet service.  The exit lanes that flow into southbound Glendale Boulevard were closed so workers could use a man hole cover to reach a cable that was damaged by water, said a worker on the scene.  Traffic was being diverted to the northbound Glendale Boulevard exit but traffic was heavy all day.  Silver Lake blogger Diane Edwardson said southbound traffic had been at a standstill since 10 a.m.

The AT&T service problem began on Friday, and crews looked at 30 manholes before determining that the source of the outage was located under the freeway exit. The AT&T employee said the repairs should be finished around 7 p.m.


  1. Makes you wonder what kind of engineers AT&T has that would put a manhole there.

  2. Might have been there before fwy, when it was glendale or allesandro

  3. At least we get an idea of how life could be without the flyover spilling traffic down Glendale

  4. I got caught in this on Saturday at 3pm. Took me just over an hour to drive 7/10 of a mile! Unbelievable! Even more unbelievable is why the flashing highway sign only warned of the “Glendale Blvd S” closure only just before the Fletcher offramp. A little more warning would have been more than appreciated!

  5. I agree with Sandy. Me and my family were stuck in this horrendous traffic yesterday too. Why there weren’t warning signs right before the 2 on ramp is beyond me? No amount of patience could save me!

  6. Crazy. No warnings to take an alternate route, no efforts to change times at the signal at Glendale North or re-route traffic. Just torture.

    • There, there, girls.. Just a little traffic.

      • It was not “A little traffic.” It was an hour of my weekend lost and a missed family dinner. Why wasn’t there anyone directing traffic? Why wasn’t there any warning sign? How is AT&T able to get a permit to do that kind of work without having to handle the massive traffic problems that come witha freeway closure. Big thumbs down to whoever signed off on that permit.

    • No, that was not just “a little traffic.” It was an hour-plus stuck moving nowhere. One flag(wo)man at the light on Glendale would’ve saved hundreds of people a ridiculous amount of time

      • As Los Angelenoes we should start to teach ourselves how to accept inconveniences and disruptions as a part of life ; for this life is what we’ve elected.

        I know we are not in India, China or Mexico but Los Anglelenos have chosen to elect people who put unions before children, lobiest interest before the interest of the homeless etc.

        Wake up and stop complaining. Do something about it by getting involved…

  7. I was caught in it as well. Why don’t we find out who the city official was who decided to cut back on alerting people to the freeway closure and demand they either pay us back for lost time and wages, or step down. This isn’t a case of an accident causing traffic, this is someone failing miserably at their job and they deserve to be fired.

  8. Do you hear that tiny violin in the distance?

    How about the people that have no phone service and may need a ambulance,police or LAFD? Yes there are cellphones now but most don’t have the privilege to have one.

    So you missed dinner this time,or stuck in traffic. Stop your whining and deal with LA traffic.

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