Car crashes into Echo Park pizza parlor

Red Acura inside Pizza Buona dining room. Photo by Israel Palacios

Broken tables and chairs pushed up against kitchen.

One woman was injured early this evening after a car crashed into the dining room of Pizza Buona restaurant in Echo Park. The woman, who was standing outside the longtime pizzeria at  Sunset Boulevard and Alvarado Street, was dragged about 20 feet through the empty dining room before the red Acura Integra sedan came to a stop amid a pile of broken tables, chairs and glass, said Israel Palacios, who was working in the kitchen of the family owned restaurant.  His mother, Otilia Schweitzer, had finished spreading table cloths in the dining room shortly before the crash took place at about 5 p.m.

“I heard what sounded like an explosion” followed by screaming, said Palacios. “I thought it was my mother.”

Palacios and other workers cleared away the debris covering the woman, who was pregnant, Palacios said. A fire department spokesman said information about the injured person was not readily available.

The driver, according to Palacios, remained on the scene until authorities arrived. The driver lost control of his vehicle as he was turning southbound on Alvarado from westbound Sunset, according to Palacios.

Palacios’ family has been through this before. More than 20 years ago, a vehicle plunged through the dining room killing a child that was outside near the bus stop.  “This is a very dangerous intersection,” said Palacios.

Onlookers peer through Pizza Buona window. Photo by Israel Palacios

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  1. This has happend once before in the early 1990s. The car came right through the front doors and a small child was killed.

  2. Time to make this intersection safer. Where are you LADOT? I’m sick and tired of our neighborhood serving as a de facto freeway.

  3. This is awful. I eat there all the time, and every time my family stands on the corner, I think it is the worst intersection. Particularly that corner. I hope she and her baby are ok.

  4. Gee, this is a sorely inadequate report. Why is there nothing from the police on this? What caused the accident? Was the driver drunk? Did the driver have a heart attack or blackout? What caused this? Was the driver arrested?

    Why is ALL the information in this report from a kitchen worker who was in the kitchen when it happened, didn’t even see it? Should we just presume that the woman was taken to a hospital? Or maybe she died at the scene? There is nothing in here to tell us, just hearsay from a kitchen worker who didn’t even see the accident because he was in the kitchen. Which hospital? What does the hospital say her condition is?

    • A “kitchen worker ” that is known to many of us in the neighborhood told what he knows . Relax.

      The driver, according to Palacios,(you know , the kitchen worker ) remained on the scene until authorities arrived. The driver lost control of his vehicle as he was turning southbound on Alvarado from westbound Sunset, according to Palacios.

      The police did not witness the accident either , they take reports from people on the scene.

      Yeah , if you are pregnant , and are hit by a car and dragged and covered in glass, yes one should logically presume that she was taken to a hospital

      Are you going to visit this person in the hospital or send flowers when you find out where she is staying ? Why do you need to know that ?

      What a moron .

  5. calm down ken , there is a link to CBS2 if you need it. the eastsider la is the most reliable source for us locals who want up to date info . they are not CNN or even the local news. they do us a huge favor by keeping us aware of what is going on the east side. usually updates are posted as they find out. if it wasn’t for this site, i wouldn’t even be aware this was happening. and yes, some us us care for the point of view from workers and owners of pizza buona, as we eat there frequently. so, if you need, take this blog post as a jumping off point to get more info from an actual news site.

  6. ahahahahaha!!! whoever was complaining about the eastsider’s reporting-the CBS news link erroneously reports the car a being a Toyota when the eastsider’s pics clearly show it’s an Acura, and they refer to Palacios, your ‘kitchen worker’ as the owner of Pizza B.


  7. Too bad the car missed some of the gang tagged plate glass windows… I was hoping for a full remodel of the place.

  8. The second picture in the article is a “where’s Waldo”.

  9. Bottom pic I mean…

  10. I can only imagine what a nightmare this has been for those involved in this accident. How horrific.

  11. Will they be open for lunch today?

  12. Say a Prayer for Pizza Buona !

    A Large Anchouvy Pizza and a Bottle of Imported Chianti
    might Do just as well ~

  13. dam that sucks for my sister but shes okay shes in bed rest for a couple of weeks her baby is doing okay she didnt end up losing it but i still feel sad for her.

  14. @Jose – Really glad to hear she is ok. We wish the best for her and her baby.

    Eastsider – what about the driver? Has he been arrested for driving w/ a suspended license?

  15. Might be smart to get bollards for the front door. Swork in Eagle Rock (@ ER Blvd and Colorado) got 2 bollards after being crashed into — I heard the city paid.

    My bet is driving while goofing around on a phone.

  16. thanks rillyril and the driver didnt have a license or insurance that was his mothers car and so know the mother is going to get in trouble and the guy was toxicated so ya my sister is getting cash lots and lots of it.

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