City Council offers reward in Lincoln Heights murders; Coroner identifies remains of missing mother

The City Council today approved $100,000 in reward money in connection with the murders of two Lincoln Heights women – Bree’Anna Guzman and Michelle Lozano.  An official said that the county coroner has determined that the body found last week next to a Silver Lake freeway onramp was that of Guzman, a 22-year-old mother who has been missing since Dec. 26 after she took a walk to a Lincoln Heights drug store and never returned.  “Our hearts and prayers go out to her loving family and friends,” said Monica Valencia, a spokeswoman for Councilman Ed Reyes.

Reyes requested a $50,000 reward for information on the Guzman case and another $50,000 reward  in connection with the murder of Lozano, a 17-year-0ld who turned up dead next to the 5 Freeway in Boyle Heights, a year ago. The case remains unsolved.

The two homicides have generated fear and rumors among many Lincoln Heights residents, with some speculating that the pair of murders were connected and that men have attempted to kidnap women.  But the LAPD, in a statement, said it has not been able to determine a connection between the cases.

A Lincoln Heights activist has organized an event tonight – Take Back Lincoln Heights  – along North Broadway in response to the fear and rumors generated by the two cases.


  1. The LAPD is to be highly commended for doing such a rare thing: coming out with an official statement alerting about all the unfounded rumors related to the killing of Bree’Anna Guzman, and to decidedly say that nothing at all in all the evidence points to a connection between her killing and that of Michelle Lozano. they even say they have nothing to corroborate rumors of a white van. And they reveal how extreme the rumors have become, raging on the Internet and even putting out their own suspect sketch.

    Frankly, this is a extreme statement form LAPD. It would only be issued because they see extreme circumstances. And the circumstances they are talking about are wild, unfounded, irresponsible rumors that are terrorizing the community.

    That is exactly what I warned last week — and was so roundly castigated for. The LAPD has not jumped in and said the same. Thank you LAPD, it was not easy having to stand alone.

    The irresponsible rumor mill based on nothing but unfounded and wild presumptions that surrounds this killing is dangerous and liable to result is real problems or even outright atrocities itself. It at minimum is terrorizing people without any basis.

    Again as I said last week, Guzman’s and Lozano’s killing is a tragedy. Still, this terror campaign that has now arisen is flat out wrong and harming people itself.

    And I’m sure I will once again be rounded castigated for standing up for sanity and reason.

  2. I hope you receive minimum castigation for your comment Tom… because you are spot on right.

  3. I agree with you Tom, you said it and you said it well!

  4. lincoln heights resident

    @ tom I’ve also been on top of this story as yourself & foghorn (is it)? Anyhow I would like to apologize for all us and chewing you out. What you have commented on made a lot of since. You have to realize that sum of the people from here are not to educated so therefore when you brought us those issues about rumors & what not people took offense because there grieving & didn’t want to hear anything negative. The reason why were so upset is because when Michelle Lozano was found dead not much was done I regards to that. So now this happens & were out raged! We do what we can to get heard. Yes that was wrong of that young girl about the white van, shame on her but 2 murders with much similarities make us wonder. If you were a female or have daughters living in LHTS I know for a fact you too would be concerned for your well being. Now there’s a “reward” for both killing. Why was this done before for Michelle? Raises eyebrows. Just hope law enforcement catches this animal before we do!

  5. lincoln heights mom

    Wow, I hate to say it but u guys are wrong about the 3 guys in a white chevy astro van. They nearly kidnapped a friend at the carwash for bree’anna guzman, not a rumor..

  6. Lincoln heights mom
    Did the “nearly kidnapped friend file a police report?”

    Otherwise considered a rumor!

    On the other hand we must not drop our guard – Stay Vigilant!

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