Developer prepares to break ground soon on Silver Lake Coffee Table condos

After demolishing the former Coffee Table cafe building earlier this week, the owner of the property said construction on a 45-unit Silver Lake condominium project could begin as soon as this spring or early summer. Justin Barth with Miami-based  15 Group said his firm has decided to go ahead and build 45 condos on the Rowena Avenue property instead of the 64 proposed by the previous landowner. While many fans of the Coffee Table were upset when the restaurant was forced to close last year, there is a possibility that a cafe will return to the property. One of the 45 condos, a unit facing Rowena, has tentatively been set aside for a cafe or retail use if a buyer can be found,  Barth said. Otherwise the unit will most likely be sold as a residential condo.

“It would be a separate, wholly owned retail space operated by the owner,” Barth said. “We have been discussing with various brokers [about] who would be interested in that site. We don’t want to build a restaurant that no one is going to occupy.”

The entire project, which has not been named, is expected to be completed in less than two years, with units expected to be priced in the $500,000 to $600,000 range.


  1. Seeing it as it is.

    $500,000-$600,000 f**k off! for a Condo…..


  3. “We don’t want to build a restaurant that no one is going to occupy.”

    That’s the spirit, 15 Group. Instead of dedicating a space for a restaurant and leasing it, by all means put the onus on some restaurateur to buy the condo outright and then build it out from scratch.

    “Tentatively set aside,” is right.

  4. A condo for 500-600k?!!!? What is this, f*ing Manhattan?

  5. Don’t worry it comes with a pool an indoor water fall and a helipad !

  6. like traffic is not bad enough in the area this is so retarded just another example of how los angels is run by crummy developers the same ones who mad LA the city of the stucco monstrosity and killed the red car we need to get rid of the mayor and the entire city council!

    • Actually, the lack of condos is what killed the red car. If everyone lives in detached houses, then there’s no location that has enough transit demand to support rail.

      The real problem is that they cut out 19 residences and just made the ones they’re building less affordable and more car-oriented. If this strip gets a bit busier than maybe we’ll be able to convince Metro to put in a usable bus line.

  7. Like prison but with bigger windows

  8. “We don’t want to build a restaurant that no one is going to occupy.”

    …but we’re happy to tear one down one that’s already occupied.

  9. they'll sell like hotcakes

    less than 600K in a new development across from a premier elementary school: people will snap these up. How much are houses in this area?


    This makes me ILL.

  11. Not to lease the restaurant space is basically killing the option while presenting it. Fake love for the neighborhood to manipulate us into accepting this project. But then, after lots of protest, the officials did not support us one bit in any case. One wonders how and where money is flowing as interestingly enough the city just re-did the street right there where the guys with their bundles of $600,000 bucks will appear. Like a red carpet for the buyers…. To add 45 condos to the traffic jammed neighborhood is terrible city planning. Smells like one of these deals…

  12. The area is already so congested, I do all I can to avoid it.
    Including driving to S. Pasadena’s Trader Joe’s.
    45 additional residential units x (potentially) 2 vehicles = WOW! stay the fuck out of there!!!
    Also, didn’t they just repave the road in that area? Prior to a major construction project?
    If so, Pathetic!

  13. homes in Silver Lake are insane 2 bd 1 bth for $800k ??
    this is a great alternative to buying a house. Believe me once there built and the model condo is staged with furniture and all the bells and whistles . People will have to fight for one of these units there will be a line of people waiting to snatch em up. It’s Inevitable Mr Anderson..

  14. The design has a very Dime-A-Dozen-Orange County California Tilt-Up look to it.

    What was great about the Silver Lake version of The Coffee Table was the original building itself and the PATIO out back; it won’t matter if they shoe horn one into this Architectural Cliched Crop of Condos.

    What comes from Miami,
    should stay the hell in Miami

  15. Classic move. Come out with a high number, have everyone argue, then settle at the number you had in mind anyways. There were no plans to put a restaurant. They dont care. Outside of the traffic, think about how it will impact the local elementary school. Where is LaBonge? At one point Rowena felt like it could be a quaint commercial street. With this monster and the one that is going up near Edendale, we have all lost hope. Thanks Tom! Thanks for defending our town.

  16. Also, where is any thought on the style of the neighborhood? Last I checked we had traditional, spanish and modern. This looks like a riverside strip mall. At least rip off Neutra.

  17. crying in my cereal

    Can’t anything be done to stop or modify this terrible project?

  18. Architectural Vomit.

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