Eastside Property: Angeleno Heights Craftsman comes with big views and price tag

Photos from MLS/Redfin

Perched on the western edge of Angeleno Heights, this 1904 house is one of several large Craftsman-style homes on West Kensington Road that look down upon Echo Park Lake and offer views of the Hollywood Hills. It shares the block with some other large Craftsman manors, including those designed by Arthur B. Benton, a noted architect who also called  Angeleno Heights home. But the views and Craftsman charm of this West Kensington Road home don’t come cheap.  The asking price for this nearly 3,00o-square-foot home,  which has been carved up into a triplex, is $1.5 million, according to Redfin.  The listing says this is the home’s first time on the market in 40 years.


  1. Actually carved up into a five-plex (or whatever the correct term is) according to Redfin.

    • Speaking from the experience of returning a 1906 craftsman that was carved up into a quadplex in 1953 back to a oneplex, it is literally impossible thanks to multi-agency bureaucracies to reverse its status as a multi-unit dwelling back to that of a single-family home. As such we receive biennial inspection notices from the housing department for apartments that no longer exist; come replacement time the bureau of sanitation always wants to leave us double the number of black/blue/green cans we need; and certain delivery companies do not recognize our street address if we don’t tack on an “Apt. A” to it. Plus I’m pretty sure if we ever swapped out the four-unit mailbox for a single one, we’d be brought up on charges of destroying federal property.

      • Will,
        What you just said it both wrong and stupid. Congrats you’ve done it again, can’t be easy but you make it seem effortless. I live in Angeleno Heights and and have a seen a few of these turn back onto single family homes with no problems. Quit shorting my neighborhood only for a stupid snarky comment. Looser.

        • Whatever you say, Progress. “Looser,” indeed.

        • I don’t understand why you lambasted Will’s comment. It sounds like it came from his own experience with a similar issue. That’s like saying that people can’t have any bad issues with anything in your neighborhood. And the “looser” insult? Really?

          • I have not had any problems at all in my neighborhood. Only problem is when Will decides to to trade the truth for a snarky comment. Will said “it is literally impossible” but that is not true, is it Will? Why are you making these things up and posting them?

          • Progress, I’m entirely thrilled for you that you so easily avoided the very same variety of bureaucratic roadblocks my wife and I’ve encountered over the years that led me to describe the process as “literally impossible,” thus incurring your cheap insults that left me wondering why you so inanely pick such weird battles to fight with me.

            But you are absolutely right in telling me to quit “shorting” your neighborhood. There’s simply no need for me to do so when you do such an excellently trollish job of it yourself with each and every insipid comment with which you grace this blog.

          • For some reason I can not comment on below Wills last wordsmith-astravaganza. But just answer the question Will. Was it “literally impossible” or did you do the remodel? Because “literally impossible” would mean you didn’t do it. But from what I can tell you did the remodel making it “literally possible” to do so. You haven’t even answered the question from my second post because you like to win arguments not tell the truth. A real sign of a troll. Look it up and you will see that we are both trolls or perhaps we are brothers or you are my dad. Or my grandpa. I cant tell with only half of your face hiding behind blue blockers.


          • Ha! I’m the troll, says the pseudonym calling me “looser,” right out of the gate — then to top that takes a poke at my avatar image while hiding behind the generic pan-headed, slump-shouldered silhouette.

            Progress, you either suffer from a severe irony deficiency or are the most remarkable bot I’ve ever met on the internut. Either way, I won’t dignify your disrespect with further dialogue here. Should you want to discuss this further, email me. I have no doubt you know the address.

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  3. I’m restoring a large craftsman that has always been a single family home and its more work than most people think, I can’t imagine the amount of work it takes to covert one back from multi units. Cheers to will, not many people have the desire, vision and detication it takes to do what you’re doing.

  4. That’s fantastic, EB. So envious. Any built-ins in our place separating the sitting and dining rooms got torn out during its mid-century conversion to four apartments, and a partial wall got added between the two spaces. Thankfully, other than painting them, the bay windows, box beams and wainscoting were left alone:


    • Ew! You let your cats stay indoors? Does it smell like cat pee poop in your house? Did you have to cover up your couch because the cats destroyed it? Give that house the respect it deserves and throw out the cats!

  5. Those ceilings and double bay windows are really impressive.

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