Echo Park council considers One Way to solve a street’s traffic problem*

The Echo Park neighborhood council on Tuesday night will consider a proposal to convert the 1800 block of f Lobdell Place into a one-way to improve traffic safety.  After speed humps were placed on Lake Shore Avenue to the east,  many motorists have apparently decided to shoot down Lobdell Place, a narrow street barely 20 feet wide, said Jose Sigala, President of the Greater Echo Park Elysian Neighborhood Council.  Under the proposal, traffic would run north to south on Lobdell between Avalon and  Branden streets.

“The one-way street proposal is one of several ideas that includes speed limit signage, speed humps or other mitigation measures to slow down cars that use the street as a short cut around Lake Shore, which has speed humps,” said Sigala in an email. “Currently the neighbors have placed signs that the neighborhood council has provided them asking drivers to slow down.”

Since the neighborhood council serves only as an advisory body, the one-way street proposal must still be reviewed and approved by the city’s Department of Transportation in addition to other possible city review. The council’s Board of Governors is scheduled to take up the proposal at its meeting. on Tuesday, Feb.28 at 6:30 p.m. Click here for an agenda.

* Update: The GEPENC Board voted to send a letter to the city’s Department of Transportation requesting information on making Lodell Place a one-way street, said Chief Information Officer Lisa Baca-Sigala.


  1. So now I can only use it as a shortcut going one way?

  2. Install more potholes? How about removing the speed humps on Lakeshore that caused the problem? There are no quick fixes when dwellings are being shared by many more people than they were designed & they all have cars. This is true for almost every city in the country. Gridlock, shortcut searching, finding parking…….life in LA.

  3. Living on Lobdell Place

    A one-way street, I think not. As someone who has lived on Lobdell Place for 12 years, this is all news to me. Was not aware of a traffic problem or speeding. But am well aware of the pot holes. This is actually a very, very quiet street. The speeders tend to be on Lake Shore, not Lobdell Place. We have not been contacted about the problem. Perhaps concentrating on simple street maintenance is all that is needed.

  4. So people will only be able to speed from North-South now?

    I’m fine with that. I’ll also be able to drive twice as fast knowing that no one will be coming in the other direction.

    This should speed up traffic nicely.

    Huzzah for Mr. Sigala. We need more one-way thinking in the CD 13.

  5. or maybe let the people from the mental hospital take daily walks up & down the street – that’ll keep people away from there.

  6. One way will often INCREASE speeds, as noted above.
    Speed bumps are designed for the the speed limit, which is . . . wait for it . . . 25mph. 80% of the people who live on that street would probably tell you 25mph is toooo fast, but unless 80% of the people driving on the street are going under 20mph, the speed limit can NOT be reduced, per state law that prevents our evil government from establishing speed traps. DOT will come out and measure the speed of 80% of the people and tell you this.
    You may be able to get YELLOW (suggested) speed signs, but the cops can only enforce WHITE speed limit signs.
    My hope: get the City to pass a Small Street Speed Ordinance that reduces the establishes a lower speed limit on all streets less than 24′ wide, especially those without sidewalks. How about 20mph, or even 15mph in extreme conditions. This could be properly signed, enforced by police, and a speed bump (not a 25mph hump) could be added when necessary.
    Someone driving 30 in a 15 mph zone does not just get a ticket, they can lose their car and their ability to drive. And when they hit someone, it is not just an ‘accident’, it can be manslaughter. Tough stuff. But you wanted real change, not just joking around, yes?

    • You sound very informed on this subject. Maybe you could help me with a related issue?

      This issue involves drivers who were cited for a moving violation at a specific intersection in Los Angeles. This intersection had been posted with a restriction. On a frequent basis, Traffic Division sent over 3 or 4 motocops to work an enforcement of the posted restriction.

      That is all fine and normal. The problem arises because it turns out that California law does not allow the city to place the restriction on that intersection. The city might have made an honest mistake in posting the restriction.

      More likely the city made an intentional oversight in imposing the restriction due to pressure from the councilman for the district.

      My question:

      What can be done by a driver who was cited and was required to pay a fine, possibly take traffic school or take a point against their driving record?

      Can they get a refund of the fine?

      More importantly, is there any way to have the violation removed from the driving record?

  7. just keeping it real

    These people are stupid! I’d like to use some of them for speed bumps! ok, just kidding!!
    (or am I?) hummm
    One way? Really? Like the farce of a round’about…to make it safer? right, like i can remember all the terrible crashes before the was installed. What a waste of funds!
    On branden/lakeshore a stop sign is placed…for safety? again what accidents ever happened there and being around LONGER than anyone around here (really!) I NEVER saw a problem with either there or on top, the circle eyesore. So now with the stop sign, which by the way is set too far back to see anything when actually stopped at it and to add more insult to the neighbors who live and park next to it…they paint the whole curb red so now no one can park where they use to. Wow, maybe someone should re-think that one! Oh wait, never mind, problem solved…wink-wink. (inside joke) So my conclusion? Yup, use those fools for speed bumps…that will work, but then i might step on it myself! bad bad neighbor!

  8. I don’t like the idea of make Lobdell into a one way street, what should be done is putting in some speed bumps, to slow down the cars that speed down this street, children are not safe on Lobdell Place, I don’t think a one way on Lobdell would serve this purpose, it would be a waste of money and time. just thnk about it. would there be any one here to give tickets or citations to those who do go the wrong way, DAh How stupid is that.

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