Flipper Furnishings: Forget the house, I’ll buy the sofa

Photo courtesy Art Craft Homes

Photo courtesy Art Craft Homes

You may not be able to afford this Cypress Park house flip, but at least you can buy the furniture.  An open house invitation for the 1911 bungalow declared that many of the furnishings and accessories used to stage the Idell Street home were up for sale – including the carved wooden deer head ($500) above the fireplace mantle. The house was staged for sale by Sara Brady, who co-owns the Highland Park gallery and store called Platform.  “I worked really hard and really fast,” said Brady, who had three days to decorate the home with items – ranging from the deer head to lamps and vases – from her store and personal collection.

It’s really not all that unusual for home buyers and shoppers to inquire whether the temporary furniture and decor is up for sale, said Timothy Braseth of Art Craft Homes, who hired Brady to stage the Cypress Park bungalow The buyers of a Highland Park home he sold recently also snapped up the backyard picnic table. “I have sold houses completely furnished.”

Braseth owns some of the furniture used to stage his houses, including some mid-century pieces from Scandinavian designers.  Braseth has not put a price tag on the furniture but he said that “I have prices in mind.”

There is a price tag,  however, on the approximately 1,ooo square-foot bungalow  that Braseth purchased for $245,500 last November, according to Redfin. It’s currently for sale at $419,000.


  1. The article is misleading since the “sofa” is built in….

  2. Not that sofa…the one in pic 5.

  3. I liked this house so much (or at least it seems so) that I had a dream about it last night. I love the inglenook–says Craftsman in a very distinctive way.
    (Green & Green used inglenooks as did other US designers…)

  4. This is an amazing flip and I hope they make a ton of money on the project! Although I have not seen it in person, it looks like there was a tremendous amount of thought, planning, and detailed work that went into the project. I also appreciate how they are venturing outside of Highland Park because Northeast Los Angeles really needs people with a unique vision to take these neighborhoods from drab to fab.

    Keep up the good work…don’t let the loser anti-gentrification, anti-progress, pro-slum people get you down. If we don’t progress and grow, we just die…or at least simply continue to live in shi%hole neighborhoods where the 1% (kids with guns and cans of spray paint) ruin it for the remaining 99%.

  5. I saw this flip at the open house a couple of weeks ago. It’s very cool. When we stage homes, we always tell our clients that all the furniture and accessories are also for sale. We have sold a sofa this way, but have yet to sell the entire contents of a home! That would be fun.

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