Nothing says Silver Lake like polka dots

Rendering courtesy Streets for People. Click for more details.

The people behind the pedestrian plaza that will be created by closing a block of Griffith Park Boulevard in Silver Lake have released more details about the design  for what’s called Sunset Triangle Plaza. The most prominent feature: polka dots.  The street will be covered with polka dots – and green umbrellas –  under the design created by Frank Clementi from Rios Clementi Hale Studios.  The pilot project organized by Streets for People, which is  a coalition seeking to transform underused streets into public spaces, will require closing a block of Griffith Park Boulevard between Sunset Boulevard and Edgecliff Drive – the site of the Silver Lake Farmers’ Market – for at least year (earlier site plans indicated that two blocks would be closed off). But the closure could be extended depending on how things work out, officials said.

Referring to the site plan shown above, a consultant with Streets for People explained that  “the round circles on the periphery are potted planters and the 9 circles within the plaza represent moveable tables and chairs with (umbrellas) which will also be green. The tables and chairs will be brought inside every evening.”  Click here to see more of the site.

It still not clear when Griffith Park Boulevard will official be closed to vehicle traffic but a grand opening has been scheduled for March 4.  The other question that remains to be answered is what to wear that doesn’t clash with polka dots.


  1. Looks pretty good. All it needs is an obnoxious wall to block the sidewalk.

    • Dude that joke is soooooo played by now. eeesh keep up!

      • No grown man (or woman) should ever write with the expressions “sooooooo” or “eeesh.” And I’m not of the half-baked half-anything Twitterverse. I don’t believe a debate on a community issue should only last a couple of weeks and then you’re supposed to give up and not talk about it anymore because you’ve lost ground. That’s not the way democratic discourse works. The wall is there. So what? That doesn’t make it permanent.

        • john cooper clarke

          Precisely, Wordman. The wall is still ugly as hell – what an eyesore! Yes, still!
          Stella Boycott 2012!
          Please don’t turn Silver Lake into third street promenade!
          I don’t wanna promenade!

    • blah, boring and mundane.

  2. All it needs is to bordered by a run down, abandoned store front with a vertical garden on its walls … Oh wait…

  3. Franklin Hills Resident

    This is my favorite shortcut coming from downtown along Sunset blvd. Where should I register my objection?

  4. Call me bike-centric (I’ve been called worse), but wouldn’t it make sense to provide for the safe passage of bicycles through this plaza to connect with the existing bike lane on Griffith Park Blvd?

    • Good point… I wonder if those planters will be spaced wide enough so cyclists can either slow down and ride through at a ped-friendly speed, or just stay on Sunset and turn at Edgecliffe if the plaza is crowded and they’re only passing through. That would make the most sense to me.

    • My guess is they’re blocking it to cyclists as a pass-through because there’s just too much potential within the space for close-calls/collisions with pedestrians.

    • Can’t you walk it?

      • Of course, Lauren — and if I opt not to continue riding down Sunset to Edgecliff and make a right to get back up to Griffith Park Boulevard, I will dismount and walk my bike through the polka dot zone if pedaling is not allowed there. I was merely making an observation why it might not be based on the rendering and in response to Mr. Rollers’ comment.

  5. So what’s going to happen to the Farmers’ Market?

  6. Looks cool. Cars and bikes could still get from Sunset Blvd. to Griffith Park Blvd. by using Edgecliffe Dr. It would take a whopping 3-5 seconds longer.

  7. Green polka dots just seem kinda random… I wonder why they don’t just do the typical painted/faux brickwork treatment that you see at various crosswalks around LA (i.e. http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3128/2900048711_acb98f4d4b.jpg)?

  8. I live in front of this future eyesore, but at least I can tell company “if you pass the polka dot street you’ve gone too far,.. Yes seriously, polka dot.”

  9. this is permanent? when did they decide to close this off? and who decided?

    • It doesn’t have to be permanent. No permanent changes are being made to the curbs, gutters or sidewalks. It’s a demonstration project and that if the community accepts and enjoys it it could become permanent. Right now it is scheduled to be installed for at least a year.

  10. Congrats to S4P! Exciting addition to our neighborhood. Love it!

  11. More grass less concrete

  12. Looking forward to it!

  13. I’d love to see some good old fashioned grass and trees, but perhaps that can come later after this scheme proves to be the great success that I am sure it will be.

  14. i don’t really care about this, but seems odd that everyone is complaining about polka dots, yet no one is complaining about the loss of parking for the houses that are right there

    • It’s easy for a bunch of people who won’t be affected by the loss of parking and increase of traffic to come in and say that they think a park should be put in here. They’re not the ones who are going to have to circle the blocks to look for parking in their own neighborhood. They won’t be affected by the customers that can’t find parking for the shops in the area and stop supporting those businesses. This is a slap in the face to the surrounding residents and businesses.

    • FWIW, the spots that will be lost are all metered so I dunno how useful they were to residents, and it looks like they’re adding several new metered spots on Sunset to help mitigate the loss of parking for those businesses (not to mention the increased foot traffic that is expected from converting a dangerous intersection into public space).

  15. Wow! I had to double check my calendar for a second because I thought it was April 1st. Polka Dots? Are you serious? The designers of this should be absolutely ashamed of this disaster they forcing onto the neighborhood. Why do the local residents have no say in the approval of such aesthetically ugly projects? Painting the concrete with some polka dots and throwing in some tables and umbrellas is a laughable makeover. I haven’t seen anything this ugly since the North Hollywood “Arts District” sign went up. This is a total waste of everyone’s time and money. Let’s hope temporary doesn’t become permanent. A polka dotted concrete park… unbelievable.

  16. I cant be alone in thinking this is a ridiculous waste of money. At least i hope not.
    With all the shit we need done around here, lets paint the fucking street a bit more whimsical. Asinine.

  17. Better than Sunset Jnt WALL idea.

  18. for whatever it’s worth, I like it. Way euro.


    Ummm. . . when I run out of real things to worry about, remind me to schedule time to worry about polkadot sidewalks and having to go another block to turn right onto Griffth Park Blvd on my way to Trader Joe’s.

    As for the people who live around there and anticipate parking problems: now THAT’S A REAL PROBLEM TO DISCUSS!!

  20. Being a part of this neighborhood, I find this project really stupid. Personally Im in this area every day and I personally cannot enjoy the fountain or park that currently exists as it is…there are tons of homeless people congregating and sleeping in the park. Its truly an eyesore and frightening to think that this street project could attract more.
    I feel it would be better if you made it more attractive for children with educational activities for children and then maybe it would attract people. Instead of spending tons of money to drive local residents who really hate the idea of picnicking at the park that currently exists and giving the homeless a table to crash on besides sleeping on the cement/grass of the current park. The whole project being totally dumb and having no real purpose besides maybe making it “cute” for the farmers market costumers who will enjoy it for about an hour a week and walk through without noticing it anyway. What a Waste. STREETS FOR PEOPLE..give me a break.. more like wonka nap spot. People hate this intersection as it it is.

    • Gasp! God forbid you have to look at homeless people! In Los Angeles! Did you think your vastly inflated rent/mortage would spare you the eyesore?

  21. This is great could we put a skywalk too so I cross this weird interection? This whole project seems a bit much..

  22. wow.. sunset junction peeps will COMPLAIN ABOUT ANYTHING! How can you hate on a nice outdoor sitting area? No wonder Sunset Junction is such a dump, I’d take my biz elsewhere if I was setting up shop and I’m sure many have.

    • Silver Lake Resident

      It is our right to complain about wasted tax dollars and the effects that hastily-thought-out neighborhood plans have on our businesses and our personal lives. “A nice outdoor sitting area” that blocks traffic, takes away parking (and potential business for the local businesses – that means loss of $$), and let’s not even get into the aesthetics of this. Who decides that Silver Lake needs polka dot parks? Hey slobby, if you want to take your imaginary business somewhere else, please do. Polka dot parks belong in The Americana not in Silver Lake.

  23. sheesh Silverlake has to have the biggest bunch of whiners in the city. We cry about everything, Sunset Junction, The Jubilee, The meadow, the wall, the Bates Motel, jiffy lube, the giant saddle, hipsters, parking, new development and now this… OK a lot of those other things actually suck but cmon this is a cute little public area that could be used for a variety of things. What so we should never have any new public space because bums might sleep there. I live two blocks away and grew up in the area this is fine. it adds a little public space to the area and there are only about 10 parking spots max that will be lost and most will be bade up by new ones on Sunset. YES it comes at a small price that in my estimation is made up for with opportunities of new public space. I mean we could have a bigger farmers market. block parties, a little swap meet, performances, rallies, plays, have a little imagination people

  24. I live just a few blocks from the Triangle Plaza and own Fandango Salon which is right there at the plaza. I am trying to keep an open mind, but Streets For People say this is a community based project, but I’m part of the community and had no voice. When we met with Streets For People, after this project was under way, they wanted me and 2 other businesses located right at the plaza to sign a contract with them saying we would be responsible for maintaining the park as they had used all the funds to build the park and had none left for the maintanance of the park. They also wanted us to agree to store, bring out and put in all the tables and chairs on a daily basis and be responsible for them. I did not sign. Ater taking 12 parking spaces away from our businesses and not considering access to the trash bins for the brick apartment building(just check out the trash piling up and you’ll see what I mean) and not considering the venders for the farmer’s market no longer being able to bring their trucks in to unload and having to park those trucks in the neighborhood, I find it UNBELIEVABLE that they got this project through city planning. I am hoping these issues will be resolved, but when planning a project of this scale I think these issues should have been considered before hand.

  25. After my last post, I went to work and ran into a few people working on the park. they told me that they were now allowing access to the trash bins for the brick apartment building and for the vendors of the Farmer’s Market. Well done! Hope they resolve the other issues as quickly and wonder who will be maintaining the park. I will be there on Sunday.

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