Police apprehend suspected vehicle thief in Silver Lake

Photo by Matt Hartman

Police officers with guns drawn apprehended a suspected vehicle thief in Silver Lake tonight near Effie Street and Lucile Avenue. About a dozen squad cars descended on the location at about 8:30 p.m. as officers surrounded an SUV and a suspect who was lying face down on the ground. “We heard tires screeching up Lucile with the cops chasing behind w/lights and sirens going,” said Matt Hartman, who took the above photo. An LAPD officer at the Northeast Division station said the vehicle had been stolen but had no further details.


  1. A job well done.

  2. Great job, LAPD! I was wondering what the commotion was on Sunday night

  3. Thanks for the story. We were just talking about this in Big Mac Liquor and I said I would check the Eastsider to see if I could get any details.

  4. i saw the whole thing from my porch, the suv 1st started north down edgecliffe & right b4 sunset he hit his brakes but it was to late striking 3 cars going east on sunset. he then cut across sunset & did several 360’s in the intersection @ griffith park & edgecliffe while 1 of the cars he hit gave chase but fled after observing the madness. the thug drove east on griffith park and made a right onto lucille & screaming his wheels & high speed at every corner, i heard him coming down edgecliffe as the suv was so loud just about the time my neighbor was coming home & the neighbor didn’t realize that he was traveling at about 80-100mph so when she was backing out she almost lost her life as the suv barely swerved at the last minute missing her! he continued flying down north edgecliffe and went right onto sunset without stopping just as a cop was going westbound which is when the pursuit took place and ended on lucille. i hope they throw the book at this thug! i was told by 1 of the cops that he was a gang member & the car was stolen and believed to be used in a homicide. it so scary sometimes you never know how quick your life could end with jerks like this on the road.

  5. Thx for the play by play, you must have a great view from your porch to see all of tht.

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