Silver Lake dot detour begins this weekend

A  one-block section of Griffith Park Boulevard in Silver Lake will be closed off on Sunday, Feb. 19  for at least one year to create a traffic-free plaza painted with green polka dots. The city’s Department of Transportation will set up temporary barriers sealing off Griffith Park Boulevard between Maltman Avenue and Edgcliff Drive to begin work on Sunset Triangle Plaza, according to Julie Wong, spokeswoman for Councilman Eric Garcetti.   Once the barriers go up, work will begin on preparing the  installation of a bike corral, large planters that will serve as safety barriers and the painting of a polka dot pattern on the asphalt, according to Streets For People, which is sponsoring the one-year pilot project.  The work is scheduled to be completed in time for a March 4 grand opening ceremony.


  1. actually live on that street

    as an actual resident of this street that has to deal with parking and things in general, i am SO not looking forward to this. will move ASAP.

  2. what’s happening to the farmer’s market?

  3. I hear you, Actually live on that street. All that traffic will now have to go down Lucille to and from Sunset — and will create a problem at that intersection, probably causing some traffic backup on westbound Sunset accordingly. Great.

    A “corral” for bicycles? Some bike parking, fine. But a corral? There’s a total of about five bicyclists through that area a day, and they are not all stopping at that location!

    Why was this not publicized a long time ago, instead of just a few weeks ago after it was all a done deal? I’m sure a LOT of people might have liked to provide input. This was kind of slipped through under cover of darkness.

    • Don’t you get it? Much like Sunset Junction street fair Garcetti and company dont much care what you think, or how much the residents and shop keepers are inconvenienced. The only reason the street fair was stopped was due to a financial loss to the city. Garcetti will get his name on the project, his face in the newspaper and run for mayor. He knows all the tree huggers, and cyclists will vote for him.

  4. How will this impact parking? There aren’t many spots there. I also walk around this area quite frequently and don’t see a whole lot of traffic on this street.

    I think it’s great that our neighborhood will finally have a much-needed public space in addition to the tiny park.

  5. In theory a wonderful idea. In practice? This little park will cause the loss of 15 parking spaces in a neighborhood where parking is already a HUGE problem. These parking spaces are right in front of my work. I am a waitress and my income is directly affected by how many customers come in. The new Tuesday night farmers market that closes off the same section of street the park will, cut our business by more than half on that night. I can only imagine what a year of that is going to do to us. It could be enough to put a small restaurant like us out of business and me out of a job.

    What I dislike most is that our business was not consulted on this matter at all. We weren’t even told about until a few weeks ago one of their people dropped off a flyer. Perhaps we should attend more city council meetings but everyone here works more than full time! As a business that has been in this neighborhood for over 4 years we should have been consulted.

    I understand that they will be putting more parking on sunset Blvd. But they couldn’t fit more than 5 spaces on that stretch of street.

    As a cyclist, pedestrian, and lover of all things green, I love this park. As someone who needs to work and keep a roof over her head I’m angry and scared. I’m never missing another city council meeting again.

    * these are my opinions alone, and do not in any way reflect the opinions of my employer.

    • I’m sorry A Waitrss but your comments are simply untrue and inaccurate. I personally met with each of the business adjacent to the area many times beginning last summer, including Cru. In fact I have signed statements attesting to that fact.

      Factually you are also incorrect. Because parking is such a critical issue in Silver Lake and in this area in particular, parking spaces are being added on Sunset Boulevard where none currently exist. In addition, the time for parking on the West side of Sunset Bl. is being extended by 1 hour. The net loss of parking is not 15 spaces at all is is closer to 6 spaces.

      Parking is a critical issue in Silver Lake, however, many residents and businesses adjacent to the area are extremely excited about the project and the positive impact it will have on our community.

      • Yeah, but a net loss of 6 parking spaces, is still a net loss of 6 parking spaces, in an area you admit is pretty rough for parking. I’ve lived in 1625 Griffith Park for 6 months, and I was never notified of any kind of meeting, nor did anyone come to my door. But good luck with your concrete jungle, its going to make a nice ashtray.

      • Anthony, your efforts to improve the neighborhood are not going unnoticed, not withstanding the trolls that crawl out of the cracks in the concrete every time someone wants to actually accomplish something that improves our neighborhood. That’s been the wail of the chorus for everything that has been a part of what has undeniably made Silver Lake a dynamic neighborhood.. All the whiners either have conveniently forgotten or are such late transplants that they don’t know how unrealized its potential was for so many years. If all the complaints and predictions of horror and descending locusts had any truth in them NO ONE would want to live here! Great work, and don’t let them stop you!

    • The cafe on Griffith Park is in a bad location anyway. As someone of age who has a hard time walking, I’ve resented the usurpation of the sidewalk by tables and umbrellas. Maybe the neighborhood doesn’t need that particular cafe.

      • Good point Gene. This neighborhood was not originally designed to accommodate the massive influx of out-of-area trendy day trippers and hipsters who all want to park their cars in the same few parking spaces. 80% of business in this area don’t have their own dedicated parking but businesses open up anyway assuming that the residential streets will bear the brunt of the parking overload. Some residents even resorted to preferential resident parking for relief which enraged some businesses like Casbah Cafe who tried unsuccessfully to have it rescinded. Bottom line is, many of these new businesses cater to outsiders with money to blow and not to us, the majority blue-collar slobs who can’t afford and wouldn’t want any of this overpriced and over hyped dreck anyway, but have to suffer with being over crowded out of our own neighborhood and cleaning up the empty coffee and gelato cups from our lawns.

    • Rather than squabble endlessly over parking, which will continue to be an issue no matter how many streets are blocked off or how many preferential parking permit zones are created, why don’t both sides focus their efforts on getting a much needed streetcar running up and down Sunset? It’s a no-brainer. Development is coming no matter what and the majority clearly favors the creation of public spaces regardless of what nearby residents think. The lack of parking will continue to be a problem until we have more transit options, so don’t let it divide our community, but unite it.

      • Keep dreaming of the streetcars coming back. I’d rather continue to squabble endlessly.

      • Bringing street cars (back) to LA is a great idea! Unfortunately the bus driver union and the taxi cab lobby will never allow it to happen.

        Same reason the light rail stops almost 2 miles from LAX.

        • It’s a shame the BRU is so anti-rail… But LAX will be connected to the green line and the future Crenshaw line in the next couple of years via a people mover (similar to the AirTrain at JFK): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LAX_Automated_People_Mover

          BTW, a Sunset Blvd. / Santa Monica Blvd. light rail line is already in Metro’s long range plan (just kinda far down in the queue)… if the president gets re-elected and the democrats can take back the house in November, we could see the timeline for our mass transit network accelerated quite a bit in the next few decades.

  6. Although I don’t park or work in the immediate vicinity of this project, I’m really excited to see it and am hopeful that none of the gray clouds above prove quite as rainy as predicted.

    As for “a total of about five bicyclists through that area a day” let me just respond to that with a haha.

  7. I live at 1525 Griffith Park, the building next to Mornings and Nights… Will someone still pick up our trash?

  8. actually live on that street

    @lauren for example, i’m frequently unable to park within blocks of my apartment. if i’ve got a huge load of groceries, something heavy, etc i would grab one of those metered spots. the metered spots were also great for people visiting. we’re losing maybe…10 of those off the top of my head? doesnt sound like much but it really is a huge impact for me. as the waitress above states, i’d be really worried if i was mornings/nights. i dont see how they will be able to serve the “hopping out of my car to get a coffee/snack” crowd.

    hell, i’m all for nice little parks and bikes and all that, but they need to be in spots that make sense and dont impact the parking situation in an area where that’s a horrible problem – and i dont see anything being done to address that.

    • I mean, I hear ya, but living on Hyperion I am just kind of used to these annoying parking scenarios with groceries and what have you. I really think this neighborhood could use some public space, and other than the Jiffy Lube, which is going to be here for a little bit I think, that’s the only place. I mean lets be honest, its not a major traffic thoroughfare or anything…

      As far as concerns about Cru, I might be totally wrong, but I honestly thing that more people hanging out in that triangle will equal more customers. If you looks at squares around Europe, Mexico, etc. the businesses surrounding a public square are very busy, and it’s considered a huge boon to be thus situated. Not saying this is Europe, but still…

  9. actually live on that street

    and to issac’s point, there are a LOT of bicycles in the area. s’cool.

  10. Like, I don’t want a garbage truck in the middle of our beautiful new painted over concrete, so we should move the dumpsters somewhere else, but where!

  11. Mornings and nights will be fine, most of their customers are locals who bike or walk. It’s cru I’m worried about. Pricy restaurants like ours are already struggling in this economy. 75% of our customers are from the west side, they already have a long drive and they inject a lot of $ into the slake economy, not just cru. The last thing we should be doing is Making this neighborhood less accessible to them.

    • actually live on that street

      i hear ya…i’m always trying to get my coworkers in the valley to come to my area for food, shopping, etc. and the response is always “no way” because of experiences trying to park.

    • Really ” waitress” – 75% of your customers are from the west side? Really. I will call you on that one. Cru isn’t such a hot place that people will drive an hour plus to eat there. Heck, you can’t even get people from Weho, Hollywood Hills and Eagle Rock to eat there…

      I lived on the west side for years until moving eastward. And west siders hate coming east for anything less than the Academy Awards – so I doubt that Cru is going to lose much there.

    • If 75% of Cru’s customers are from the Westside maybe it would move…to the Westside. Not even trying to be snarky, but really…

  12. What a bunch of whiner. Get rid of your cars or get a smart car. Better yet, ride a bike or walk. It’s better for the environment.

    This is such a great idea!

    • I would but since I’m an adult and I own a car, I don’t need to ride a bike,

      • Perfect. Then you can drive your adult self to the Valley and patronize its businesses with parking lots. Better yet, just move there.

      • Yet, you just made a very childish remark.

      • While Robert and I are on opposite sides regarding this pedestrian plaza, we have things in common. We’re both adults and we both own cars. Also similarly to Robert, I don’t NEED to ride a bike. But unlike him I WANT to ride a bike and choose to do so for many of my trips whether they’re around the neighborhood or all across the city at-large. It’s wonderfully liberating. Not only do I put more miles on my bike than on my vehicle’s odometer (and thus less $4-plus gallons of gas in its tank), but I end up both strengthening my connection to the city while weakening any addiction I have for so-called convenient parking.

        • Biking just doesn’t interest me, I frequently walk from my place to as far as the vista or ye olde rustic inn to thirsty crow, when I can.

          • I hear you, Robert. There was certainly a time in my life where I felt that same disinterest. Then, to the dismay of my first wife and the disdain of my coworkers, on something of a self-dare I did a cross-valley roundtrip commute of 26 miles between Burbank to Tarzana and back on a beater bike in the late 1980s and it broadened my perspective and appreciation for the mode. Just as there came that time when you opted to walk locally instead of drive, there might come a time when you surprise yourself in thinking that biking downtown or to Hollywood might be something worth trying. Could happen. In the meantime here’s hoping this plaza is as little inconvenience to you as possible.

  13. This is going to make walking up and down Sunset a safer and much more pleasant experience for everyone in the neighborhood.

    As far as lost parking, maybe the impacted apartments/businesses could talk to the organization (or the neighborhood council and Garcetti) about implementing angled parking on one side of Griffith Park (between Edgecliffe and Lucille) to offset the lost spots (i.e. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_QRX_XqW4yTE/SCO2oo3AJfI/AAAAAAAABxo/-zmrEv1TGcE/s400/Back-in+angle+parking+%232.JPG).

    • So you’ll be safer walking down sunset, by not walking down on sunset?

      • I take it you’ve never walked down that stretch of Sunset? The intersection where cars merge onto Griffith Park from Sunset is very sketchy on foot (and even more so on a bike). This will make it safe for those passing by AND provide much needed public space for the neighborhood.

        • I live next door to Mornings and Nights, so I cross there everyday, and normally I just wait for cars to pass by. It’s worked so far.

          • Oh ok, well then you gotta at least admit it’s kinda hairy… I mean imagine if you were crossing with a stroller, or if someone passing by is handicapped or elderly, the traffic merging through moves pretty fast, no?

            I can sympathize with you on the parking tho… I live on Silver Lake Blvd. and whenever there’s a show at Spaceland it’s a headache. I guess I just figure it’s a tradeoff to living in an urban neighborhood with walkable amenities.

      • WAIT A MINUTE! The argument for this street to be closed has been that hardly any cars use it anyway. Now you’re trying to say so many cars use this street that it is very dangerous for pedestrians to cross that street!?

        Hey, somebody here is making up big lies! It can’t be both ways. Either hardly anyone drives down that street, or a lot do — not both.

        This is a problem with this whole thing. It was pushed through without the neighborhood even realizing it, and based on highly questionable assertions — like whether or not a lot of cars drive down there so there will be a significant impact of the closure.

        Now instead of a smooth transition from Sunset to Griffith Park, there will have to be a very jerky route of multiple stops and turns. That means delays, and probably backups. And how moving that “dangerous” amount to traffic to another intersection will make that other intersection safe is beyond me!

        • I never said there was a lot of traffic, just that when cars merge they do so at very fast speeds, making the intersection dangerous on foot or for cyclists heading westbound in the bike lane.

    • we tried to get angled parking on Hyperion and other streets south of sunset (making 4 of the streets one way to allow more space for parking) insted of parking meters and perferred parking. But the shop owners reps demanded parking meters and the city told them if they get parking meters the residents get perffered parking. now coming to Silver Lake to get a cup of coffee will run you $60.00 for the coffee and teh parking ticket.

      • Why would it cost $60? People that live nearby can walk there and those who drive from further away can put change in the meter, like they’ve been doing all along. There’s no such thing as free parking: Either the city is subsidizing it (passing the cost to taxpayers) or businesses and landlords are (passing the costs on to the consumer).

        • 100.s of drivers park in the perffered parking streets each day and get the $60.00 tickets. yes Hunserdes of cars each friday, saturday and sunday.

          • I agree with Dorit. People either don’t read the signs, or choose to ignore them or think they’re entitled to free parking because they drive a Prius (ha!). And it will cost them more like $70 total if they go to Intelligentsia.
            On the bright side, the city can use the money, luckily there’s a parking sucker born every minute.

          • Oh, I don’t doubt it… I just don’t think it’s fair to blame the cafés.

          • Maybe I misread your post Dorit, I think we’re in agreement about angled parking — it would be a smart way to add parking without changing the pedestrian nature of Sunset.

  14. Actually live on this street

    Will this be unrestricted parking? If not, I’m sorry to say that won’t help much. Just as a data point, I just had to park many blocks away. Luckily, I don’t have anything to carry tonight. I’m hoping that this is a net gain for the community but until parking is handeled it is just not liveable here. And I’d love to take public transit if it wasn’t hours each way. So thanks for that very helpful tip!

  15. That lame-o Farmer’s Market has got to go. Also, it is run by the sketchy Sunset Junction Neighborhood Alliance (who defaulted on the street fair and recently declared bankruptcy to avoid paying their vednors/bands the money they took from them) . The SL Neighborhood Council should give that SJNA the boot and hire a real Farmer’s Market producer to bring in real fruits & vegetables. The chef at Cliff’s Edge says it is the worst Farmer’s Market around and he never shops there – over priced and thin selection. It’s become more of a flea market.

  16. Perhaps those affected residents with parking issues should look into getting preferential parking for their streets from the city (ladot) .

  17. i drive thru that area all the time. i like that it’s there and open to cars.

    i know i am just one vote but i wish it was staying open.

  18. Can’t we just all agree that if they’re going to usurp this road they should rip it up and have permeable pavers instead of polka-dots? The 60s were weird man, but I’d like to keep my rainwater in the ground and my acid flashbacks private. Thanks.

  19. @Joe Tejodo sounds like he is married to @dorit.

  20. you can build more streets
    you can build more parking


    you will always have bad traffic
    you will always have bad parking

    thats just the nature of the city

  21. As I stated earlier, as a cyclist (i don’t even own a car) and someone who spends virtually all her waking hours on this block I love this park. I’m excited to see how it works out, just nervous for my job like most people nowadays.

    I feel I would not have whined so much had I been more informed.
    [ Anthony Crump] “I’m sorry A Waitrss but your comments are simply untrue and inaccurate. I personally met with each of the business adjacent to the area many times beginning last summer, including Cru. In fact I have signed statements attesting to that fact.”

    Anthony I apologise, we have had 7 different managers in the past year, if one of them signed something they are no longer with us and failed to pass the message along. Our current staff and management were completely sidelined by this. More our own fault than yours, but still, it would have been cool to be more involved in the whole process. I would have been right there with you fighting for slanted parking on Lucile.

    [ Anthony Crump] ” Factually you are also incorrect. Because parking is such a critical issue in Silver Lake and in this area in particular, parking spaces are being added on Sunset Boulevard where none currently exist. In addition, the time for parking on the West side of Sunset Bl. is being extended by 1 hour. The net loss of parking is not 15 spaces at all is is closer to 6 spaces.”

    Still a loss, but once again, more information is always a good thing. I can get a little protective when it comes to my hood 🙂 Also I did mention in my post that yall were putting in parking on sunset.
    [ a waitress] ” I understand that they will be putting more parking on sunset Blvd. But they couldn’t fit more than 5 spaces on that stretch of street. ”

    Bottom line is, this park is happening as I type, I’m down to support it whatever way I can. I hope this ends up being an awesome mutually benificial relationship.

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