Silver Lake is seeing spots

Worker paints green polka dot formed by stencil.

Workers lift stencil into place.

With the help of a giant plastic stencil and gallons of Grape Green paint, more than a dozen of city workers this afternoon completed the decorative polka dot pattern on a block of Griffith Park Boulevard in Silver Lake. The day-long paint job, part of the transformation of the street into a traffic-free pedestrian plaza , went ” a lot smoother than we expected,” said William Navarro, a superintendent with the Department of Transportation.

After applying a base coat of Lemon Grass green paint this morning with a sprayer,  the workers waited a few hours for the paint to dry before using rollers to paint the dots a shade of Grape Green. Painting the plaza consumed 30 gallons of primer, 55 gallons of Lemon Grass green and  25 gallons of Grape Green for the 43-inch wide dots. The paint formulated for concrete and garage floors should stand up well against foot traffic. What about taggers?  Navarro said extra paint will be kept on hand to clean up any vandalism.

The pedestrian plaza – officially known as Sunset Triangle Plaza – will also include tables and umbrellas, a bike rack and planters that will serve as traffic barriers.  The plaza will be dedicated during a grand opening ceremony next Sunday, March 4.

A field of freshly painted polka dots.


  1. You guys mean Sunday the 4th? Because the 3rd is on a Saturday.

  2. hmm- for some reason I thought they would repair the cracks first. . . i guess not.

  3. It looks fabulous! Can’t wait to see the rest! Many thanks to all the people who donated so many hours of time to make a little corner of LA better.

  4. Looking forward to the unveiling!

  5. Wonderful News! Please let us know the exact time and I’ll make every effort to be on hand to celebrate the occasion.

  6. fantastic

    what the photos don’t show is the Lady who was responsible for the project let her Kids lay out the Polka Dots at first =>

  7. It looks awful just awful. It’s as bad as that building down the street that’s painted completely black.

    • you’re missing the point

      its not about pretty or not pretty
      ( after all; 100 people will have 100 different ideas of what is ‘pretty’ )

      the point is that it is a space in the middle of the city that’s meant for people rather than cars

  8. Can’t please everyone. Especially the cup half-empties.

    For the rest of you… I’ll see you on the spot!!!

  9. Have to admit I wasn’t totally sold on the dots from the rendering but now seeing them actually in place I like them and think they suit the place well.

  10. Personally I like the design, but I believe that this plaza is not about the desing itself. One can like it or not, and that is almost irrelevant.
    The Triangle is about creating public spaces in areas that don’t have them. It is about creating places that will allow gathering, farmers markets, eating outside or will encourage various events to take place there and be visible. That’s why we should support this iniciatives whether we like their design or we do not.
    With this amazing climate we enjoy- why are we lacking of pedestrian areas to gather, hang around, do things or biking routes not only for “just biking” but for going to work or other ?
    Nevertheless, we will be able to evaluate the Plaza once the opening passes. If people don’t take advantage of this place- the Triangle won’t be a good intervention, if we really start using it the way it was designed- the Triangle will be great, and it we find our own way of using it, a way it was not designed and foreseen- well this will be a true success because we created a real plaza.

    Hope to see more of this plazas in other LA neighborhoods that also need them.

  11. I’ve been following this story with great interest. I really like this, not for the design, but because this is how humans are supposed to be.

    BUT THE TRAFFIC!?!?!? Please, you can go around. They turned Times Square in NYC into a pedestrian plaza. I witnessed that. It was wonderful.

    THEY’RE TRYING TO SOCIAL ENGINEER OUR LIFESTYLE?!?!?! Well, they did that in the 1950’s till the 1980’s when we developed everything around the car. We complain about traffic, gas prices, and we admire other great cities because you can walk around and enjoy the city scape. Yet at the same time, we demand free parking wherever we go, at all times, and it better be close to my destination!

    LA, you have a choice: Continue to build around the car, and I mean you cannot do anything unless you drive, or create spaces for walking and a car free environment. If you choose the first option, you are not allowed to complain about the consequences, or about gas prices, congestion, and traffic. You made that choice.

  12. ProbablyNeverHeardofMe

    Sweet! Can’t wait to see how quickly the transients, local tweakers and drunks take this over!

  13. Atwater Village Newbie

    Great to have a new public space, but did it have to be right next to an existing public space? Seems like they could spread the elbow room around the city a bit.

    • I’m curious what street somewhere else Atwater Village Newbie might insetad remove from the traffic grid and paint these dots on. Try as I might I can’t think of a more ideal place for this experimental project to be.

      • Atwater Village Newbie

        Great question. I shall dedicate much free time to discovering similar street patterns and possibilities. Would love to see someone connect Elysian Park and the Los Angeles Historic State Park, as part of some carless trail from downtown to Griffith Park… But I’ll keep looking.

  14. My brother-in-law works for Nickelodeon and I initially thought this project might have been Nick sponsored because of the slime green 🙂 But seriously, who cares what it looks like! This is a wonderful addition to Silver Lake that will only make the neighborhood more desirable to prospective residents and home buyers.

  15. The space looks huge, and yet it’s only a tiny sliver compared to the space were dedicate to automobiles.

  16. I have lived in the neighborhood for seven years, and I think it’s great. After paying $4.31 a gallon for gas Friday, I am even more appreciative of what it seeks to achieve. Nice work.

  17. I’m sorry but when I first looked at the renderings, I thought these were going to be scattered planters and tables with umbrellas. As a momma on the go, I enjoyed parking right in front of my fav coffee spot for a quick “to-go”. Perhaps this will work for my lifestyle when my babe is older, but right now-this is an inconvenience!!

    • Take a que from the sexiest moms on the planet. The ones in the Netherlands who ride around town with wheelbarrow bikes filled with 3 kids and groceries. HANDLING BUSINESS. YOU CAN DOO IT MOMMA

      • you can still do a ‘pit stop for coffee at julies’ on the other side of the triangle on Sunset Blvd. where they are putting in parking spaces.

        its just gonna be a whopping 30 more feet for you to walk

    • Thank goodness not everything is about you and your baby.

  18. Very Silver Lake, but wear your sunglasses! That lemon grass green (aka slime green) color emits a killer neon glare from the sun in the morning as you face east from Edgecliffe Drive.

  19. I think this is a ludicrous use of city funds during a time when schools are losing teachers and can’t afford to buy paper. Until a month ago, I drove through this area on my way home from work and the only people hanging out here were homeless people and bicyclists that looked like they’d never worked a day. Just ridiculous.

  20. Hey Phera, those cyclists actually work their butts off, most of us in this neighborhood, like 6 days a week. We also work our butts off riding instead of driving to leave a little more clean air and parking spaces for the rest of you. And we have fun doing it 🙂

    I’m pleased to see how this is coming along, can’t wait to see tables and planters!

    Ps. Phera, as per my understanding this was paid for by a private grant. I know, I was mad at first too, but just toll with it!

  21. As a frequent visitor to the area from out of state I must say that I have enjoyed the Farmer’s Market hosted at this site. The polka dot street and closure to traffic can only add to the ambience. Hopefully this may instill enough community pride to dispense of throwing trash in every conceivable orafice. If I were a mechant on Sunset I would spend at least an hourl per day making certain my property’s exposure was welll kept. Such actions are contagious.

  22. Time for all of you to get together for a game of Twisted. I mean “Twister”. hehehe! It looks fugly! They should’ve just copied the game’s color scheme. It probably would’ve looked better than puke green. What color is that? Its called Vegan/PBR color. Oh! Too bad they couldn’t get a real artist to design something better. I would’ve laid down pics of bikes, cars, dogs, motorcycles,people,and scooters, and it would’ve looked way better. I would’ve stayed away from slime green, because it is so Nichelodeonish.

  23. What a wonderful idea !!!!!!! food delivery ( great), a walking /pedestrian street, and most of all , my daughter’s little store ( paulina quintana’s clothing) being part of this transformation !!!

  24. lizzy silver lake

    The neon polka dots are utterly repugnant. Anyone who wants to spend time relaxing outside will not want to hang here. It’s so visually annoying. Not to mention it’s a tiny space. It’s being sold as elbow room for the city, but, really, what recreation can take place on such a postage stamp sized ‘park’? If it was grass, then you could at least imagine it being used for lunch breaks, sunbaths, outdoor book reading and coffee drinking, but, as neon colored asphalt….what? Bicyclist riding around in circles? People standing on soap boxes? What? It just seems like the stupidest thing on the planet. And, oh that neon green. It’s awful. Awful. Awful.

  25. I heard that Siver Lake’s $5.00 guy is going to take over this spot to sell his junk, and that he is going to re-paint the dots pink. Buy your dot now! Its only $5.00 a dot. What a deal!

  26. Ugly design.

  27. who cares bout the stupid polka dots !! you can’t see em at night when the bums and seedy people come out, Phera you sound like a New Yorker go back to New York Bastard !!!!!

  28. I am a very strong supporter of public spaces, but I feel like this project missed the mark. The color is so distracting and discomforting. Seriously, while walking around the farmers market it was nauseating. Like another poster commented it is too bright in the sun. It looks like Nickelodeon’s parking lot or something. They should have included more plantings to break up the space. I believe this is a temporary stage in the plaza, and I feel like the color was used to bring attention to the space. Unfortunately, the attention may be negative and actually hurt the plaza’s future aspirations. I was shocked to see Rios Clementi Hale Studio’s name on the rendering. I was a big fan of some of their other projects. This one really let me down. Let’s hope this is a transition into something much better.

  29. john cooper clarke

    Further evidence of the infantilization of American adults. This definitely looks like a Nickelodeon snack era for the children of exploited corporate animators. So uncool.
    I hate to do it, but Silver Lake was founded on freaks, misfits, fags, queens, dorks, junkies, poets, refuseniks and musicians. This is way too childish. Too ‘orderly’ and ‘planned by civic twits’.
    A few coats of vomit and excrement and we’ll be good…

  30. ….and it’s right next to noisy Sunset Blvd.

  31. Underused road? Actually I used it almost everyday in my car. Pedestrian Plaza? For what, walking the five feet between the coffee shop, the vegan restaurant and the boutique children’s clothes shop? Minor driving inconvenience aside, this is one of the silliest ideas, even for Silver Lake. Take back the streets for the people? What are you on about? The streets were never for people to begin with, at least in Los Angeles. If the idea were better situated with more room for shops and people, like an Italian piazza, maybe. But sticking some neon green painted polka dots on a decaying street abutting the busiest road in the area and calling it a mecca for pedestrians is ludicrous.

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