Storefront Report: New chef and menu prepare for Highland Park debut

Photo by Laura Gutierrez

The former chef and general manager of some Westside and West Hollywood restaurants has taken over the short-lived Cafe Lobos in Highland Park and plans to serve  “contemporary, tapas-style fare” and operate a full bar. Huntley See, who was the general manager of Tart on Fairfax Avenue and head chef of the Office and Micky’s nightclub in West Hollywood,  is planning a Feb. 29 grand opening for HPK – Highland Park Kitchen.  See is working with Rudy Martinez, who owns the building and operated Marty’s Bar at the location before closing it last year in advance of Cafe Lobos. “We have worked together on re-tooling and re-vamping what we believe this neighborhood is looking for,” See said in an email. That revamping includes a new window that opens up the dining room and bar to York Boulevard.

Click on the link below for more details about the menu – which ranges from Pomegranate Ceviche to Carne Asada Sweet Potato Fries – and drinks.

Submitted by Huntley See:

Our cuisine will have something for everyone, whether you are a light or heavy eater or you simply want delicious straight forward food. Our bar program will have signature cocktails, like the pomegranate mojito and snake eyes martini, selected wines, and draft beers. The ambiance will set the mood for your night out on the town even if you’re stopping by for a quick bite or a late night cap. HPK will have it all for you.

  •  Signature Eats/Drinks on the menu: (nothing is over $20, including our entrees, and our sig drinks cap off at $10, and we have fun with our bar program. Tall boys served right with brown bags, and sangria made in house, white or red):
  • Pomegranate Ceviche – made from scratch, Shrimp marinated in Lemon Juice, lime Juice, and white wine, served w/ pomegranate seeds, pico de gallo, and fresh tortilla chips.
  • Carne Asada fries – home made sweet potato or regular fries, topped off w/ carne asada and avocado cream w/ cilantro ranch on the side.
  • Pomegranate mojito – Muddled Pomegranate seeds, limes, and mint, shaken w/ rum, simple syrup,and soda water.
  • Snake Eyes martini – Muddle orange and jalepenos, shaken w/ hendrick’s gin and a spalsh of Sprite.


  1. We will give them a try….Tapas in the area sounds like a good idea.

  2. Tall boys served with brown bags is cute but very wasteful.

  3. Another new restaurant on York Blvd. Highland Park is starting to collect some great dining and drinking options. Tapas wonderful idea.

  4. Could be good…..I do hope that they don’t play the weho soundtrack (honestly not sure what else to call that kind of music) like they do at his Mia Sushi.

  5. Aha! Affordable pricing? Let’s hope it pans out… stoked to see some variety.

  6. Menu ranges between $10-$20. Nothing over $20 is affordable if you ask me. I don’t think places like HPK and The York are targeting the $1 taco crowd.

  7. All of the new hotspots are pushing the limits of pricing… for the neighborhood. This ain’t WeHo. Why not have a Locals Special? Many of us would go out MORE if the prices came down. And turn down the damn volume! folks like to also talk at a bar.

    • Try a volume reading with a smart phone db meter app. OSHA says constant exposure over 85 db is damaging. Bars routinely push it to 95-105 after 10pm.
      The theory seems to be people drink more when stressed by noise.

  8. I really don’t get people who are complaining about pricing at this place. Entrees are a maximum of $20. Obviously, some will be well below that. What’s the problem?

  9. The people that are complaining about the prices are the same people that will be pushed out soon due to gentrification. If you can’t afford it stick to the taco stands that are found everywhere.

  10. I think it sounds awesome and can’t wait to try out that ceviche.

  11. Sounds pretty good. Another step in the right direction for York and HP.

  12. That Cafe Lobos thing lasted for all of 4 minutes. Did anyone actually go inside and try the place?

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