Update on Echo Park weekend shooting

Police have determined that two men who were arrested following a Sunday morning shooting in Echo Park were not involved in the incident that left one man injured. The two suspects were apprehended near Echo Park Lake after their vehicle was observed driving recklessly through Angeleno Heights about 30 minutes after a man was shot in the stomach at about 1 a.m. near Echo Park Avenue and Fargo Street. Police at the time were said to be looking at the possibility that the two suspects might have been involved in the shooting but that proved not to be the case, said Lt. Steven Flores with the LAPD Division. Said Flores in an email:

We could not connect the guys arrested to the shooting.  They were arrested for illegal possession of a firearm.  The firearm recovered was not of the same caliber as the one used in the shooting.  The victim of the shooting survived.

No arrests have been made in the case.


  1. More patrol cars around echo park and Baxter please. And not the kind that just give speeding tickets.

    • Seeing it as it is.

      Good call, protect the law abiding citizens of the community instead of shaking them down for more $$$$$$

      • My Bodygaurd ? … LOL ! Fauxican should consider a more conventional means of Safe Gaurding His/Her Constitutional Rights. Like Western Home Security. or a Winchester 30-06, or Something. Public Money shouldnt be used to Enforce Gentrification !

        • Requesting more police coverage in a residential area where a shooting takes place once a month (and a school is across the street) is not an example of using “public money for enforcing gentrification.”

          • I was Shot at buy a 9mm automatic, tying to get Home from Work in MacArthur Park, while crossing Sunset at Logan the Morining after the Rodney King verdict. Still don`t Believe Invading Iran is answer ~

      • Wait, speeders are law-abiding citizens? How many law-abiding people in our neighborhood are killed by firearms and how many are killed by motor vehicles? Which do we need more protection from?

  2. I’ve given up on Echo Park. Boyle Heights baby!

  3. Until the city/feds/whoever can seize the houses of the gang element at Fargo and Echo Park things will not change. It’s a deeply rooted problem. Right across the street from Fix, where adults may be able to drink beer and wine, near an elementary school. The world is crazy……

  4. I guess officer Bud White wasn’t on patrol.

  5. i heard the gunshots, one after another. then there was laughing and yelling, and then there was squeeling tires. i hope these gang members get ass cancer and suffer the rest of their lives.

    • veronica hope the same for you. cancer is no joke , and should not be mentioned out of your mouth if you have not gone through what people gone thrwough. especially when someone passes from cancer. grow up. if you dont like the gang activiyt. move out. got wo WEST LA and be happy there.

      • Seeing it as it is.

        How about the gangters f**k off and leave people in peace. Why are you defending human filth?

        • i have live in echo park for 25 years things have not changed over the years. except more hipters with thier pets moving in and leaving thier dog S**t on my lawn. If you dont like it move out. its easy to solve your own problems.

          • It doesnt matter what neighborhood it is or how long people have lived there. F**k gangsters and criminals, there is only 2 placesthey belong and thats prison or the cemetery.How can you defend criminals?

          • trying to understand PARK.

            I would gladly trade in the bullets and crime for some more dog s**t. Dog doo smells for a while, but then it dries up and is easily removed. Bullets maim and kill people. Also, you can usually ask dog owners to pick up after their pets without worrying about getting killed.

            Please, PARK, what am I missing? How is that you can put up with the senseless violence but can’t stand the dog business? Do you have a really sensitive nose or something? Maybe you should take your keen sense of smell and go wine tasting with you “new” hipster neighbors. I know several second-generation EP hipsters, born and raised here; some of us are really nice people.

            How about this: I will personally clean the dog doo from PARK’s lawn twice a week if he will hold his nose and agree to join us in opposing gun violence in EP.

            Do we have a deal?

          • The roving packs of dogs that used to rule Echo Park Ave did not clean up after themselves either, PARK.

  6. The statement sent by Email from the LAPD Lt. might just be a polite way of saying that:
    there will not be any arrests in this case because the shooting victim has not offered any cooperation to identify his attacker/

  7. Just curious, is there anything that can be done when a certain house has constant legal problems? If they are renting, I’m sure the landlord could get funds together from the community to handle the relocation assistance required by LA City RSO… If they are buying, is their property protected even if there is felonious activity perpetually occurring on the premises?

    • If the places in question are single-family dwellings, they do not fall under rent control – unless the house has been partitioned into multiple units (ie., the garage has been converted and is rented). I doubt the units younger than 1978 apply here since we’re in a historic neighborhood. That said, tenants may be evicted for causing a nuisance [including drugs and gangs], but you would have to prove it (arrests of the renter(s) while residing on the premises) and have a property owner willing to move forward with the eviction process.

      Otherwise, the pay-off evictions typically can only be done in the event the owner or a close family member moves in. Those can be steep if you tenants meet the guidelines and a tenant can walk away $14,000+ richer.

    • Actually, that person should call their Senior Lead Officer. It used to be that the Deputy CIty Atty for a neighborhood could begin nuisance abatement proceedings against occupants of a dwelling that showed a significant amount of police response (not sure the exact threshold). BUT, if they are renters, the landlord actually becomes legally culpable in renting to people who are causing this kind of nuisance and the SLO can advise how to begin eviction process.

  8. ill take dog shit on my lawn any day over gang members and shootouts.

  9. Remember that flipper house right in the middle of this gang area? I think it was 2045 echo park ave, and the poor buyer probably had no idea what they were getting themselves into, and now they have to duck bullets and put up with helicopters almost weekly. I would never pay so much money to live in an area that is this infested with gang members. I guess it goes to show that real estate is really on a block by block basis.

  10. It was way worse back in the 90’s when it was mostly raza in echo park,now you have white people talking shit about all this gang infested area.If u gringos don’t like it then move away from here simple as that.

    • Seeing it as it is.

      How about the Gringos and Asians continue to make neighborhoods safe, clean and livable and the Hispanics go to Juarez and join the rest of the crazies in the gun fights they love so much?

    • The implication that only “gringos” want safe neighborhoods really offends me. My street has just about every color and ethnicity, and as far as I see, all of us strive for a friendly, violence-free environment.

      If you don’t like “people talking shit” about your beloved gangs, than maybe YOU should move away from here, “simple as that.”

    • I amazed at the amount of racism on this message board. “If u gringos don’t like it then move away from here simple as that.” Really? What year are we living in?

      Could you imagine the amount of press a white neighborhood would get if they asked African Americans or Latinos to move away?

  11. Sad that the rule of law is so poorly enforced that people like Sik can actually be proud of the messes they cause in this community… come on lapd get trash like this guy off the street.

    I’m not a hipster either, I’m a second gen echo park mexican and I will stay to support the cops until they can get around the red tape that allows people like you to live among the rest of us.

  12. Come get me then…I live on Avalon…

  13. @Sik

    Filth likes living in filth. Stay poor and ignorant.


  14. Sick, and others that defend this low life, pathetic crap must be so hopeless and absent of any imagination that the only thing they feel left to be proud of in life is their ability to engage in or defend senseless violence in their own neighborhoods in the name of defending some imaginary turf they think they have some claim to. They make the Taliban look evolved in comparison.

  15. Hopefully things like this calm down in echo park.

  16. Dear PARK and friends who keep telling longtime residents of this area to “go back” to the Westside,

    There’s no room left for violence in this neighborhood, especially not next to a school.

    The gangs creating this trouble are not the founders of this neighborhood and have no right to do violence here. Persons of their repute would not have afforded any of the homes in this neighborhood at the time they were built, nor are they community builders. Things got bad for this area some years ago and these gangs resulted. It’s a shame for those who’s lives have been ruined by their involvement in the gangs or simply by their proximity to them. But the writing is on the wall – where things can get better, they will. And as these individuals are arrested or injured, or sadly worse and find themselves unable to pay rent or a mortgage, fewer and fewer open doors will be waiting should they manage to return. It’s not their neighborhood anymore.

    If the gangbangers want to serve a purpose it should be to stay and peacefully support the well being of those older family members and friends who are confronted with the rising costs of living in the neighborhood, and who deserve a comfortable livelihood. That would be a sign of local spirit and bravery.

  17. If these dopes (park and sik) could read, they’d know this area was full of hipster white people long before there were gangs.

    “Red Hill, Woop! Woop!”

  18. No worries. Israel will take care of that for us.

  19. Everyone notice how the ep are cowards hiding in Avalon. Lol but who knows maybe one day.

  20. Violence is nvr gonna stop so whoever doesn’t like it can move out!!!!!!
    Its echo park moult Beverly hills

  21. Please stop offending one another. Do you all not see the bigger picture here? Do you all not realize what is going on all over the world? Wake up, Open your eyes. Violence is not only in our neighborhoods it is EVERYWHERE. We need to unite and become one if we want to survive. We can not be so wrapped up in offending each other due to our skin color, the way we dress or how we talk. We need to change. Time is running out. Forgive those who have wronged you. I know it can be overy difficult but not impossible. Love one another instead of hating each other.
    I know there will be some of you who will post offensive comments for me,

  22. That’s ok
    Blessigs to you all!

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