Another day, another story on Echo Park Avenue

Echo Park residents who return home tonight via Echo Park Avenue will find that that construction crews were busy today adding  a second floor to the condominiums now under way at Echo Park and Delta avenues.  The 36 on Echo development still has another floor to go before topping out.  How high can you go on Echo Park Avenue?  City zoning permits 45 feet in most locations.


  1. I’m actually really excited to see this project finished. I live a block away , i was tired of seeing that empty space.

    • Mr. Jet!

      You are right! I too find open space a huge challenge. First of all, who is going to clean up all that sunshine? The city has burden enough finding ink for the rubber stamps down at the condo-licencing depot, now citizens want to saddle them with open air?

      When the space is left to the openness it is flooded with light noise, sound junk and green growing chaos. I live nearby as well and welcome the blocking of angles and the limiting of jutting views piercing my eyes.

      Hopefully soon I will get to view a ‘live work space’ with a telescope in behind a plate glass window (thats something you don’t see often!), or maybe I will catch a peak inside and see marble countertops or the calming sheen of a stainless appliance!

      We must encourage the new owners to leave shades drawn so our view will ber as perfect as we know it can be.

      Be vigilant Mr. Jet! There are those that want space to be ‘open’.

  2. I wish they would hurry up and re-pave Delta. They tore up almost half of the street to put in pipes, I think. But they are sure taking their time filling in the ditch they dug. I know the pipes are in place, so I wonder what they’re waiting for.

    Jetsey, I’m excited to see the finished project, too. I really hope it ends up looking great.

  3. the colors in the mock up are terrible!
    they need to make it one big mural!!

  4. Allison,

    I’m guessing there is a reason they haven’t finished that yet, because everything else that has happened in this stage of the development has been lightning fast. I was really angry when they blocked off parking for half a block on Echo Park, but then little more than 2-3 weeks later they opened it back up and had completely redone the sidewalk that had been in horrible shape for years. At this point it’s worthless to be concerned that these things are being built, and in that case I’m really happy that they are going up fast. Like Jetsy said, they sat inactive for far too long.

  5. To me the thing is massively out of scale and horribly ugly. If you want to pay $500,000 for a condo that looks like it was designed by Peter Keating, hey it’s a free country. I predict a low occupancy rate and eventual foreclosure (again). How this project was able to pull its permits is completely beyond me!

  6. The aesthetic isn’t my ideal, but I’ll take it. Far better than what was there before.

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