Cyclists peddle the idea of building a Lincoln Heights velodrome

Photo: rbnisn/Flickr

Lincoln Heights bike shop owners Gabriela and Roland Peters know first hand that fixies – or track bikes – are popular with young riders. But riding a track bike, which don’t have brakes and have been designed to race on velodromes and specialized tracks, can be risky for kids riding on city streets.  Of course, there are no velodromes or outdoor bike tracks anywhere near Lincoln Heights. That’s why the Peters, who own Lincoln Heights Cyclery, are working to build support for an ambitious plan to build an outdoor velodrome in Lincoln Heights.  Gabriela Peters is scheduled to provide an update and more details about their neighborhood velodrome proposal tonight during a meeting of the land use committee of the Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council.

“We know that a lot of kids are riding fixies, and the number of them is growing,” said Gabriela Peters. But “we do not really like to see them riding in the streets without brakes.  We want them in a safe place.”

Still very early in the planning stages, Peters said the city has been approached about including room for a velodrome on the site of a former Lincoln Heights dairy, which was recently demolished to eventually make way for a park by the Los Angeles River. In addition, Peters has been in contact with a Canadian velodrome designer, who said a simple outdoor track could be built for $500,000.  The track would be financed by donations from bike companies as well as government grants, said Peters, who added that a nonprofit needs to be formed to apply for and receive those grants.

If and when the Lincoln Heights Velodrome ever gets built, Peters said she and her husband envision a place that offers cycling lessons to kids and adults and also host  track cycling competitions, an Olympic sport.  “We want to help them get into track racing,” Peters said. “Maybe one day one of our kids can become an Olympian.”

The neighborhood council’s Planning and Land use Committee is scheduled to meet tonight, March 14, at 6:30 p.m. at the offices of Aztecs Rising, 3516 N. Broadway, Lincoln Heights.


  1. This is awesome. I remember using a velodrome as a kid. So much fun!

  2. We need bike lanes in Lincoln Heights not a velodrome! Be reality based people!

    • Trini, the proposal has the velodrome financed by donations and grants, not money that would otherwise go to bike lanes.

  3. Trini can’t read.

  4. I have seen many bike accidents in Lincoln heights the past few months. I am just concerned about bicycle safety on the road.

    • Trini, I applaud your concern. I was just clarifying your interpretation that the velodrome would come at the expense of bike lanes.

  5. It’s people like Trini that stop people from doing good things by saying there is something better to do.. There’s always something ‘better’ to do, if you think there is something better than a velodrome in lincoln heights.. get up off your self righteous ass and start a non profit to raise bicycle awareness or something productive with your life.

    • I am part of a bicycle awareness group. 😉 Bicycle Coalition…. look it up. Everyone has a right to there opinion but when you attack people it is simply not cool. Enough said!

  6. A velodrome would be awesome! The closest ones are Encino or Carson, our inner city youth need a closer more accessible velodrome especially as bicycle riding become more popular with the youth. Trini makes the point that bike lanes are more practice than a velo and she’s right, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t still try and bring one to our eastside hoods, particularly in areas where special outlets such as velodromes are non existent.

  7. love that headline!

    Peddle/pedal: Best headline pun I’ve seen in a while. Thanks Eastsider!

  8. This is clearly a hipster plot to take the focus off gentrification! Velodrome indeed. I think we should get some rickshaws (I think Deli is unloading a few hundred after they were outlawed last year) and make the hipsters pull us around. This kind of forward thinking solution based grass roots effort should satisfy the bike collations, the concerned neighborhood busy bodies and the ‘long time residents’ all in one eco friendly move. Come to think of it a rickshaw would make a swell platform for if you were in the mood for settling a blood feud with a sidearm, so maybe we can get EXP to sign off on this thing too. And, if we tell Garcetti that we plan to build condo’s inside the rickshaws he’ll be onboard in a snap (so don’t worry about greasing the proverbial wheel).

  9. Let’s have bike lanes AND this velodrome. It’s a great idea and would benefit the kids of Lincoln Heights because they could use the velodrome to connect to each other and adults in positive manner. In other words, community building!

  10. Thank you all for taking the time to read this. Our vision for Lincoln Heights and in general is a pedestrian friendly, bike friendly, and car friendly community. Bicycle lanes are a must not only in Lincoln Heights but in every community. The project Lincoln Heights Velodrome was begun by the want of having the accessibility of a Velodrome in my community for those who are showing a passion for track racing… for all the SMASHERS out there!

  11. You can talk to me by dialing (323)221-2670 or e-mail me at lhcyclery224@gmail.com if you would like more information and would like to sign our petition: a Velodrome in Lincoln Heights for the benefit of our youth, our health, our community and our future…Stop by our shop @ 3422 N. Broadway.LA.CA.90031

  12. Hey Ron Don the Comedian,

    I live in Lincoln Heights and I own a pedicab. Joke is on you, foo!

    It was in numerous parades this past Winter. Your reference to bicycles and the 3rd world is so cliched I am sure you counted your eggs before they hatched in the bush.

  13. This would be great for track cycling… a velodrome right in LA….i ride both carson and encino and man gas is getting crazy to drive there all the time now…i hope i can ride one in LA in my life time…. and for all u shit talkers….come take ur ass out on any track and see who talks!!! :>

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