Driving between Silver Lake and Atwater will get a little easier this week

A section of Glendale Boulevard connecting Silver Lake and Atwater Village is scheduled to reopen at the end of this week after an approximately six-month road closure that generated traffic tie ups and complaints about noise and air pollution.  A  DWP official, in an email alert to residents, said  Glendale Boulevard between Waverly and Riverside Drive is scheduled to reopen by Friday, March 23. The Glendale Boulevard closure is most recent in the north end of Silver Lake as the city’s Department of Water and Power builds a giant new underground water line.  In addition to DWP work, nearby residents have also had to endure the installation of new overhead power lines and a gas line on Riverside Drive, according to one city worker on the site today.

There are more disruptions and detours to come. Once Glendale Boulevard reopens, Rokeby Street  between Waverly Drive and Rowena Avenue will be subject to a “part-time”  road closure for about three months as water line construction continues.  DWP will update residents and business owners about upcoming road closures at a community meeting scheduled for  Thursday, March 29,  at 4:30 pm at Fire Station 56,  2759 Rowena Ave.

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  1. Shh, don’t tell anyone it’s open again! It’s a nice shortcut!

    • really ? how is a main artery road to us longtime residents use daily a shortcut ? hardly !

    • Yes, it’s great that idiots who speed down my street using it as a “shortcut” and nearly hitting people getting out of their cars after parking want to keep it quiet.

      You gotta love the hipster mentality. It’s all about me and not the people who actually live there.

      • How can a person referring to themselves as DJ Bento Box be complaining about hipsters? Silly DJ….

      • Mr. Bento! Here you are again. I admire the fly of your fingers as they cross the keyboard.

        I agree with you on all counts. As a counter measure against these scofflaw hipsters and the gentrification artists that lurk behind every bench and bush we must challenge Garcetti to build condos wherever speeding may occur – especially in front of your home where the most egregious action continues to take place – apparently in broad daylight!!

        Furthermore I think racial profiling could go a step further in it’s just causation, and we could add to the profile “short cuts”. In LA we all have had to learn there are no short cuts! An aspiring ‘long time resident’ such as myself knows that when there is a problem, you must sit in it until it is un-prob-ed, as the statement reads. This way if a peace officer saw someone, or suspected someone of taking a ‘short cut’ (especially if it were through a neighborhood) they would the more easily ascertain if the ‘perp’ was a hipster or not (even if they were in disguise and NOT wearing skinny jeans).

        I love your suggestion!

        Hipster is a ‘race’, right? Or is that gentrification?

        Who’s with me?

  2. Oh, please.

    It’s not a shortcut, it’s “the way”. It’s Glendale, not a country backroad, but a 4 lane artery which has been an artery for 50 years. Get over it – if you don’t like how fast people are going on it, you should’ve thought of that before you moved onto it.

    • Mr. Ben!

      Steady as she goes, Mr. Bento as assured me he is on OUR side! He is against hipsters as well and wants to build condos over the artery too.

      Down with shortcuts!

  3. Let’s see how many news topics we can turn into an excuse to bash white people . . . um I mean “hipsters” (wink wink).

    I think we can do it for all of them.

  4. Since the street was already torn apart, why didnt the city take the opportunity to underground the overhead wires? such a wasted chance to save money and to improve the neighborhood.

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