Eastside Property: Boyle Heights house options for under $200,000

Photos from theMLS.com/Redfin

If house flippers have foiled your plans to buy an low-priced Highland Park bungalow,  then perhaps it’s worth checking out property in Boyle Heights. Like Highland Park,  Boyle Heights is filled with classic and old Craftsman as well as Victorian-style bungalows. Unlike Highland Park, however, the horizontal wood fencing and putty colored homes – design touches favored by house flippers – are fewer and far between in Boyle Heights, and home buyers searching for low-priced homes will find more options. In fact, there are about 1o, single-family homes currently listed at $200,000 or less in Boyle Heights north of the 60 Freeway, according to a check on Redfin today. In Highland Park, no single-family homes were for sale under $200,000. Of course, at below $200,000, home buyers are going to be faced with a lot of the work a flipper would have performed, and the cheap houses can go fast. A sale was pending on the  $140,000 house at 2178 Boulder Street (top left) one day after it was listed.

A sample of Boyle Height homes price under $200,000:

  • 1939 E. Second Street
    A four-bedroom, one-bath home built in 1905. It is only two properties away from the 5 Freeway but only two blocks away from the Mariachi Plaza Gold Line station.
  • 2178 Boulder Street
    Three bedroom, one-bath, 940-square foot home built in 1907.  A sale is pending on the home, located in a mostly residential neighborhood east of Soto Street.
  • 3220 E. First Street
    This property at $199,900 is at the top of our range but it also includes two homes: an 800-square-foot cottage with a bay window, front porch and a view of Evergreen Cemetery across the street; the back house is only 500 square-feet.


  1. Are all three of these places adacent to the corner of Ghetto and Gang in Boyle Heights?


  2. Real Eastside Local

    PLEASE DO NOT start posting things like this about some of our last remaining Latino neighborhoods. Hipsters will come in and ruin everything just like they have before. PLEASE STOP. If you care about working class families at all you will find other subjects to report on.

    • Real Eastside Local, are you asking for this website to censor its reporting so that a certain ethnic group doesn’t begin to buy property in a certain neighborhood?

      • Yes, that is exactly what he is saying…. Hipsters, go home!

        • Yeah because the hipsters graffiti, rob, rape and murder their neighbors. They disturb the peace of the neighborhoods they move to by fixing up the crappy shacks and turn them into livable residences. They bring the property values up which brings shops and restaurants, which, IMPROVES the neighborhood. Funny how if hipsters were saying the same thing about you they would be considered racists. I wont call you any names…my reward will be when all of LA is gentrified, pricing all of you out! Hope you enjoy the desert because that is where you will be living soon. Enjoy your graffiti and crime. Us hipsters will be living in your old neighborhood. Only then it will actually be a nice and safe place to live.

    • By “ruining everything” are you referring to painting their house, cleaning up their trash, removing the rod iron fences and bars off their windows, and minting their landscaping? All of my Latino neighbors love what I did to my house which is all of the above.

      • Real Eastside Local

        This is paraphrased from my other reply:
        That sounds like you did a nice job renovating your house, but that’s not what I’m talking about. By “ruining everything” I’m referring to transplants coming in to open up their pedestrian unoriginal boutiques, overpriced new wave cuisine and forcing out the working class families that have been there for decades. We don’t need that shit and we don’t want it. It’s all happened before. It needs to stop now.

    • Seeing it as it is.

      Hipsters are also part of the working class, they deserve the opportunity to own to.

      • Not all white people or “hipsters” as you call them are rich. They live in these neighborhoods because they can’t afford to live anywhere else. This is not some master plan by white people to drive everyone else out. Do you think that white people opening their businesses here go back to their houses in Bel Air and Brentwood after they “forced” people to eat their “overpriced” food? If you want to eat only Mexican food and shop at Hispanic owned stores maybe the U.S. is not the right place for you and you should live in a different country. This country prides itself on consisting of different ethnicities and cultures and that is exactly why I moved to the U.S.

    • Maybe if some of the folks in these “remaining latino neighborhoods” removed the toilets, sofas and automobiles from their front yards, maybe if they painted their homes, the houses wouldn’t be so cheap for flippers to buy in the first place.

    • I know. Latino hipsters are the worst.

  3. Real Eastside Local, I’m sympathetic but that’s a total head in the sand approach.

    And honestly, can we do a Eastsiderla site filter where hipsters = white people? Tired of people using that word instead of what they REALLY mean. If someone were to make a Venne Diagram with hipsters and home buyers, the overlap would probably be awfully small.

  4. Real east side local what are you trying to protect? If people can’t afford to live in Los Angeles then they have plenty of options like Fontana and other surrounding communities where there are no hipsters

  5. Real Eastside Local

    I’m asking him to stop informing transplants about our beautiful communities filled with vibrant culture. Hipsters of all colors will come in and take them over.

    Maybe Latinos can do what white people used to do. Purposely NOT sell to certain people of color to keep them out of the neighborhood that they don’t belong in. Remember the 60’s 70’s and 80’s when white people did this? Maybe it’s time to repay the favor.

    • If the previous residents of Boyle Heights had followed your goofy advice, Real Eastside Loco, then your precious neighborhood would still be Jewish and Japanese, not Latino. Neighborhoods change, and I’m guessing there are plenty of longtime homeowners in the 90063 and 90022 who would love to sell their 1920’s-era bungalows at a profit and buy a 2500-square-foot, built-in-1990 foreclosure in San Bernardino County or elsewhere. It’s nice to romanticize Boyle Heights, but not everyone who lives and owns there is enamored of the area.

      • Real Eastside Local

        If they followed my advice the neighborhood would be a healthy mix of Jewish, Japanese AND Latinos. They were all here at one point, living together. Jewish people moved west when banks wouldn’t give loans for people to buy houses in “ethnic areas.” I’m sure they wanted to stay but unfortunately that’s why most of them moved. Japanese people were taken out of their homes and into internment camps at the hands of the government. When the U.S. government released all the families they just never moved back. These are the reasons the neighborhood became a Latino majority.

  6. @ Real Eastside Local,
    That would be discrimination and would lead to a very costly law suit for the party selling the property best to let the market handle the situation I don’t hear any one speaking of not letting latinos have good paying jobs or go to attend public schools so may be this is a poor topic to broach.
    Unless your a racist pile of garbage, then show your true colors and be done with it.

    • pretentious caucasians move into neighborhoods because the ethnic culture there is “cool.” then they have kids and funnel them into “white” public schools…. i.e. ivanhoe. caucasians are racist and do not want to blend with local peeps. it’s colonization all over again!!!

      • @eva marina What about all the non-pretentious caucasian people who want to buy property in your neighborhood because they are priced out of most other urban LA neighborhoods? What if they move to your area NOT because of the “cool” ethnic culture but do so because they want to buy a great historic house (that pre-dates your version of the neighborhood) at a great price to fix up? Do you think that is a negative thing?

        • there goes the neighborhood!

          • Jolly… I noticed you didn’t mention anything about integrating culturally with one’s neighbors. Caucasians fled the charming bungalows of “urban” neighborhoods to get away from the wrong kind of people. Dry wall for everyone! Now their kids and East Coast cousins think the neighborhood/architecture whatever is “cool.” But they establish little colonies… like the one in Echo Park. Rather than bring the whole neighborhood up, they stamp it out….

          • @eva marina “Rather than bring the whole neighborhood up, they stamp it out….”

            Stamp out what? Gangs? Gunshots? Tagging? Trash on the front lawns?
            If that stuff get’s stamped out, I’ll be one happy NELA homeowner.

            And by the way, just say white people instead of hipsters for now on.

          • Seeing it as it is.

            @eva marina

            There are poor white people to, they just don’t have gang banger kids.

      • I just moved to Highland Park because it is cheap. What “cool culture” are you referring to? Because when I drive through HP all I see is auto repair shops, discount grocery stores, fast food restaurants, and taco stands.

      • Eva…Can’t wait until all schools are like Ivanhoe. Maybe if people would take control of their gang banger children, the schools in your hood would be productive learning institutions like Ivanhoe. Hope they have good schools for your kids in Fontana or Palmdale where you will be moving when “Whitey” takes over your dilapidated neighborhood and turns it into somewhere worth living and raising your kids. Yeah and hipster white people really don’t think the botanicas and crap vermin infested restaurants are so “cool”. That is why the second whitey moves in, they gut everything that was there, and turn it into something nice. Huh…what a concept. Enjoy your gang-banging children. They are so precious to society.

  7. Real Eastside Local

    “Neighborhood that they don’t belong in” by the way is the white mentality. I’m just repeating their sentiment.

    • If white people (or “hipsters” if that makes you feel better) move next door maybe you should come over and say “hi”… we’re not all rich assholes!

  8. Real Eastside Local

    Not selling to people of a certain color IS discriminatory, I completely agree. However, white people have done that to every color of people. Why should they be the only “race” of people exempt from that discrimination?

    What I’m trying to protect is the integrity of Latino neighborhoods that have revitalized themselves while helping to clean out all the gang problems. Now that we finally have something good going I don’t want to see it ruined by outsiders who think the neighborhood is “cool” and “artsy.” Our neighborhoods are this way now because we’ve worked at it for years and years.

    • You are claiming that boyle heights and/or Highland Park has organically cleaned out their gangs? All I see is tagging all day long.

  9. I think it’s time that young Jews started moving back to Boyle heights and revitalize what was once a great hub of Jewish Los Angeles. I can imagine the interesting cultural things a group of young Jewish business people and artists would do in what was once a historically Jewish neighborhood. Maybe we could even re-open the original Canter’s deli. What term would people use to slur us on this forum and think that they aren’t being racist? Oh yeah, it would be “hipsters”.

    • Real Eastside Local

      If Jews wanted to move back to Boyle Heights and help make the community better, there’s no harm in that. If they, or any other people, want to move to the Eastside to open up their pedestrian unoriginal boutiques, overpriced new wave cuisine and force out the working class families that have been there for decades, I, and many others, have a problem with that.

      • It’s gonna happen if you like it or not. YOU don’t own the neighborhood, you just live there! Soon, whitey will live there and hopefully pricing your racist being out! A message from us hipsters….Buh BYE! Hope la puerta doesnt hit you in the tush!

  10. The threat from locals happens frequently. I know an Armenian family that was driven out of Sunland area. What kind of threat? How about a broken window and verbal threats? The “Police” were not able to offer much solutions.

    Brave pioneers will eventually win out. Sometimes you cannot stop the changing demographics. Koreatown was able to carve out a niche from Mid town/Mid City since there is no Japanese exodus from Japan. The Korea war and Vietnam vets make up a lot of the New Koreans.

    Russian Jews have come to America and the evidence is Encino. Who knows when the next government action will cause another neighborhood to face an influx of another ethnic/religious/refugee group?

  11. You guys can all go back where you came from.

  12. Original Gabrieleno

    Right on.

  13. Real East Side local – what integrity of Latinos are you referring to? I’m Raza and I welcome “hipsters” in my neighborhood! As long as my neighborhood improves who cares how the person dresses or what color they are! I tell you what, I won’t miss those people taking the shopping carts home, those taco stands that put existing legitimate restaurants out of business, and those going through my blue bin the night before trash days!

    • Real Eastside Local

      The people that live in the neighborhood NOW can be educated to take better care and have more pride in their homes and streets. It doesn’t take a hipster or anybody else to do this. I know how it is and it’s frustrating to say the least when you see things like that, but it would be far worse if the streets were clean but everything else in the neighborhood was different. Gentrification means local mom and pop restaurants and stores would be priced out to make way for lame hipster hangouts. Raza can come in and help make this historic Latino neighborhood better than what it is today instead of Caucasians coming in, trying to take it over, and make it look just like the rest of their cookie-cutter places. Which would you prefer? How about the rest of the people in BH?

      • Real Eastside Local stop being such a victim. Mexicans are not and should not be portrayed as “poor victims” its deeming. The Mexican community has the ability to determine how and where they want to live too not only white people can decide what a neighborhood is like. By the way who are all these white people buying houses in the neighborhood from? other white people? I don’t think so.

        So I guess Mexicans shouldn’t be allowed to move into predominately white area’s either? After all I’m they wouldn’t want their aesthetic sullied either right? WRONG. Everyone benefits culturally when people are allowed to move where they want.

        I think the poster who said this a generational thing is right. There is a lot of cultural influence that both sides have on each other. I think the kids largely embrace it. Yes of course there is a gap but I don’t see Mexican and White youth interacting anywhere in the city as much as here. The bike culture is very integrated its a area of common ground between white hipsters and Mexican hipsters.

        Personally I love the fact this new confrontation forces us to deal with each other

      • Real Estate Local,

        Your frustration is clear, but it is misdirected.

        Go back and read your posts. It is clear that you are frustrated by your own people. You state above “the people in the neighborhood NOW can be educated to take better care and have more pride… It doesn’t take a hipster to do this…”
        You are RIGHT! Please take your own advise. Have your neighbors take more pride in their surroundings . Then, your property values will go up and not be appealing to all who you demonize here.

        Your choice.

  14. Ha ha stamp it out – And criticizing whitey for both fleeing and moving into diverse neighborhoods? Whatever… To use the ep example – the lovely wwII vet neighbor whose uncle was one of the last holdouts in Chavez ravine – he finally simply passed on. The kids (one was the go to guy for a 4″ high echo park tat on yr back) had neither the means or desire to hang on to the old bungalow. So it was sold at a healthy profit to someone of whatever color who wanted something affordable, near their friends, in a diverse hillside neighborhood close to an urban center. Not exactly eminent domain…

  15. Most of you here act like children. I”m willing to bet that the people that are complaining about gentrification and the so called “hipsters”, either do not own in the areas they are trying to protect. OR, the latter. Granny/Grandpa/Mommy/Daddy have lived there forever and they are still living with them. Get over it people. Cleaning up these areas is a good thing.

    Respect people, community and yourself. If almost everyone would have in these areas, people that can afford to buy wouldn’t be trying to buy low and fix these properties one by one….

  16. Guisados
    2100 East Ceasar Chavez

    Best tacos on the planet, right there in little old Boyle heights.

    I see a lot of white folk in there. Scary.

  17. I’m a third generation BH resident and I welcome anyone of any color to come to BH. As the article said there are many hidden gems in BH for a very reasonable price. I purchased a 2 story 2000ft 1911 craftsman for about $250 a few years back, the same home would have cost me 2 or 3 times as much if it was in HLP or EP. We need residents who want to restore these amazing homes no matter if you wear baggy pants or skinny jeans. BH has a history of multicultural demographic shifts (Jewish, Russian, Japanese, Seribian, Latino) and it will continue to change, no one demographic can claim this land sorry la Raza. As far as the gangster situation, there seems to be a trend amongs the youth that gang banging isn’t cool anymore, I have 4 school within a 3 block and no gang graffiti, I can’t say the same about my GF’s house in HLP where it seams like there’s 3 gangs constantly fighting over the same turf (Av’s, HLP and dog town). With that said don’t be fooled there are still gangs this is Los Angeles EVERY neighborhood has gangs. When people ask me what the difference between eastside neighborhoods I like to simplify it by saying echo park is hip, HLP is trendy, and BH is edgy.

  18. Latinos aint goin’anywhere…Boyle Heights will always be Latino

    Echo Park is STILL so beautifully Latino, anybody from any part of the world can see that…the 99 cent shops, tattoo parlors, and tortillarias blend just right with the music clubs, art galleries and vegan restaurants…

    old Latinos may complain, but their kids love it!

  19. Hey folks, I would like to speak for a moment as a white person from the Pacific Northwest who relocated by choice to Boyle Heights about four years ago. First, I like the neighborhood and the majority of people and businesses already here. If that wasn’t the case, I could have moved somewhere else in Los Angeles. My girlfriend is from near Austin, and the beautiful commercial strip on Cesar Chavez looks and feels a lot like Mexican-American East Austin, which is a very nice place too, so we decided that Boyle Heights was where we wanted to live. So if the angry, and apparently quite racist Chicano/Mexican-American/Latino people writing comments on this article have a problem with that purely because of our ethnicity or the tone of our skin automatically without even seeing who it is that you’re hating on, that’s pretty pathetic and sad.

    Let me clue you in: the racist, intolerant, ignorant white people who moved out of their neighborhoods rather than integrate (i.e. “white flight”) were wrong at the time, and they disgust me as well as you. Refusing to blend with all of America is just plain wrong–it’s anti-American! So if you think adopting a doomed strategy developed by hateful, ignorant people who were not willing to act and think like full-fledged human beings is a good idea, that makes you just as pathetic as they were. So what is your reason for imagining that you are “better” than someone else, if that is the stance you plan on taking? Really, folks? I know that there is a lot of racism in the world, and everybody is capable of it. But it is 2012 already, not 1949! Acting like a dinosaur is not a good plan for the future! And by the way, I have much harsher words for white racists than for you, so don’t go thinking I’m singling out your viewpoint, because I’m not.

    All else I can say is this: you need to investigate what has happened all over the rest of the world already. I grew up in Seattle, as an example, and the process you are complaining about, where real estate speculation drives working-class people out of neighborhoods has been underway for a very long time. But here in Los Angeles, you have prop. 13 to keep you from being literally taxed out of your own home! The county can’t just raise your property taxes from $2,500 a year to $11,000 or $15,000 or $20,000 in one whack because somebody down the street bought a property to build condos on. That is an advantage to the local that cannot be found in any other state!

    I submit to you that the Eastside (and by that I mean, the part of Los Angeles east of Main street!) is a beautiful area full of good people with a rich, multi-ethnic history. In fact, many elderly Chicanos speak with regret that Boyle Heights has become so homogenized, and wish it was still more diverse. But I guess the haters disagree with the elders. Me, I have respect for the people who have worked hard to keep this place livable, to improve it, and I don’t hate anybody. I think it is a tragedy that you could come from somewhere with such a truly American history of diversity and tolerance and speak in the same old, tired, knee-jerk racist terms. It makes you sound like a stereotype of a hater white person, which is pretty sad for more reasons than I could ever express, mostly because you have to live with yourself. Peace, and best wishes for your future!

  20. I don’t see hipsters tagging my garage with “IRONIC POR VIDA!!”

  21. I am white and a “hipster” and I am not even from the U.S. originally. I moved to the U.S. from Europe and specifically chose Los Angeles because I wanted to live in a multicultural city among other cultures and ethnicities. I personally like to be surrounded by other cultures and ethnicities and that is exactly why I moved here. Anyone can be a racist no matter what skin color they are and there seem to be more Hispanics co planning about white people and being racist than white people. If you don’t want to live among other cultures or skin colors I suggest you go back to whatever country you came from and live among “your people”. Stop ruining it for everyone else who wants to be here and wants to live in peace with others who want the same.

  22. Real Eastside Local: you’re pathetic. And what does “Latino/a” mean anyway? Latino culture is already a melting pot of European, African, Asian and native peoples, so get off your racist horse and enjoy life. The only constant is change.

  23. My white friends are looking for a nice Victorian House in The Boyle Heihts area. They like a nice one by the Mariachi Plaza.(Sorry Mariachis) They will be my new Neighbors soon. After looking at the House we all went to Guisados and eat Tacos. The place full of white and asian people. Then we tour the area. First they notice a New Walgreens will be open very soon at Breed and Cesar Chavez. Welcome to all who has $$$$$ to spend. BH. its the best place close to all…..

  24. Wow Dave Mortenson, you pretty much summed it up.

    If Real Estate Loco was a whitey back in the day, he would have been down for Jim Crow laws

  25. Real Eastside Local

    And that’s the problem right there. Whitey has done this for DECADES in Southern California, and now that someone other than whitey is suggesting it they’re all up in arms crying.

    I’m for people of all colors living together. A person’s color isn’t the problem, it’s their mentality. And a lot of these people have the “white right” way of thinking. I come into your home (neighborhood) see something I like and take it, claim it as my own. These are the facts of history, who has come to this continent and done this already? Mexicans? Middle Easterners? Asians? Blacks? or Whites? Answer that one.

    • Well, yes they all have.

      Have you seen Watts/SCLA/Compton lately? By your reasoning, Mexicans came into a glorious black neighborhood, saw what they like, and took it from the black folks who moved out to the 661 or 909, or whatever.

      Oh, and before that blacks came in and took over from the whiteys when it was an Anglo neighborhood.

      West LA along Westwood Ave? Iranians saw what they liked and claimed it as their own. Tehrangeles!

      Lets not start with the Monterey Park and Asians!

  26. I moved to BH a few years ago and have spend thosands of dollars and hours working on and maintaining my home. I welcome anyone is actually willing come in and contribute in a positive way. Also, if they are willing to actually clean in front of their property (renters or owners), that would be great!

  27. sorry meant to write….spent thousands of dollars

  28. I n this case white people are BUYING from WILLING sellers. Those two thing alone make it completely different. Nothing is stopping Mexicans from buying where they want.

  29. Real Eastside Local

    Willing buyers… sometimes. But often times it’s foreclosed houses that Mexican (and other) families lost due to the housing crash in 2008.

    I don’t care who moves in where, just don’t mess up the neighborhood and try to change everything about it. It’s amazing the way it is now, it can be better if everyone works together.

    My main point was that white people didn’t let people of color into “their” neighborhoods for years and years. Why should they be exempt from the same type of treatment? It’s not right, but it happened. I don’t want this neighborhood’s people to be pushed out because they don’t make as much money as some of the others that might move in.

    • Huh? What you’re saying doesn’t make sense foreclosures are a small part of the market even during the bust. It also hit more recent ( presumably white buyers) than anyone. In fact the main beneficiaries are anyone who bought low years ago and sold at the height of the market. Gentrification was going on years before that anyway. Also foreclosures make properties MORE affordable and anyone of any color is welcome to buy the houses that came back to the market at the new lower price.

    • It’s amazing to have sofas and toilets in front yards?

    • Graffiti and trash is amazing! White people don’t let people of color in their neighborhoods? Really. Get a job, save some money, and move anywhere you want. I’m white so I must have missed the meeting to not sell to people of color. Btw, it is racist to refer to people as whitey and you seem to do it without a problem. Look in the mirror, and then move that mirror to nazi germany. You would have done well there.

  30. OMG I can’t believe I got sucked into reading ALL of the comments on this post. Thank you EastsiderLA for providing a forum for people to talk this out. Agree completely with Dave Mortenson. Cudos for taking the time to succinctly express your point of view. Racism and intolerance is wrong period, no matter who did it to whom first. (unless we’re talking about the folks who just dumped the trash out of their car in front of my house, they SUCK!)

  31. Real Eastside Local: Just admit you’re racist against white people and let’s be done with it. You’re wasting a lot of space complaining. Let’s talk about what can be done to improve Boyle Heights without prohibiting various groups of people (people who don’t look like OR live like you do…IMAGINE THAT!) from living there.
    OR you could keep a list as to who should be let into Boyle Heights and who shouldn’t. Are people who own bikes excluded? What about beards? What about bike owners WITH beards? What about strange hair? What about afro vs. asymmetrical cut? And clothes? If the clothes fit too tightly? Cost too much? What if they were from a thrift store? What if they wear glasses? What kind of glasses? The kind they sell at Lens Crafters? What if they’re vintage glasses? What if the vintage glasses were inherited from someone instead of purchased? Or you could just have every new “transplant” resident wear a star or something…

    OR you could just ease up on the racism/xenophobia and enjoy your life, and the life teeming around you.

    I recommend the latter.

  32. Real Eastside Local

    I’m not going to waste space saying I’m not racist because that always means you are racist. I don’t care what you think, I am reciting FACTS. Nobody has addressed the fact that white people have done this to every other ethnicity for years. What do you think about that? I’m racist because I remember? I’m a fan of people of any color but a wise man once said, “Just because you forgot doesn’t mean you’re forgiven.”

    I am enjoying my life and I will continue to do so. I just don’t want trendy hipsters getting in the way and being all annoying thinking they have a right to whatever they want just because they’re white or any other color. Historically Caucasians tend to think they’re entitled to everything. Of course not all people are like this but I’ve seen it plenty of times. Enough is enough.

    • you are not racist. You’re just kind of reactionary and mad at things you don’t appear to understand. Affordable housing is hard to find everywhere in Los Angeles and as the prices of every other part of town have risen, there has been a stronger eye placed on the areas of town that are less expensive and relative bargains.

      Many people that might make great neighbors to you are turned off by the attitudes that you so clearly demonstrate in your posts. You think the people coming to Boyle Heights are moving there so they can cause massive demographic change? No. They mostly are trying to find a nice place to live that is affordable and safe.

  33. We think you’re racist not because you remember but instead because you prejudge people, hold them responsible for past crimes of others people and suggest using similar racist tactics.

  34. Any white-hating Latino who is reading this, you will be ecstatic to know that I have never come a cross a white person who would ever consider buying a house in Boyle Heights. So don’t worry about it.

  35. Dave Mortenson and El Batmanuel explained it perfectly. Boyle Heights is a great neighborhood, and it will continue to get better as people purchase homes and have pride of ownership. We all benefit from residents doing their part to make Boyle heights a safe, cohesive place to live. Who cares what race or style you are? I’m Irish/Mexican. What category do I fall into in your eyes real east side local? I purchased my home in Boyle Heights and welcome all to come to our neighborhhod and enjoy all it has to offer. I have Mexican, Caucasian, Asian, Serbian and Russian neighbors on my block and I think it’s great! Adam Bray, thanks for summing it up in your last post. Couldn’t have said it better!

  36. You know sadly your rants distract from a more thoughtful argument about cultural and political disadvantages that minorities still face. I definitely think you could make an argument that white people are even in this day are politically favored and could make a reasoned argument how that impacts the politically less significant in the gentrification process. I also think economic status is just as much a factor, as is generation and language. First generation of all immigrants are less successful than say fifth generation for instance. But yes race is still a consideration but that doesn’t mean were all victims of whitey and hes taking something from you when they buy houses in your neighborhood.

    • This is four years later, and this was the best comment.

      I happen to agree most with Real Eastside local. Not his anger, but his understanding of history. This current gentrification fits in with this pattern of historic racism and classism. Look at the mean, racist comment about Huntington Park. That’s what people used to say about Boyle Heights before it became the focus of gentrification by real estate speculators.

      The racism and classism still exists, but the hatred is no longer focused on BH. Instead, BH is being treated as a neighborhood into which white people are to be injected. HP, Florence Graham, South Gate, etc. are now the no-white-mans-lands.

      The “multicultural” arguments are another form of denial of history. The ideology of multiculturalism has been propagandized for a few decades now, and the idea was that multiculturalism would eradicate racism and its partner, classism. Sadly, this has obviously failed, as a lot of racism has persisted, and income and wealth inequality is greater than ever.

      Ultimately, the ideology of multiculturalism was a way to avoid dealing with racism and classism, which are harder things to confront. Look at how the multictulturalists called REL a “racist”. Please spare me. He was railing against this huge tide of gentrification that could wipe out this working class community, as it has done to Echo Park, Silver Lake, and Highland Park. A team of property owners banded together (and how many were white) to call this person a racist? If we could put faces onto these posts, the absurdity of that argument would silence us all.

      And there’s also an error in the multicultural presentation of the neighborhood. They always play up the Jewish and Japanese, but don’t include the Blacks, Russians, Greeks, Armenians, etc. They don’t always include the Mexicans, who were the largest group back then, as well. It was Mexicans who were the first people of color to move here in large numbers. Jews were the last whites to become white. Japanese didn’t become white, but, are the “acceptable” people of color to white people.

  37. It doesn’t matter to me whether I live in a neighborhood that is black, white, brown, purple, gray, blue, whatever. What matters to me is that my neighbors take care of their places, what matters to me is the streets are safe, and what matters to me is people treat it like it’s home. It’s hard to not judge neighborhoods when front yards look like garbage dumps, abandoned cars choke driveways, vegetation is non existent except for the occasional tree which inexplicably has every leaf cut off of it each year. People need to learn some self-respect and pride. This is why I dont want to live in shitholes like HP or BH.

  38. hipsters are trying to ruin the latino community of Logan Heights in San Diego. This area has been for a long time a Latino community mixed with pride and culture. Hipsters you already have North Park and Universety down here leave Chicano Park alone.

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