Echo Park gets its magic back

In Echo Park, even an old plastic gas station sign has its fans. That’s what the new owners of the former Magic Gas station learned after replacing the old while and blue Magic Gas sign at the corner of Echo Park and Morton avenues with a new red and black Echo Fuels sign. While some customers were happy about the new gas pumps, many also expressed their unhappiness – “Oh my God, why did you take the Magic Gas sign down?” -over the name change, said Vic Abraham, one of the station’s new managers.  So, today in a compromise, the old Magic Gas station signs were being installed over the gas station entrance and inside over the ice cream freezer while the new Echo Fuels sign will remain at the corner. “That was the plan,” Abraham said. “We don’t want to mess with the [neighborhood] heritage.”


  1. For all the people who complain about the prices, I noticed today their gas is almost a whole dollar cheaper a gallon than the Chevron on Alameda and Cesar Chavez.

    • Just about every gas station on Earth is about a dollar or more cheaper than that one so there was no point to that statement. Sorry. Arf.

      • How that Chevron stays in business is amazing. That and the indy station on hill. There is nothing else on this end. Would be great if the place by Little joy opened.

  2. Big fan of working gas pumps in the neighbourhood. I currently commute to Culver City and there’s only 3 stations inbetween here and the bottom of Alvarado, and none of them are particularly easy to get in or out of.

    A biweekly frustration of mine was stopping at Magic Gas and managing to pick the disfunctional pump.

  3. Patrick H. B. Porter

    I remember when that station was a Mobilgas (I think) in the 50s; seems like its always been there. There was even a little gas station across from the school at Echo Park and Baxter once upon a time.

  4. Echo Park Community ( Class Warfare ? ) is the difference between the Gas Station at Morton ( O my rusty old Corvair ? ) and the ” Trash Art Gallery ” at Portia and Sunset ?

  5. I want people to work hard, spend their own money to make things that I want or I will complain! Wahhh!! Wahhh!!! Wahhh!!! Use your time and money for my needs!!! Wahh!!! Wahhhh!! Wahhh!!!!

  6. Go “Leather” on your comment. I’m really sick of Echo Park loud mouths telling local businesses what they should do and what they should name themselves. Mind your OWN business. Bunch of busy bodies with too much time on their hands. You all have no idea what it is to run a small business and then have to contend with these opinions of what you should do with it…. as you pour your heart and life savings into your business. Maybe you all should put yourself in their shoes before having such opinions that could mean the difference b/w a them staying in business. For a community that touts itself as liberals, seems we are more fascists!

    • I’m boycotting this place…wait….what do I do now…I don’t like the new name but they still have the old name….uh oh…okay, I’ll boycott on odd days but patronize on even days. What the hell is going on nowadays! Totally agree with you Jen. I wonder how many people who actually complain go to this station.

  7. That’s good news!! Thank you to the owners!

  8. How cool is it that these owners saw the humor and connectivity of putting back the Magic Gas sign. A good business decision and win win solution!

  9. It was a welcome sight to see the sign back up when I got home this evening. Thank you, Magic Gas-owner Echo Fuels, for being a business that listens to its customers (the community).

  10. It’s the hipsters! They did it! I was just getting used to the new sign, and now they go and change everything! I was feeling ‘legit’ and like and ‘og’ and like a ‘long time resident’ because I remembered when it used to be called ‘magic gas’. Now I’m just the same old fool I was before. I blame the hipsters. We’re still on that right? Blaming the hipsters?

    I say we do an occupy EP and insist that they change the name back to Echo Fuels. We’ve got rights. Any fellow long time residents ‘down’?

  11. the irony is that they probably changed the name in the first place when they realized they couldn’t shake the bad rap “the hipsters” have put on the place no matter who owns it.

    You just can’t win.

  12. Thank you, Echo Fuels owners, for finding a great compromise. I love that this wonderful, convenient corner can still house Magic Gas. It’s more fun, a lighthearted way to send you on your daily journey.

  13. Comepletely agree with Jen, so left you’re right. The new business owners who PAID for the new pumps should also get to decide what the hades to name their own business.

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