Echo Park “Quinceañera” mural prepares for a touch up

Photo by Jesse Saucedo

Artist Kiki Giet began work today to repair the damage to “Quinceañera” about two weeks after a section of the Echo Park mural that was was scraped away by workers preparing the building for a new Señor Fish restaurant. Giet told photographer Jesse Saucedo that the restoration of the mural near the corner of Logan Street and Sunset Boulevard would begin on Friday after preparing the surface today with a coat of primer. Theresa Powers, who painted the mural in 1996, arranged the repair after the owners of Señor Fish agreed to retain the mural.

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  1. mike gonzales cienfuegos

    YAY Senor Fish!

  2. Oh god. I hate that mural. Really?

  3. This is a level of sensitivity to a community in flux that most business/property/interest owners haven’t shown. I applaud the owners of Senor Fish and their desire to improve that corner of Sunset while maintaining a bit of its original character.

  4. Agreed, ryan, though the mural will still be mediocre.

  5. Most boring mural out there. Out with the old and in with the new please!

  6. Not everything that is created needs to last forever.

  7. This Just Up: New colorful mural from artist Dcypher on the east side of Silver Lake Bouevard at Parkman, north of the the Sunset Boulevard Bridge in conjunction with the coming Silver Lake Jubilee.

  8. i guess we’re supposed to d-cypher what the F that’s supposed to say.

    i think i see a pencil

    for the record- both murals suck, for different reasons!

  9. It’s great the way everyone “speaks” for the community. It’s not that beloved.

    • Mrs Girl!

      You are right!

      We back you one hundred percentavos! You too have done us a favor for not speaking on behalf of the community, and we thank you. Too often this becomes a forum for gentrification artists and ex-dodger fans to trash the hipsters. Let the hipsters trash themselves (now that’s beating them at their own game now isnt it?).

      What is beloved is having a flowing white dress to search with your eyes as you feast on taco’s across the street. But don’t look for me there tonight, I will be sleeping. But never sleeping against the tide of change that threatens us at every changing moment.

      Speak on about not speaking for the community! All too often activist such as yourself lose the opportunity to connect with those around them by not being silent themselves. Your silence in the future will be respected! I will call out to you – “Mrs. Girl! Are you okay? Or are you just engaged in your vow of silence?” And you can answer, but briefly, yea or nay, and then we will understand each other.

      Come on people, let’s talk about it (the not talking about it).

      Who’s with me?

  10. Supposedly the giant pink rose represents her virginity. A giant PINK ROSE on a FISH restraunt… is that irony?

  11. And Shouldn’t it be Senor Pescado or Mr. Fish?

  12. I’m glad they are restoring this mural. It’s always nice having the old mixed in with the new.

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