Freeway lanes shut down after police capture Echo Park suspects

The northbound 101 Freeway was shut down in Hollywood during the evening rush hour as police apprehended four suspects who were believed involved in a car-t0-car shooting in Echo Park.  The incident began after 5 p.m. when police received reports of an assault with a deadly weapon in Echo Park, said Officer Karen Rayner with the LAPD media relations department.  A vehicle believed involved in the incident was spotted entering the 101 Freeway by Rampart Division officers, who pursued the vehicle. Police caught up with the vehicle north of Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood and arrested four suspects about five miles from the shooting scene, Rayner said. There were no immediate reports that anyone suffered injuries as a result of the shooting, which Patch and City News  said took place near Echo Park Avenue and Duane Street.


  1. whadya know…More shootings north of sunset on echo park ave… Thanks for catching these guys LAPD.

    Let’s remember why it keeps happening up there… you guys need more presence between Duane and Baxter on echo park ave! These guys have no fear of LAPD.

  2. glad they caught them, hope no one was hurt (gang member or otherwise).

  3. Blooming in Echo Park

    Thank you LAPD for catching these guys. At least it’ll keep them off our street for a couple of days until they are released and go home to the same stretch of Echo Park Ave. Guess we’ll be painting over their graffiti and having to endure their violent rivalries again this upcoming weekend 🙁

  4. concerned, sick and tired

    This really needs to stop before some kid walking out of the Echo Park Mart at 5PM gets hit by a stray bullet. Honestly – car to car at that hour could have really claimed some innocent victims. Of course, the last community meeting I attended I was told by LAPD and City Council aides that no one would take a gang injunction request seriously until we were “tripping over bodies in the street” like with the Avenues gang, so I’m not sure where to turn. But no one, race, color, class, or creed, deserves to live among violence of this nature, and we should all do everything in our power to stop it.

  5. worried neighbor

    Jesus all of this violence happening between duane and baxter is right next to the elementary School. we need more security in this area! I can look outside my window now and see at least a few children and parents pushing their babies in strollers at all times of the day. This violence needs to stop before innocent people like me and the other people i see in the neighborhood get hurt!!! and I’m sick of hearing gun shots. I don’t want to have to leave this otherwise beautiful neighborhood

  6. Jeezy H Christy-Christ

    I heard like five shots a block away then saw the ‘suspects’ live on TV spread out on the freeway a few minutes later, too bad my TiVo is broken, would have made a nice clips for this article.
    If I had a dollar for every gunshot I heard in Echo Park since i moved here in the 80’s, I’d be a rich SOB. The best advice I got is, duck.

  7. Can We Get Some Help Please...

    When the gang member was shot a few weeks ago on Fargo, I called the Northeast Station to ask when we as citizens could do to help stop all of this and the officer on the phone responded with “you know this has been going on for a long time”. It was VERY defeating.
    I’d love to send my kids to the neighborhood school and I’d love to push them around in strollers on the weekend but I feel like I’m taking a huge risk with their lives and that’s totally unfair to them. Is there anyway to organize a private security system within the Elysian Heights community? I support the LAPD but they are not going to do anything directly about this problem and the gang members are totally aware of that fact.

    • i have gotten the same response as well. frustrating.

    • There is a private security system in Echo Park. Since the early 1990s the members of the Echo Park Security Association have paid Select Patrol to monitor our neighborhood. They have been an important factor in reducing crime locally, especially as the patrol is what’s known as a ‘dedicated patrol’ which means that the guards stay within the boundaries of Echo Park-Angelino Heights. Currently about 400 households are members; they can contact the patrol by phone, text or email. I’m a 30-year homeowner living near Elysian Heights school and I urge you to call Select Patrol (it’s an Eastsider advertiser) and/or look at the E.P.S.A.website echoparksecurity.com.

  8. Borracho Locos Fixxie

    I seen those guys drinking at Fix earlier in the day — they got all bombed up on white wine spritzers then shot up the ‘hood.

  9. Jeezy H Christy-Christ

    Dear Borracho Locos Fixxie,
    I seen them too. They shot up the hood alright, then they had some more red wine straight up at the unicorn store to buy some vintage rags. they got away disguised as average trust-fund hipsters.

  10. Does this not reflect badly on Eric Garcetti and his influence with LAPD? For years he lived blocks from this nest of gang activity and even he, with all his “political clout” was not able to get it eradicated. Did he even try? Or was he just too focused on going against a beer and wine license for Fix? One more reason I will not be voting for him for mayor.

    It sounds like LAPD needs a serious attitude adjustment too.

  11. It’s a shame. I know of a few families who wouldn’t send their kids to Elysian Heights School due to the concentration of gun violence within those 3 or so blocks.
    Who could blame them?

  12. This is not news,you guys…stop reacting as if stuff like this doesn’t happen all the time around these parts. Either get used to it or move away because you can rest assure that it will never end. (no matter how many hipster come along) If anything,ya all should feel like dumb pucks for paying all that money to live in a place where constant tray bullets are flying. And if you have kids,why the hell are you still there?? 🙂 and ya really gotta love how they mention arrest but not imprisonment…wake up,guys. No one went to jail or will be caught for this

    Always remember: guns dont kill ppl. ppl do

    • @bummer:

      So basically we should just let bad dudes do bad things and not do anything about it? You’re an idiot.

      Go talk to people in the currently booming business climate in brooklyn and ask how many people 25 years ago would have thought the current state of affairs possible. And FYI, it was a FAR worse neighborhood than Echo Park.

  13. What about LA School PD having more of a presence at the school, just posting a car outside. That seems reasonable and a good deterrent. They’re full fledged LAPD just assigned to schools. Not that I want a police state at my kids school, however.

  14. interesting how if the headline of this story was “car to car shooting 1 block away from elementary school (for the umpteenth time)” there would be 200 comments on this thread. as is, everyone thinks it’s a story about a traffic jam or something, and only a few comments.

  15. Anyone know which gang specifically is the cause (at least half the cause) of all these shootings?

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