Here, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty …

Photo by Austinevan/Flickr

The Daily News reported this weekend about how spay-neuter clinics, animal shelters and animal activists are preparing for the annual springtime feral kitty baby boom. Apparently feral cats are plentiful in Montecito Heights, where resident Roberta Garten has spent several years  trapping stray cats that are neutered and then returned to their neighborhood through the FixNation clinic. How many feral cats has she collected?  1,600 cats, including 450 last year, according to the Daily News.  Said Garten:

“It’s part of my life,” Garten said. “We can’t always know what’s gong to happen to these cats. We hope they live an OK life but were not letting the (breeding) cycle continue.”

Garten said many of the cats had been abandoned in a park near her home.


  1. Thanks so much to Ms. Garten for her good works!!!!

  2. Yes, thank you! This is wonderful!

  3. Echo Park Neighbor

    I second the thank you to Ms. Garten! You inspired me to donate to Fix Nation.

  4. Way to go Roberta! We appreciate everything you do!

  5. Roberta, I’m a new transplant to Montecito Heights struggling to keep the cat population from exploding also. I have a tiny colony that I’ve TNR’ed. I’ve never seen anything like this. Let’s try to contact each other to develop a plan.

  6. Thank you for the kind comments, and to Echo Park Neighbor, thank you for the donation to FixNation! The staff there is so incredible for their kindness, care, and dedication to the well being of these cats. We trappers couldn’t do much without them…….. Susan, please contact me on the mhia yahoo list-am happy to try and help. There are more trappers than one would think in our amazing northeast community!

    • Thanks for all you do. I live in Highland Park and have been trapping here since I moved here three years ago.
      I was at Fixnation today and you were loading your car with tons of traps 🙂 you are an inspiration!! So often I get overwhelmed and hearing about people like you gives me hope and strength to keep going.. And what would we do without Fixnation!!! They are so great and important, so please people even if you don’t get involved in trapping and feeding please donate!!! Thanks

  7. Extraordinary work Roberta! We need more people to take action! It not only saves animals, it saves our tax dollars. I’m in lower Silver Lake & have been going it alone w/mini-trap/s/n. Wish we could coordinate a more organized effort for the east side & get the neighborhood councils to help spread the word.

  8. I suppose you’d all be o.k. with a superior life form coming down to Earth and sterilizing humans too. Too damn many of us on this rock.

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