LAPD warns Atwater and Silver Lake vehicle owners to watch out

Photo by Raleighwoman/Flickr

The LAPD’s Northeast Division today warned Atwater Village and Silver Lake vehicle owners to take extra precautions after a cluster of recent break-ins and thefts, many of them taking place in the afternoon. Four vehicles were reported stolen during the past week in Atwater Village between Glendale Boulevard and Los Feliz Boulevard, according to CrimeMapping.com. Meanwhile, in  northeast Silver Lake, three vehicles were stolen near Glendale Boulevard and Fletcher Drive and four break-ins were reported near the southern edge of the Silver Lake Reservoir, including incidents on Duane Street and Resdale Avenue.  A posting on the Northeast Facebook page said:

Much of the activity is taking place between noon and 6pm. We will adjust accordingly to tackle these trends, but want to remind everyone to Lock It, Hide It, Keep It.

In a separate warning, the LAPD Northeast Division said vehicle theft had increased in a section of  Highland Park.


  1. In a somewhat related note, there have also been some suspicious characters trolling around stealing people’s mail in the Garvanza section of Highland Park. They have been described as a couple in their late 20’s and sometimes they are walking a small min pin dog. They were seen on Elgin St. around 11am on the 7th of March.

  2. It looks like there may have been a car burglary on Parkman Ave. off Sunset as well, there’s broken glass all over the curb outside my building that I don’t remember seeing when I left for work this morning.

  3. My car (and all 3 cars parked behind me) was broken into on Riverside near Home Restaurant on a Saturday in broad daylight last year. They threw a brick through the passenger side window and stole our GPS in the glove box. The damage was less than my $500 deductible so I just bit the bullet. But the giveaway that I had a GPS, I learned, was the mark of the suction cup on the windshield….Pissed me off, though I do own a much nicer GPS now AND I do take it with me. And I always use the valet at that restaurant. Lessons learned hard.

  4. Back in the days, when we had pull out radios (even before the pull out faceplates), I installed a car lock box/safe under my seat. I would put my pull out radio in there. One day my car was broken into, and there was blood on my car safe (door glass all over the safe and floor and the crook trying to find my radio cut himself–yay!!), but my radio was safe. They did take the subwoofer that was in the back (hatchback).

    Anyway, you can still get these safes, like this: http://www.amazon.com/The-Club-LB200-Personal-Security/dp/B002WRRNFO/ref=sr_1_1?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1331404264&sr=1-1

    Not the same as the one I got, but you get the idea.

  5. A few weeks ago my car was broken into on Locksley Place at around 10pm right outside my house. Destroyed my entire console for a crappy CD player that no longer worked. They opened my trunk to see if I had a subwoofer or anything in the back, but I didn’t. Another Honda up the block was broken into on the same night as well 🙁

  6. Note to self: don’t own a Honda

  7. My car was broken into last year when I was working out by the Reservoir. They smashed the window and took my (hidden) purse. It was in broad daylight. I called the police and they said another car break in was reported at the same time in the same place. Over the course of the next few days the thief used my debit card (immediately) at a gas station, and then took my checking account number to sign up for a porn website. Thankfully the porn website contacted me, and I was able to get the email address the thief used to sign up for the site. I handed all this information over to the police– everything they’d need to catch this guy– and they didn’t care. Nothing ever happened. Thanks, LAPD. You’re always there to give me a ticket for driving without a seatbelt, but when there’s an actual crime it’s too much to handle.

  8. Note to self: take purse with me and not hide in car!!

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