Los Feliz resident warns neighbors of car burglary

A Los Feliz resident reports that a car parked on Clarrisa Avenue between Hillhurst Avenue and Commonwealth Avenue was broken into on Friday afternoon and two laptop computers and clothing were stolen.  A rear passenger window was smashed during the crime, which took place at about 3:30 p.m. The resident, whose own car was broken into last year, wanted to alert neighbors about the crime:

It happened right outside our house and the owners of the car rang our doorbell to see if we saw anything. Sadly, we didn’t, but she did contact the police who acknowledged the theft, but didn’t come out to talk to them. In November of last year my car was broken into in the driveway (no window smashed) and my GPS and iPod were stolen. The more people know, perhaps more attention will be paid to this issue.

On Friday, the LAPD Northeast Division reported that numerous afternoon vehicle break-ins and thefts had taken place in Atwater Village and Silver Lake.


  1. I’ve always warned friends who visit to never leave anything of value in their car. My old roommate had her car broken into about 2-3 yrs ago. Same thing.. window was smashed, GPS stolen.

  2. Back in the days, when we had pull out radios (even before the pull out faceplates), I installed a car lock box/safe under my seat. I would put my pull out radio in there. One day my car was broken into, and there was blood on my car safe (door glass all over the safe and floor and the crook trying to find my radio cut himself–yay!!), but my radio was safe. They did take the subwoofer that was in the back (hatchback).

    Anyway, you can still get these safes, like this: http://www.amazon.com/The-Club-LB200-Personal-Security/dp/B002WRRNFO/ref=sr_1_1?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1331404264&sr=1-1

    Not the same as the one I got, but you get the idea.

    Either way, if people haven’t learned once, or even twice (as it seems), DON’T LEAVE ANYTHING IN YOUR CAR THAT IS VALUABLE TO YOU, PERIOD. If you have to, install a car safe. Do note though, the car safe won’t help if your car is stolen.

  3. I also live in Los Feliz near Commonwealth, and have always known it to be a safe neighborhood, until last Sunday when went to my car in the morning only to find it jacked up and missing a wheel. Starting to lose faith in what I once thought was a nice, safe place to live.

  4. Hi everyone,

    One of the likely factors contributing to property crime is the early release of non-violent, non-serious, non-sex offenders from the California prison system under AB 109. LAPD Northeast Division has established both a new property crime unit and another unit to monitor these “early releases.”

    Thieves also strike areas that are lucrative for them. If they successfully steal valuables from one region there is a fair probability that they will strike that neighborhood again. They also migrate due to the directed presence of Law Enforcement in a given area. This is why one week we may see trends in Atwater Village and the next in Los Feliz, followed by Echo Park, etc. These are still nice areas to live in — that is one reason why thieves target these areas.

    It’s important for us to create good community awareness and we are very thankful for the exchange taking place on The EastsiderLA and other local blogs. A surprising number of thefts are due to people simply not locking their doors, leaving valuables in plain sight, etc. We encourage folks to Lock It, Hide It, Keep It — this is just an easy way for us all to remember good habits. It is also great to see neighbors helping neighbors, whether it’s through formal Neighborhood Watch meetings or the kind of spontaneous ones that emerge.

    We invite everyone to check out our Facebook and Twitter social media websites. This year they will be full of helpful content, as well as real-time updates of crime patterns so that we can all work together on these issues. We welcome your input, insights and feedback and strongly believe in our community-police partnership.



    –Your LAPD Northeast Team

  5. I was looking at buying a small house recently and was surprised to see that most of the crime around the LA area is car break ins. And everyone wonders why I want an actual garage for my car.

    Its no good that this stuff is starting to happen in broad daylight though.

  6. “In November of last year my car was broken into in the driveway (no window smashed) and my GPS and iPod were stolen.”

    I don’t have so much sympathy for folks who leave valuables in unlocked cars.

    It sucks that it was smashed this time, but maybe this time they’ll learn to not leave anything valuable in their car.

  7. Los feliz resident/victim

    I also had my car broken into I had a pair of jeans a jacket two iPods and a football stolen

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