Love at First Bite: Italian sub sandwiches from Eagle Rock

Photo by Valentina Silva

By Valentina Silva

Pregnant women are warned not to eat cold cuts. It seems that there’s a bacteria called listeria, which lurks in lunch meats, just waiting to wreak havoc on the compromised immune system of every gestating woman. Okay, it’s actually kind of rare, but in America, it’s treated like the plague.

And I’ll admit, I heeded the warning. I ate maybe two turkey sandwiches the whole nine months and promptly freaked out both times.  So you can imagine how pumped I was to chow down on my first anxiety-free post-natal sub.

I gave the honor to the Italian sub from Eagle Rock Italian Bakery & Deli. The sandwiches at this Colorado Boulevard mainstay (it’s been around for over 40 years) is one of the best you’ll find east of Bay Cities. Baked fresh in-house daily, the bread has that crispy-on-the-outside-soft-on-the-inside quality that can really make a sandwich worthwhile. The  balance of freshly cut salami, ham, mortadella and provolone cheese takes it home.

My one gripe is that there’s too much lettuce, but I don’t whine about it—I just take some out. I like my sub with the works, which means mustard, mayo and Italian dressing, but I know a lot of sticklers who forgo the first two. Oh, and I always get a giant pickle from the deli case.

My dining companions opted to share a large turkey sub, which is a good choice if you’re not in the mood for Italian meats. The prosciutto is a excellent alternative if you are.

Be prepared for a line if you go at lunchtime. Just use the time to peruse the wide selection of Italian groceries, and reward your waiting self with some cookies and pastries.


Valentina gave birth to  Ari Joaquin on February 18. Congratulations to baby and blogger!

Eagle Rock Italian Bakery
1726 Colorado Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90041

Valentina Silva writes about food and restaurants. You can also find Valentina’s reviews and stories on her blog, Eastside Food Bites.


  1. I Can Remember when Patra`s used to throw their Steak Sandwiches on the Char Broiler ! mmmmm. Used to be this Place called Nicola`s over on Sunset and Fountain. Nothing Special; Just miss em, thats all. Miss the Pioneer Chicken @( All American Burgers on Sunset I. think it was ? Hot ! ! ! ). Still Best belongs to Jons on Hollywood and Vermont who used to make Denari Sandwiches from all her Cold Cut Trimmings ~ 🙁 Where have all the Good Times Gone !

    • Nicola’s, they had some pepper jack that would knock your socks off – not the wimpy stuff you get nowadays.

  2. Really gross way to start a resturant review!

  3. Mayo and Mustard on an Italian?, come on now!

  4. @BillyB, actually plenty of respected Italian subs include mayo and mustard. Ever had the Godmother at Bay Cities?

  5. MMMM! I could eat a sandwich every day for lunch! Thanks for the article I’ll be trying this joint out today!!!

  6. Can’t wait to try this place! I went to Bay Cities last weekend and tried the Godmother — it was good, but not memorable…I’ve been spoiled by SF’s Little Italy.

  7. I’ll be trying this place ASAP. It is amazing how big LA is and how hard it is to find a decent sub. Not so on the east coast but for some reason most places don’t get it out here. The same goes for pizza. Ah-ha! An idea for the next review!

  8. Can’t beat Little Lucca’s in South San Francisco.

  9. Never been to Nicola’s but Mario’s Italian Deli has pretty good subs. Just an fyi for those who looking for a good Italian sandwich.

  10. Here`s a good one for you Newbies: Try the ” Mole ” and Spiced Cocoa ( To Go ? ) at Barragan`s Red Hill .. ?

  11. 1. You always capitalize the genus name of any organism. That would be Listeria. And the Listeria in question would be Listeria monocytogenes. Species names are lower case. And italicized whenever possible.
    2. Listeria infections are rare because we know how to teach pregnant women to avoid them. Los Angeles County has maybe 30 cases per year. Out of 10 million people, that’s a good, low number. LA used to have lots more Listeria, but we have better prevention methods now.
    3. Listeria causes miscarriages, stillbirths and very sick newborn babies. It does not fuck around.
    4. But you can have sammiches when you’re pregnant. Just heat them. Hot pastrami is awesome when you’re knocked up and jonesing for it.

  12. Mayo and mustard on an Italian is an abomination, as another poster said. You’ll never find this offered on the east coast, where the Italian Deli concept was born (in this country, anyway). The fact that the highly touted – and ridiculously overrated – Bay Cities puts mayo, mustard and pickles (?!?!?!) on The Godmother is laughable in the broader context of a solid Italian sub. Wet toppings should be limited to olive oil and red wine vinegar. A shake of oregano is also considered okay.

    And the lead paragraphs of this article are the perfect example of how not to write a restaurant review. Blech!

  13. “My one gripe is that there’s too much lettuce, but I don’t whine about it—I just take some out.”


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