New townhouses to crown a Silver Lake hilltop

Rendering courtesy Taag Investment

The demolition of Silver Lake’s Coffee Table cafe for a 45-unit condo project has attracted attention, and concern, about new development on the north end of the neighborhood. But the Coffee Table project by 15 Group is not the only major development in the immediate vicinity. Less than three blocks away on the top of a hill with views of Griffith Park and the Los Angeles River, Taag Investment is poised to begun work on an even larger  townhouse project called Waverly Terrace. An “opening soon” sign recently went up on the property on Waverly Terrace and Glendale Boulevard that Taag paid $11 million for last November.  Now a one-page project website has gone live with a rendering of three-level units with rooftop terraces.

Taag has not released prices or a construction time line but the company has said it can build up to 63 homes on the vacant property, once the site of the Monte Sano Hospital & Sanitarium, according to the Corralitas Red Car Property blog.


  1. Is it me being cranky or are designs like these just tired and dated before they’re even built?

  2. I always hate how falsely unreal artists rendering are. That is NOT what the area will look like! It will not look even half as nice once built.

    But that aside, are these to be normal-size units, or the so-called small-lot subdivisions? I certainly hope not small-lot subdivision as those do not belong in the same area as normal sized housing. Those should be relegated to their own zone, like a trailer park is – as they are the size of trailers but three or four stories tall.

  3. I must be cranky too. To me it shouts, “we’re juxtaposing structural materials to be hip and edgy! Aren’t there any wealthy young urban professionals left who want to park an Audi in front of this?”

    “… and we’ve got real trees in our rendering!”

  4. This is great! I’m glad this property will be put to good use after sitting for more than 40 years. http://redcarproperty.blogspot.com/2009/08/monte-sano-hospital-sanitarium.html

  5. Stepping away from my usual “crap on everything” attitude, putting anything on this lot, even Mc Condos, is better than the overgrown, sketchy patch of land it’s been for as long as I’ve lived on Waverly. No doubt parking will be even more of a mess, more traffic is sure to come and I’ll have plenty more to bitch about, but the reality is that having these built won’t be anything more than an upgrade to the area as it currently is.

    • I live on Waverly, as well. I couldn’t agree more. I think anything will be an upgrade from the trash filled lot that is there now. Not looking forward to the parking situation.

  6. Those of you who live around/near this lot, traffic will be the least of your problems for the next (probably) 2 years, depending upon their timeline for the build. They are apparently leveling (entirely) this little mountain, all that dirt will be coming out. Good luck to all of you, who hope to be able to breath through all of this.

    One can hope/pray they will mitigate properly for dirt and particulate matter, but… don’t hold your breath (no pun intended). And of course, the noise associated with 63 3-story units? Yikes. If you work at night and expect to sleep in the mornings or days, you’d better think about moving…

  7. I don’t think I’ve ever seen architecture that the people on this website find appealing. Give it a rest! What would you prefer? Mediterranean? Maybe condos done in the 1920’s shitbox craftsmen style that you all yearn for.

    • Actually, condos done in the 1920’s shitbox craftsman style would be pretty cool. Except for the fact that 1920’s shitbox craftsman style would be way too expensive to pull off these days. Have you ever looked inside a 1920’s shitbox craftsman? There’s a LOT of woodwork and attention to detail that makes it a great shitbox.

    • Actually, if you refer back to the post on the couple fabricating a Victorian from scratch using mostly salvage, we were all about that….And if you’re a consistent reader, you’ll note we’re not huge fans of Med styling here either (ie., the monster Med shitbox in Eagle Rock on Colorado).

      I don’t necessarily think we’re all for craftsman craftsman everywhere but more the sense of an original style and not the same composite panel modern look that’s springing up all over the city. I personally like Echo Park because everything IS different and not homogeneous.

  8. lizzy silver lake

    They don’t mention that this lot overlooks the 5 freeway. I really want to know who the person is that can afford one of these places and is also willing to have a freeway view and the pollution associated with said highway. For $500k or $600k I’d meander over to Great Oak Circle in Eagle Rock and buy a beautiful historic craftsman on a full lot (with no view of a freeway).

    • Really?

      Why would anyone pay to live in an area bordered by a major freeway and surrounded by known gang areas?


      It’s the same reason you and the rest of the hipster sheep are willing to pay ridiculous amounts to live 8 to an apartment. So you can say you live in Silver Lake and rep the 90039. So you can stagger home from the Edendale and make a ton of noise passing by the homes that those of us who can actually afford to live here own. Because buying anything in this area is a wise investment outside of just about buying anything anywhere else in the greater Los Angeles area.

      But I assume renting a couch to sleep on doesn’t exactly give you that sort of information, yes?

      • Mr. Box!

        You astute reference to the couch has grabbed my attention. I too wonder why so many who claim to be ‘long time residents’ and such cannot afford a couch of their own as I know you do.

        I think it is wise to point out to these gentrification artists and two legged hipsters with ‘too much time on their hands’ (as the song says) should be better people themselves! Too often it is pointed out how a rich man is to blame, I like how you have tided a turn of your own and shown us how those that cannot afford a home should be shamed for their noisy returns from the bar.

        All too often it is the wise investor and the ‘standup’ home owner who is being blamed for ‘rable rousing’ and maybe eating too much of the american dream pie. But no more! You have pointed a justly pointed finger at these ‘have nothings’ who continue to insist on living here in LA.

        We need to stand up shoulders on shoulders!

        Who’s with me?

  9. Two comments:
    1) increasing housing density will just continue to make traffic, congestion, pollution, strain on resources… worse. I really wish we’d stop pushing for increasing the population density.

    2) why do we continually approve infill development RIGHT NEXT to freeways, when there is irrefutable evidence that air quality, esp harmful particulates, are much worse within the first 1/2 mile of a major freeway?

  10. The Location of this Project is @
    2930 Rowena Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90039.

    • The 63 townhouses are on the corner of Waverly and Glendale.
      The 45 condos are on Rowena.
      Yikes, that means at the least, 150 more cars coming in and out of out “sleepy little Mayberry”.

  11. 40 is the new 20, Highland Park is the new Echo Park, and Rowena is the new Wilshire corridor.

  12. mark davis-sticklin

    It looks like they bought the design from a SF or Seattle developer. It does not look like a design created for our neigborhood at all.
    Why does no one pick up the motifs of the area? Brick designs of Ennis and Hollyhock? There are some brilliant modern homes in the hills and mid century jewels and they design this?
    The only nice thing I can say is that at least it’s not Spanish Colonial.

  13. It’s hard to tell from the render… are there street entrances onto the sidewalk with the parking in the rear, or is this just surrounded on all sides by landscaping and surface parking? The Rowena and Hyperion corridor could definitely benefit from additional foot traffic and activation of the pedestrian realm… too bad most developers don’t really pay much attention to our community’s plan for growth.

  14. Anyone who buys something in this spot is fucked. The dust from the freeway as well as the noise is enough to drive anyone crazy. Also how’s about the GIANT power lines there? The big plus is the schools, but in turn you will have radioactive kids.

    These look about as cool as the ones near the library… see how fast those turned into the ‘lil Beirut look. If you do modern, make it Neutra or an extension of that. Or really look in the area and see that all of the homes are primarily traditional and spanish.

    Lastly, thanks Tom LaBonge! You allowed for 120 apartments to be built in one area.

  15. Concerned resident

    We live right next to the construction and the fact that TAAG has infringed on our Warranty Of Habitability exemplifies their audacity. A drop in the bucket is what it would be for them to compensate their “neighbors”. Also, word is the soil samples for the site show high traces of lead. More to come.

  16. Yes, lead has been found at various levels, from soil samples taken before TAAG began excavations. Three of the samples hit levels that would require further testing, to determine if the soil would have to be classified as “Federally Designated Waste” when being transported. More to come on this.

    Here’s the facebook page where information is being shared with the community:

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