PETA seeking more Echo Park real estate

Less than three months after moving into its new West Coast headquarters in Echo Park, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is planning to purchase a neighboring building that is the long-time home to Wells Tile & Antiques, one of the city’s leading purveyors of rare and pricy vintage tile and pottery.  It’s not clear what PETA has in mind for the approximately 5,100-square-foot, two-story building located to the west of its Sunset Boulevard building, which contains about 34,000-square feet of space. But a sales listing for the Wells Tile building , which includes a pair of second floor apartments and rooftop deck, said the 90-year-old building would be delivered vacant at the close of escrow. It’s listed for sale at $1.39 million.

“The building owners have the building up for sale, and we have made a serious inquiry,” said a PETA spokeswoman via email. “That is the extent of it for now. Buildings are usually delivered empty, and the tenants would no doubt be compensated for their move.”

The Eastsider is seeking comment from Wells Tile owner Scott Wells.


  1. NOOOOO! I was just walking by Wells Tile & feeling so thankful that they were still around after all these years. argh. the slick Peta building already creeps me out…

  2. I guess all’s Wells that ends Wells.

  3. Im a supporter of Peta. But I dont understand why they have to take over prime retail for more offices.
    It totally kills the block to take viable retail spaces and close them for office space. Makes no sense.

  4. They should use the extra space for rescue pet adoptions. PETA’s statistics on killing animals that should and could be rescues are shameful. They need to fix this, or lose more members like me.

  5. Question: How does a 5,100 square foot two-story building have 34,000 square feet of space?

    • The 34,000 square foot building refers to its existing headquarters – not the Wells building. I will make that clearer in the post.

  6. maybe they need a space for the new porn operation they are launching. you know, to help raise awareness about animal abuse and stuff.

  7. Concerned Neighbor

    As a neighbor to PETA I am very concerned about this recent development. Throughout the entire process of PETA purchasing the building and renovating it promises have been made to the community that have not been upheld. PETA promised to provide parking for their employees in the structure at Citibank, that fell through and now they are parking on the street I live and taking up all the available parking. During the renovation project PETA did not notify the neighbors or the neighboring businesses of disruptions to their ability to do business or live due to PETA’s construction. Lastly I am very concerned by PETA’s statement that most commercial properties are delivered vacant. That is entirely untrue. Commercial properties are valued based on their rents and the quality of their leases. I am very wary of PETA and having them in our neighborhood. So far they have not been good neighbors.

  8. Is Echo Park involved with the city’s “parking credits” program like in Atwater… might help reduce parking problems for residents living near these older mixed use buildings with no lots.

  9. To the few haters: Ease Up! PETA is delighted to call Echo Park home and to have made a very ugly mattress storefront look lovely and returned it to its original glory. We are clean and quiet and caring people. Most of our staff live in the area, cycle, walk or take the bus to work and we support local businesses. Our neighbors have made sure to make us feel welcome by bringing flowers, and coffee, and just popping in to say ‘hello’ and offer us a warm reception. Thank you, all!

    Meanwhile, if anyone has any questions about what PETA does to work on the dog and cat overpopulation crisis caused by irresponsible people, breeders and pet stores, please visit http://www.helpinganimals.com. And if you want to know why euthanasia is a sad necessity, please read here: http://www.peta.org/b/thepetafiles/archive/2009/03/30/why-we-euthanize.aspx and here: http://www.peta.org/b/thepetafiles/archive/2009/05/14/why-must-we-euthanize-part-ii.aspx, and please also know that PETA probably does more to prevent euthanasia than almost any group, with over 10,000 no cost to low cost sterilizations a year on our clinics, active counseling, referrals of adoptable animals to trafficked shelters, and ads about adoption, many with stars people pay attention to.

    Tracy from PETA

  10. Ease up? you should understand that you moved into a *neighborhood* where retail plays an important role. That “very ugly mattress store” was where I bought my affordable mattress locally, they were nice folks, served as a voting location, etc. I understand that real estate turns over, but please don’t think of yourselves as saviors of our community, and please think twice about booting Wells for parking, that is if Wells wishes to stay.

  11. @Elinor, it’s not PETA’s fault that the mattress store went out of business. The way things are going in Silverlake and Echo Park, isn’t it better that they renovated a big building–while keeping it’s charm–and have given that little block a spark? Would you rather some big company come in and buy up the whole block, knock it all down, and build condos?

    If Wells is up for sale, clearly they no longer either desire to continue or can’t afford it. PETA isn’t some big corporate coming in to undermine the neighbors. I think it’s nice to have a non-profit that helps animals taking up shop in Echo Park, personally.

  12. Jeez – where do the creeps at peta get all that money for that kind of real estate?
    From confused, guilt-tripping freaks.
    What about the ethical treatment of humans?
    Or the planet?
    Or poor little old Echo Park?
    Peta should take up offices at the LA Zoo.

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