Silver Lake Rain Bird

Photo by Sandy Driscoll

Sandy Driscoll of Silver Lake discovered a new neighbor enjoying today’s rain storm near her Rotary Drive home:

I was so delighted to look out my bathroom window today, and see this beautiful bird in the vacant lot next to my house. It was pouring down rain, but he/she seemed to be enjoying it! I’ve lived here 30 years and have never seen a bird like this outside of the reservoir.

Looks like a Great Heron but we await our neighborhood bird experts to confirm.


  1. It’s a great photo of a great egret (Ardea alba) also known as great white egret, common egret or great white heron

  2. Thanks, Will! I just knew someone would quickly identify it. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first looked out the window and saw it. What a lucky day!

  3. What a beautiful sight!

  4. When I was working on Oahu, I was stunned that the “cattle egret” just hung out on the side of the Highways, eating in the grass. Nice to see one in a backyard!


    • Robert Morehouse

      Cattle egret are different – they are smaller and grow buff/orange plumes during the mating season. Our egrets here in California are the great egret and the snowy egret. The great egret can sometimes be confused with the great white heron, but that type of heron is native to florida. The great egret is a very large bird with a wing-span of up to 81 inches. It has white legs, black feet and a yellow bill. The snowy egrets bill and legs are black, and they have yellow feet. So this one’s a great egret.

  5. Beautiful! Is it an egret?

  6. I used to see herons in the Lower Arroyo in Pasadena — hanging out near the casting pond. They’re huge.

  7. Thank you for sharing!! Beautiful photo!!!!!

  8. What a marvelous sight! It’s a good thing Mr. Gunner didn’t catch the egret or he might have made a gift of it for you. Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. There was a group of the beautiful white birds circling over Waverly yesterday. I wonder if they were a group of Egrets? I thought they looked like Seagulls, but they looked awesome. We have also been seeing lots of ducks and maybe geese flying over West Silver Lake this week. Also, plenty of Blue Jays, hummingbirds, and some Robins.

  10. I’ve seen a lot of Seagulls flying over, too, and always have lots of Hummingbirds at my feeder. However, I’ve not seen a Robin! I grew up with them in Ohio and would love to see one out here!

  11. Nice “catch,” Sandy! I remember seeing these birds when visiting my parents in Florida — they lived on a canal in Sebring. Mom used to feed them (and others too of course.) One morning I saw her sailing down to the bank at the canal’s edge flailing her broom in the air. An alligator had come up onto their yard to try and grab a bird — Mom beat him off with her broom!

    Thanks for the pic!

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